Northeastern District Report - May/June 2008

Northeastern District Report - May/June 2008

Gary Hedin, DDS:

But It Can Only Be Understood Backwards

It’s May 11, and I have just returned from a weekend of walleye fishing. We fished on a secret lake located west of Grand Marais and had moderate success, meaning no rocks were hit, nobody fell in, the tent didn’t leak, and everyone brushed their teeth at least once during the weekend. Oh yeah, we caught some fish too. Probably the most interesting part of the trip, though, was waking up to fresh snow on the ground. That’s fine if it’s an ice fishing trip, but as I mentioned, it’s the middle of May!

Speaking of May, last Wednesday the Northeastern District held its Annual Business Meeting at the Kitchi Gammi Club in Duluth. The meeting was well attended and served as a good wrap-up for the year, as well as a time to discuss issues important to our district and state, such as the ADHP proposal. Toward the end of the meeting the swearing-in ceremony for our new officers took place. Our outgoing Trustee, Matt Anzelc, presided over the ceremony and led the new officers through their oaths. The new officers experienced some difficulty repeating the words of the oath, but I think that’s because Matt was speaking in an Iron Range dialect that those from Duluth and Grand Rapids had difficulty understanding.

Congratulations to the following new NEDDS Officers for 2008-2009: President Steve L’Abbe, First Vice-President Chuck Babst, Second Vice-President Mike Hagley, Secretary/Treasurer Chris Carlson, and Trustee Duane McDonald. Members of the Executive Council will include Scott Polzin, Bob Idziorek, Eileen Patterson and Gary Hedin. Delegates to the MDA House of Delegates for this year are Kim Lindquist, Mike Ludwig, and Gary Hedin. Alternates to the House of Delegates for this year will be Gary Madison, Byron Rowell, Joe Schneeweis, Tim Langguth, and Jim Swanstrom.

Thank you to all the outgoing officers, members of the Executive Council, and our Trustee for all their hard work over the past year! Our district showed very good leadership locally and at the state level, and I’m sure we will keep that momentum going through this year and into the next. Anyone interested in becoming more involved in your district should just take a look at the list above and talk to one of those folks.

I’m working backwards this month, so it’s on to the March NEDDS meeting. Incidentally, March (as opposed to May) is an appropriate time for snow, and it did snow the day before this meeting, but that didn’t stop a great crowd from turning out for the day-long presentation at Hibbing Community College. Jerry Pedersen proved to be a good host, providing plenty of signs directing us to the lecture hall, hot coffee, fresh pastries, and most importantly, two good speakers. Drs. Bryan Michalowicz and Paul Olin shared the day, giving presentations entitled “Exploring the Connections Between Oral and General Health” and “ Contemporary Implants and Materials”, respectively. Dr. Michalowicz is a periodontist on the faculty at the University of Minnesota and also maintains a private practice. He is very active in research at the University and has authored several papers. Dr. Olin is a prosthodontist at the University of Minnesota and is director of the Dental Implant Program.

It would be impossible to condense everything that was said into a few catchy sentences for you, but suffice to say that a lot of information relevant to our daily practice of dentistry was covered. Dr. Michalowicz discussed links between periodontal disease and preterm birth, diabetes, and several other health problems. He also talked about findings from scientific papers on these subjects and ongoing research he is currently doing. I think the take-home message from him was that there are definite links, but their true extent and significance are not yet clear.

Dr. Olin spoke about implant dentistry. He covered several subjects, including implant-retained-and-supported dentures, various attachment types, and the importance of having good communication and understanding with your surgeon. Dr. Olin also presented several cases he has done over the years and talked about the successes and things he would have done differently today. On behalf of the Northeastern District, thanks to Drs. Olin and Michalowicz for making the drive up to Hibbing to spend the day with us!

That’s all I have for you this time around. Stay tuned for some pictures and stories from the NEDDS Golf and Fishing Outing, which is coming up in June. I’ve already hired several paparazzi to keep an eye on things — so don’t even think about kicking that golf ball out from under the tree!