Student District Report - May/June 2008

Student District Report - May/June 2008

Bradley Anderson, DDS:

It’s a Spring Thing

Things have been winding down for the Student District. ASDA held its National Lobby Day in Washington, D.C. in mid-March. This year eight students attended from the University of Minnesota. Our students, along with students from all the other dental schools in the nation, lobbied in support of a national meth mouth law, Deamonte’s Law, and an increase in the student loan interest deduction cap. We also had more than 30 students attend State Lobby Day with the MDA this year. The main topic, as I am sure you can imagine, was the ADHP proposal. We also lobbied in support of the MDA’s dental access bill, and thanked legislators for their support of the dental school’s programs in recent years.

We also had our G.V. Black Tie formal dance, which this year was held at the Grand Hotel. More than three hundred and fifty students attended the dance for its first year at the venue, and the event was a huge success.

The dental school will be graduating the class of 2008 Friday, May 16, and I would like to extend our congratulations to all the graduating seniors.

We have a couple of events in June as well. Our biggest one for the summer will be our ASDA picnic, which is held at the Psi Omega frat house. We hold it on a Wednesday afternoon and provide food and drinks for everyone who wants to attend. We are still searching for a date, and are hoping to have it the same day as an evening Twins game, as last year many students came over for a bite to eat before the game. We will also be having our leader retreat, where we set our goals for the upcoming school year.

In early April we held our Student District elections. Effective April 15, our new officers are: Mike Lee, president; Brett Moore, vice-president; Tim Anderson, president-elect; Jen Dylla, secretary; and Elisabeth Dommer, membership.

We are looking forward to the new ideas that our new officers will bring to us.

This will be my last issue writing for the Student District. It has been a pleasure, but it’s time to pass the ball to our new president Mike, so look for an article from him in the next issue.