Heading Home - November-December 2008

Heading Home - November-December 2008

The Editors:

Our interview this issue with Dr. Edgar Ziegler* has given us a window on the past that, as all good views allow, let us "see again for the first time".

Growing up during the Great Depression, Ed watched his father, a barber in west central Minnesota, set aside the shining silver dollars brought by tourists from the Black Hills each summer, until at last they added up to fare to take the family back to Germany to see the young boy's grandparents. It was the trip of several lifetimes. It was 1937. The sights, sounds, and emotions of the journey remain indelible. Phenomenal turmoil, incredible change, yes, but with them an immutable connection that to this day makes his eyes shine...

Who hasn't watched a loved one squirrel away "special money"?  Who hasn't done it too? And who hasn't wondered what it was waiting for. In the darkest of times, from the most forbidding landscapes, what travels toward us can shine with promise, and realization.

At the close of a tumultuous year, we wish you joy in what you have, luck in what you need, wise choices, good companions, patience for a long day, and a quiet place to stand when the first star appears.



*"Choose Wisely" - Feature article