Way to Go Sue!

Way to Go Sue!

Bill Stein:

Way to go Sue! Congratulations on your twenty years as Managing Editor of Northwest Dentistry. Twenty-four years ago I was dragooned by circumstances beyond my control to become the Northeast District Editor of Northwest Dentistry. The magazine was Mel Holland’s baby. It was an excellent publication for the 1950’s and perhaps the ‘60’s. Lots of black and white photos of district events, the occasional article from the dental school and of course the ever popular reprints of  “The Dental Abstracts.” In a word: boring. But we must give Mel his due, he got things rolling and did the best he could with what he had to work with.

The big shake up came twenty years ago when the MDA decided it was time for a change. Change is always painful for someone, it was for Mel. May God bless that dear man. The Association in its wisdom hired a brilliant young woman, one year before, Sue Miller, to help edit the magazine. Sue had quite a pedigree for the position as her Father, Fred, was the Managing Editor of the prestigious medical journal, Annals of Allergy.

Times were tough when Sue started her new job. There were still hard feelings about Mel’s departure. Sue hung in there and with her infinite patience, kindness and imagination turned Northwest Dentistry into the highly esteemed dental journal that it is today.

Our Advertising Executive, Web Master and Den Mother, Patty Lien, sent me this remembrance of the early days:

“What I remember most about the Publication Meetings back when you first came on board, was that you (Bill), Al Quam, Mike Till and I would sit at the far end of the Boardroom table. Mike would be doodling, but somehow managing to stay right in the conversation at the other end of the table. You and Al always had the four of us cracking up; and poor Sue would be down at the far end, sitting next to Dr. Holland, marking ‘comma changes’ into the proof copies! She always envied our end of the table! Quite the different meetings back then.”

Sue is blessed with a quick mind, pure soul, artistic eye, and gentleness and understanding that allows her to put up with our many zany contributors and a right wing zealot like me.

The reason Northwest Dentistry is the award winning publication it is, is because of the twenty wonderful years of Sue Miller’s work.


Bill Stein, Executive Editor, Northwest Dentistry Journal