Minnesota District Reports - May-June 2009

Minnesota District Reports - May-June 2009

Associate Editors:

Minneapolis District

Mark R. Omlie
Associate Editor
7373 France Avenue South, Suite 602
Edina, MN 55435

MDDS Annual Meeting Honors Cellitti
On Thursday, April 30, outgoing president James Nickman hosted members and guests at the Minneapolis Marriott Southwest Hotel for the District’s 2009 Annual Installation of Officers and Guest of Honor Evening. Bashar Bakdash and Steven Litton, both MDDS past presidents, installed the 2009 officers. They are: Alejandro M. Aguirre, president; Mark R. Omlie, president-elect; Wendy S. Gulden, vice-president; and Gary A. Bolmgren, secretary/treasurer.

Originally from Mexico City, Mexico, Alejandro Aguirre obtained his dental degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC). He obtained a Master of Science and Certificate in Endodontics from the University of Minnesota. He is a partner at Endodontic Associates, Ltd. with his brother Ramon Aguirre, Robert Edmunds, and Abbas Tabibi. Alejandro lives in Plymouth with his wife Laura and their daughter, Andrea Jauli. He enjoys spending time with his family, reading, traveling, and photography. We have heard a rumor that he wants to learn to speak French in the near future. We all look forward to continuing to advance the Minneapolis District in its goals and mission under the direction of Dr. Aguirre.

Also honored during this special night were 16 past presidents, all in attendance: Bashar Bakdash, Michelle Bergsrud, James Bussen, Teresa Fong, William Hoffmann, Douglas Lambert, Thomas Larkin, Greg Lawton, Steven Litton, George MacGibbon, Jonathan Moren, Harold Panuska, Michael Perpich, Richard Render, Vernon Smith, and R. Bruce Templeton. We also said thank you again to Daniel Shaw, Jamie Sledd, and Michael Till for serving as Minnesota Dental Association presidents representing the Minneapolis District over the years.

Following dinner, the 2009 Guest of Honor Award was presented to Michael Cellitti. Dan Shaw was the emcee of a very special presentation highlighting Dr. Cellitti’s dental career, which continues at this time at the University of Florida in Naples, Florida, where he serves as associate professor in the pediatric department.

Dan Shaw put together a remarkable tribute to Mike Cellitti’s dental career in Minnesota, including some very fun photographs and quotations that have been used by Mike’s friends during their discussions. The theme for the presentation was “This is Your Life”, and several quotations were used throughout the presentation. Speakers presenting fabulous stories from Mike’s life were Michelle Bergsrud, Teresa Fong, Michael Till, Paul Walker, Jim Walton, and Mike Cellitti’s children, Jamie, Megan, Eleni, Anthony, and Dominic.

It was an unbelievable evening for everyone in attendance, and very special tribute to Michael Cellitti, his wife Pat, and their children. Congratulations, Mike!

It was a celebration not to be forgotten any time soon. To Dan Shaw and his guest speakers, thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into the special program. We certainly appreciated the entire program. Thank you!

Membership Milestones
The MDDS congratulates the following members who have reached membership milestones within our organization. We thank them for their contribution to the dental profession through their years of membership.

25 Years of Consecutive Membership 2008
Gary Bolmgren, D.D.S.
Judith Buchanan, D.D.S.
Kent Cassidy, D.D.S.
Rick Diehl, D.D.S.
David Domaas, D.D.S.
David Eckart, D.D.S.
Mark Finney, D.D.S.
Mary Flynn, D.D.S.
Ronald Grothe, D.D.S.
David Howells, D.D.S.
Kathleen Hubert, D.D.S.
Glenn Hultstrand, D.D.S.
Corey Husu, D.D.S.
Jonathan Jenkins, D.D.S.
David Johnson, Jr., D.D.S.
Douglas Lambert, D.D.S.
Donald Lareau, D.D.S.
Patricia Hawkins Leonard, D.D.S.
Jerald Lyng, D.D.S.
Ronald Malone, D.D.S.
John Marker, D.D.S.
Daniel Marvin, D.D.S.
Jonathan Moren, D.D.S.
Michael Nemetz, D.D.S.
Jonathan Parker, D.D.S.
Michael Perpich, D.D.S.
Mark Pokorney, D.D.S.
Gefrey Rasmussen, D.D.S.
Loyle Raymond, D.D.S.
Alan Russell, D.D.S.
Mark Souers, D.D.S.
Barbara Zajicek, D.D.S.

Brian Anderson, D.D.S.
Wendy Bach, D.D.S.
Susan Block, D.D.S.
Mohamed El Deeb, D.D.S.
Erick Englund, D.D.S.
John Erlandson, D.D.S.
Janice Frederick, D.D.S.
Steven Grinde, D.D.S.
Frederick Haas, D.D.S.
Russell Haugen, D.D.S.
Judson Heitner, D.D.S.
William Hoffmann, D.D.S.
Douglas Jonak, D.D.S.
Thomas Knox, D.D.S.
Gregory Liska, D.D.S.
Carol Mason, D.D.S.
Susan Penniston, D.D.S.
Ira Rabinowitz, D.D.S.
Edward Stec, D.D.S.
Michael Sutley, D.D.S.
James Swift, D.D.S.
Jeffrey Wendt, D.D.S.
Jeffrey Westman, D.D.S.
Gerald Wimmer, D.D.S.
Arlan Winikoff, D.D.S.
Kurt Witte, D.D.S.

50 Years of Consecutive Membership 2008
Roger Baumgartner, D.D.S.
Kenneth Buechele, D.D.S.
Jerome Du Lac, D.D.S.
John F. Erickson, D.D.S.
Robert Gerlicher, D.D.S.
Robert Griffith, D.D.S.
Paul Hiller, D.D.S.
Basil Nelson, D.D.S.
Carl Olson, D.D.S.
Harold Panuska, D.D.S.
Richard Patch, D.D.S.
Richard Paulson, D.D.S.
Joseph Pekarna, D.D.S.
William Randall, D.D.S.
John Ryan, D.D.S.
Stephen Sinykin, D.D.S.
Franklin Stickel, D.D.S.
James Swenson, D.D.S.

Dwain Breitbach, D.D.S.
Larry Carrow, D.D.S.
Lawrence Covin, D.D.S.
Alan Covin, D.D.S.
Paul Jorgensen, D.D.S.
Robert Lauer, D.D.S.
Alan Mogck, D.D.S.
Roger Ranfranz, D.D.S.
Duane Sween, D.D.S.
Ralph Swenby, D.D.S.

Summer Sports
The annual Trapshoot Tournament returns to Metro Gun Club, Blaine, and is scheduled for Wednesday, August 19. Events offered include trap, skeet, sporting clays, duck tower, wobble trap, and wobble skeet. Metro also has a pistol range for those who would like to try this event. The day culminates in the annual wild game dinner and prizes. Everyone is welcome to attend!

The Greater Twin Cities Tennis Mixer is scheduled for Wednesday, September 9, at Bearpath Golf and Country Club in Eden Prairie. Not just for members from both the Minneapolis and Saint Paul District Dental Societies, but the entire MDA membership as well are welcome to join in the fun: lunch, a full afternoon of tennis, and dinner for $75.00. Grab a friend and come on out!

All MDA members are welcome to the above events! Registration forms are in the June Brush-Up newsletter or on the MDDS website. Questions? Contact the District Office at (651) 631-9845.

They Just Keep Coming!
Congratulations to the following new members of the District. Please give them a call and welcome them to the Minneapolis District.
Lisa Abadeer, D.D.S.
Carol Ann Bahnemann, D.D.S.
Larry W. Erickson, D.D.S..
Timothy A. Goulding, D.D.S.
Hossein Jalali, D.D.S.
Deepak Kademani, D.M.D.
Kelly Oglesby, D.D.S.
Mark D. Severt, D.D.S.
Timothy P. Weis, D.D.S.
Audra Wessel, D.D.S.
Monique G. Wood, D.D.S.

Upcoming Programs and Events
Tuesday, August 11, 2009
MDDS Caucus Meeting

All Members Welcome
Minneapolis Marriott Southwest Hotel
Minnetonka, Minnesota

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Annual Trapshoot Event

Metro Gun Club
Blaine, Minnesota

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Greater Twin Cities Tennis Mixer

All MDA Members Welcome
Bearpath Golf and Country Club
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12, 2009
MDA House of Delegates

Rochester Marriott Hotel
Rochester, Minnesota


Saint Paul District

Christine H. Hermanson
Associate Editor
1055 Highway 36 E.
Maplewood, MN 55109-1911

Bringing Smiles to People in Need
SPDDS has supported the Union Gospel Mission Dental Clinic with both funding and volunteerism for more than 36 years. Last year, 1,159 financially needy men, women, and children received free dental care from 224 volunteer dentists, 270 volunteer dental students, and 315 volunteer dental hygienists. Working hand in hand with SPDDS, Century College, and students from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, the Mission’s Dental Clinic has been leaving a good impression on the community.

One cannot say enough about the dedication this group of dentists has shown through their volunteer efforts at the clinic. Honored for 20+ years of service at the clinic are: Rick Ballin, Kyle Edlund, Roger Ettel, William Hite, David Langley, Brent Martin, Dan Shannon, David Uppgaard, Scott Lingle, Leroy Hipp, John Collier, and Michael Enz.

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan (If We Can’t Do It, Nobody Can)
The SPDDS Executive Council, newly elected Council members, and committee chairs meet once a year every year for a Long Range Planning Session. Saturday, April 18, was the day (half-day, actually) for these leaders to put their heads together for the benefit of the District. Officers and committee chairs were present to give their annual reports, highlight the activities of their committees, and to discuss new ideas for the coming year.

President-Elect Christine Hermanson led the planning session. Among the main points of the discussion were:
• The Dentispree event. This is a format that works well by combining a social event with the installation of new officers and Executive Council members.
• The new system of Peer Review. Its procedure has given statewide consistency for handling patient calls and created a uniform decision about what cases are eligible for mediation.
• The 2010 Midwinter Meeting. Speakers have been confirmed, and the meeting will take place at the Crowne Plaza Saint Paul/Riverfront January 15.
• Lunch and Learn Seminars. Continued into 2009, they have been well attended. The District would like to continue encouraging non-members to attend.
• Community awareness. A suggestion was made to form a committee on community awareness to include such areas as Children’s Dental Health Day and the Minnesota Swarm program, along with any work we continue to do with the Union Gospel Mission and local media relations.
• Membership retention and involvement. The perennial topic was discussed and ideas were presented.
• Collegiality. Recognizing the ongoing commitment to create a supportive environment within dentistry and a sense of fellowship rather than competition.

Getting Organized
It is a pleasure to welcome the following young practitioners to the Saint Paul District.
Nicole R. Amundson graduated in May of 2008 from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. She is currently practicing in a group at Health Partners.

Brandon J. Ranvek is a 2007 graduate from the U of M School of Dentistry. He practices with Saint Croix Valley Dental in Stillwater.

And I’ll See You There
June 24
Lunch & Learn

Subject: Digital Dentistry: Implementing the E4D in the General Practice
Speaker: Brent Fredrickson, D.D.S.

August 19
SPDDS Caucus

January 15, 2010
SPDDS Midwinter Meeting

Can Do
Most of us find it difficult enough to balance the demands of a busy practice and an active family life, but to that mix Dr. April Snyder adds the challenge of being a single parent while her husband is serving in Iraq and the commitments that come with her own military service, which makes her responsible for the health and welfare of 11,500 members of the Minnesota National Guard. Still, after 17 years in the service, the 41-year-old Maplewood dentist considers her responsibilities to be more honor than burden.
“I take the most pride in the people we work with, the soldiers that we are taking care of,” said Snyder, who in January was promoted to the rank of full colonel.

Colonel Snyder is the top state Dental Officer and leads a team of seven military dentists who do exams and radiographs for soldiers preparing for deployment. Problem lists are created, and all their treatment is coordinated with dentists in their hometowns. As the Deputy Commander of Clinical Services for the Minnesota National Guard, she works with policy issues, funding, and resiliency training - making returns from active duty a good experience for both the soldiers and their families.

Dr. Snyder, the daughter of dentist Tom Hebert, grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She met her husband Matt at Marquette University, where he was a member of ROTC. April joined the military one year before graduating from dental school at the University of Colorado in 1992. As a military couple, she and Matt were stationed together in New York and Texas. During that time, April was deployed twice, to Somalia and to Haiti. In Somalia, she cared for U.S. and Coalition soldiers from Tunisia, Turkey, Pakistan, and Sweden. Her unit also rewarded friendly local communities by setting up medical and dental clinics. As the only female medical officer on these missions, she was called upon at times to do medical exams and injections for local Muslim women who did not want the men touching them. Dr. Snyder’s husband volunteered to serve in Africa so he could be closer to April and spend some days with her. Six months after returning, Dr. Snyder was deployed to Haiti, where she cared for U.S. soldiers.

After seven years of active duty and the birth of their children, the couple decided it was time to leave active duty. Both enjoyed being in the army and wanted to continue their involvement with the military. They chose to be in the Twin Cities where Matt, an engineer, had job opportunities. In July 1999, April and her two small children moved to Minnesota as her husband completed his tour of duty. She began working at Metro Dental, and 2½ years later purchased her current practice, Hilltop Dental in Maplewood.

As a member of the Army National Guard, April spends a minimum of one weekend a month with the service. She and her unit provide Soldier Readiness Processing at Camp Ripley, near Little Falls, in anticipation of deployment. Soldiers receive medical and dental exams, and financial, family, life, and chaplaincy counseling to prepare them for possible issues that may arise from military service, whether that is a medical condition, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress, or a family or spiritual health concern. An especially large combat brigade will require 20 days of evaluation later next summer.

April’s husband Matt left for a one-year deployment in February and is currently in Basra, Iraq, as part of the National Guard Headquarters Group. April and their children, A.J., 13, and Katie, 11, can e-mail, but are hoping to use webcasts after construction of communications facilities in Basra are complete.

Dr. Snyder’s positive attitude is summed up as follows. “I’m very fortunate. My kids are good, and they’re helpful. My husband’s parents live with us, and they are wonderful people. The kids have never known anything other than mom and dad being in the Army, and although it’s not easy to have us gone, they get to do fun things like fishing and hunting with their grandparents.” She finishes with, “Right now I’m okay, but I may need help in the future.”

Dr. Snyder has been in the service for 17 years and could retire in three years, but expects to stay in beyond that. “The part of the Army that means the most to me is the pride in service, the feeling you are part of something greater than yourself, and supporting a cause that you believe in. The common bond of active duty soldiers and families is very uplifting, and the National Guard has served that role here. It is where I have my friends, where I have my community.”

As citizens we can offer words of encouragement and thanks. “We have it so much easier than those who returned from Vietnam because the public is behind us. It always chokes me up when I see a soldier in uniform being thanked for his or her service. Just continue that.” She went on, “If you see a family struggling, you may just need to say ‘We know you are going through a challenge right now. Just hang in there.’”

Our governor, Tim Pawlenty, and his wife have been very supportive of the Guard. By visiting Mary Pawlenty’s web page and checking out the First Lady’s Military Family Initiative, you can volunteer to help military families who are separated from their loved ones.

We as dentists can also help tremendously by providing care to military families. Families can purchase dental insurance administered by United Concordia. Unfortunately, the reimbursement rate is not great, and not many dentists have signed on as preferred providers. Our participation would be greatly appreciated. Currently, active duty personnel have excellent dental insurance through a federal agency, and this can offset the cost of providing care for the families.

The military has great opportunities and excellent benefits for education, especially in Minnesota. Tuition is reimbursed at 100% if you are in an accredited program and are in good standing in the National Guard. Dental and medical students can earn full pay by serving as low-key recruiters within their schools. For a smaller commitment, we can also become contract dentists with the Guard.

Colonel Snyder feels fortunate to work with citizen/soldiers she admires, folks who have also made a choice to do something greater than themselves. While her responsibilities can sometimes seem daunting, she said she has never regretted deciding to serve her country in the armed forces.

Thank you, Dr. Snyder, for your service. Your soldiers are lucky to have you looking out for them, and we as dentists are lucky to be able to count you as one of us.

For information and opportunities: www. minnesotanationalguard.org , www.firstlady.state.mn.us


Student District

Michael Lee
Associate Editor
2833 Lexington Avenue North #D
Roseville, MN 55113

Mission[s] Accomplished
It appears that spring has finally arrived, and we in the Student District are gearing up for final exams and, for the seniors, graduation. The graduation ceremony was held at Northrop Auditorium May 15, so by the time this is in your hands, that big moment will be fait accompli. We are thrilled for the accomplishments of our senior class, and we wish them the best with their post-graduate plans. We hope that they continue their involvement in organized dentistry and find value in ADA and state dental society membership.

During the week of March 25-29, ten ASDA leaders from the University of Minnesota ventured down to Louisville, Kentucky for the 2009 ASDA Annual Session. This annual meeting brings together delegates from each of the U.S. dental schools to discuss and take action on pertinent issues related to ethics in dental education, the National Board examination, and the financing of dental education.

Our chapter once again earned special recognition during the Annual “Ideal ASDA” awards luncheon by winning two awards, “Increasing Ethical Awareness” and “Best Website Content”. These awards mean a tremendous amount to our organization, and they serve as a testament to our continued success at Minnesota.

In addition to our awards, we are pleased to announce that Andy Bohnsack (D2) will represent ASDA at a national level as the new District 8 trustee. Andy now represents the chapters of Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Creighton, and UMKC to the Board of Trustees and national executive committee. Moreover, Tim Anderson (D2) has been appointed to serve as Western Regional Legislative Coordinator for ASDA.

In April, our chapter held our Executive Committee elections. All ASDA members at our chapter were given the opportunity to listen to the candidate speeches and cast their ballots for the positions of president-elect, vice-president, secretary, and membership chair. We are pleased to introduce our elected Executive Committee for 2009: President-Elect Adam Swingdorf (D1), Vice-President Jen Dylla (D2), Secretary Sheena Eken (D3), and Membership Chair Zee Elovich (D1). These distinguished leaders, alongside incoming president Tim Anderson (D2), are excited to begin their leadership of our organization.

As we look forward to the warm days ahead, the Student District will be working on planning our annual Leader’s Retreat, as well as the ASDA summer picnic to be held at Psi Omega fraternity. The last year has absolutely flown by, and I believe I can speak for all of my fellow outgoing leaders when I say that it has been an unbelievable experience serving our organization. We have learned and accomplished much in the past 12 months, and I am certain that the future for our ASDA chapter, as well as our great profession, is bright. I wish to thank all of the students who have joined and contributed to ASDA. I hope that you will continue to view organized dentistry as a priority and appreciate how vital your membership and participation are to the strength of our profession.

It has been a distinct honor to have served as president, and I have thoroughly enjoyed “playing writer” for the Student District report over the past year.


Southeastern District

Christopher E. Carroll
Associate Editor
150 East Fourth Street
Winona, MN 55987

On April 7, the SEDDS Executive Committee met at Somerby Golf Club in Byron. Those attending were Warren Johnson, president; Eric Overby, president-elect; Duane Price, immediate past-president; Mike Flynn, trustee; Rick Nolting, delegate; Steve Schwartz, delegate; Matt Vaillant, delegate; Travis Schmitt, alternate delegate; and Chris Carroll, secretary/treasurer. The first order of business was setting a date for the district’s next annual meeting. THE MEETING WILL BE AUGUST 21. GO IMMEDIATELY TO YOUR APPOINTMENT BOOKS AND RESERVE THAT DATE. The meeting will be in President Johnson’s home town of Faribault at the Legion Hall. We tentatively plan on three 45-minute presentations, and are currently working on the line-up.

In other business, the committee yielded to strong encouragement from the leadership of the Northeastern District Dental Society and decided to put forth the name of our own Mike Flynn for the post of second vice-president of the MDA. Mike has been district president and trustee, and has worked on several MDA and state committees. He fought vigorously for us as a member of the contentious OHP work group. He has spent countless hours in Washington D.C. and in Saint Paul advocating for and promoting dentistry, and, I swear, he knows everyone involved with dental issues, knows the facts better than anyone, and has worked indefatigably and effectively on our behalf.

Other orders of business centered around the several pieces of developing legislation concerning dentistry. Rick Nolting, Chair, Radiology Section, Environment and Safety Committee of the MDA, is helping craft a bill that would make the radiation regulations more practical and less onerous. Also discussed were the various cuts being proposed by the governor and the legislature. Regarding the proposed OHP legislation, the SEDDS Executive Committee elected to support the MDA’s grassroots/media campaign to the tune of $10,000.00.

With the hour getting late and that seeming to be sufficient business for one night, we adjourned. We have yet to decide if an Executive Committee meeting before the House of Delegates in Rochester would be beneficial. President Johnson may call one if it would seem to be necessary.

City-States: Part the First
In 1912, Winona dentist J.W.S. Gallagher was the president of the Minnesota Dental Association. At that year’s annual meeting, following his proposal, Minnesota was first organized into districts, and they have changed little since. It is a little bit easier to picture the character of some of the districts than it is others. Most can be defined by geography or topography — the North Woods, the prairie, a metropolis. The Southeastern District is a little harder to wrap one’s brain around. We are more like a collection of semi-autonomous city-states than anything else.

The first annual meetings of the Southeastern District Dental Society were held in Rochester, but in 1927 the meetings and the presidency began a rotation among the district’s major towns. This continued rather unchanged until 1983, when Rice County transferred to the SEDDS from the Saint Paul District, and Northfield and/or Faribault were added to the rotation. The current order for the presidency and annual meeting is: Albert Lea, Winona, Rochester, Faribault/Northfield, Austin, Owatonna, and Red Wing.

To get a better feel for the district and its city-states, one needs to examine each independently. I will start with the one I know best, Winona; then in subsequent issues we will move around the district.

Winona was founded in 1851 on a large island, the site of an ancient people. It was a home of the Mdewakanton band of the Eastern Dakota. In that year, Captain Orrin Smith of the steamboat Nominee landed on a sandbar on what had previously been called Wapasha’s Prairie, and started a settlement there. The Mdewakanton also maintained a presence there until 1853, when the signing of the Treaty of Mendota ceded away this land.

Growth was slow at first, but started to take off, and by 1855 the population had risen to more than 500. One of the earliest residents was Thomas Bramwell Welch, who moved to Winona in 1856. He was an ordained Methodist minister, a conductor on the underground railroad, and a physician, but practiced dentistry in Winona. After nine financially unrewarding years here, he moved back east to Vineland, New Jersey, where he continued to practice dentistry. Among his many interests, Dr. Welch, who professed a fervent objection to the use of alcoholic beverages, began working on his “Dr. Welch’s Unfermented Wine”, which is now better known as Welch’s Grape Juice.

Winona’s lumber mills, located down-river from the great northern forests, soon became the backbone of the local economy. Wheat mills, railroads, small manufacturing, and newspapers soon followed. Winona Normal School (Winona State University), the first west of the Mississippi, was founded in 1858.

More than 800 soldiers from and around Winona served in the Civil War, attaining lasting glory with the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. Post-war Winona boomed, and by 1890 had a population of more than 23,000 people. Commerce also prospered, and by 1900, Winona was said to have more millionaires per capita than any place in the United States.

In addition to Drs. Welch and J.W.S. Gallagher, Winona’s dental history has been rich and colorful. Dr. Doug James was a protege´ of G.V. Black and would travel monthly, by train, to meet with him in Chicago. He was also appointed president of the Board of Dentistry, and had a practice with Gallagher. In 1933, Doug’s brother W.D. was made the MDA’s first Guest of Honor. He also was appointed to the Board presidency. A Dr. Millen started practice in 1881 and was still practicing 60 years later in 1941 at the tender age of 94 years. One local dentist wore a big brimmed hat, carried a sidearm, and kissed the girls good night at the end of the day. Try that in this day and age. One dentist, whom I knew quite well, was born in his father’s dental office in the downtown Choat Building, home of many dental offices over the years. That was Dr. Aurelius Maze, who once borrowed a pocketknife at a Winona dental outing and performed a tracheotomy to save the life of a participant who was choking to death on a piece of steak.

Currently there are about 30 dentists practicing in Winona and the surrounding small towns, which include St. Charles, Rushford, Caladonia, and Houston. There are a couple of groups, but most are solo practitioners. The specialties represented are oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, and pediatric dentistry. Hopefully in the future we will appear as colorful to those looking back as the old timers seem to us.

Today, from the 500 foot bluffs that flank the town, Winona still looks like a large island. The broad Mississippi and its meandering backwaters border the northeast, and lakes surrounded by city parks are on the southwest. From Garvin Heights lookout point, it is a beautiful sight.

Unlike its lumber boom beginnings, the area’s industry and commerce are now quite diverse. Several large stained glass studios, electronics, manufacturing, and the famous Watkins Spices and Wenona Canoe are here, just to mention a few. We are also the home of two universities and a technical college.

Attractions include an abundance of Victorian architecture, a professional Shakespeare festival, the Minnesota Beethoven Festival, a weekly concert by the longest continuously performing municipal band west of the Mississippi. There is also, of course, the great outdoors: the river, the bluffs, the wildlife, fishing, migratory birds, one of the state’s best cross-country ski trails, and great biking, both cross-country and road.

Hope to see you down here!



Northeastern District

Gary Hedin
Associate Editor
324 W. Superior Street, Suite 828
Duluth, MN 55802

Shaking Off the Permafrost
Welcome back for another Northeastern District report. The weather is finally getting nice around Duluth, and it’s time to start thinking about all the great things you can do outside during the short season we call summer.

The March NEDDS meeting, organized by Jerry Pedersen, was held in Hibbing. Our speaker was Dr. Gary Anderson from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. Gary has held many positions within the dental school, both clinical and administrative. His talk for our district was on evidence-based dentistry. Gary spoke about the background behind treating dental patients in an evidenced-based manner and the research methodology behind it during the morning portion of the lecture. In the afternoon, he moved into the clinical side of things and discussed practical applications. It was a good lecture on a subject that will increasingly impact all our practices.

Also at the meeting, two $250 scholarships were awarded to outstanding dental assisting students at Hibbing Community College. This year’s recipients were Quinn Schroeder and Christina Prokosch. Congratulations! We are lucky to have an assisting program in our area that continues to produce such outstanding members of the dental team.

On April 2 our district tried something new: continuing education put on by the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and webcast to Duluth. This CE class was part of the Clinical Grand Rounds series at the U of M, and featured Dr. Ken Zucker on endodontics. Lake Superior College was kind enough to provide a room with the capabilities to watch the webcast, and about 15 members of the Northeastern District were in attendance. Many thanks to Adam Huneke for getting everything set up and hosting the event! I think we will be seeing more of these CE opportunities during the next year.

The Northeastern District was very well represented at the Star of the North Meeting this year. The Presidential Gala took place April 25 at the Saint Paul Hotel, and three of our own were recognized for their contributions to the profession. Members of the Northeastern District turned out in force to support their colleagues. Had there been a showdown between districts, we would have won easily!

The Guest of Honor at this year’s meeting was Matt Anzelc of Hibbing. Throughout his career Matt has served in just about every capacity possible within organized dentistry in our state. According to his close friends, there isn’t a guy who loves dentistry more than Matt, and that is apparent the minute you meet him. During the five years I’ve been involved in District doings, I have found Matt to be dedicated and knowledgeable, and he is always encouraging younger dentists to get involved. Just don’t play in a golf scramble against him, or you may be the subject of a lot of harassment!

Marty Espe, Duluth, was the recipient of the Humanitarian Service Award at the Presidential Gala. He has worked for a number of years with the Minnesota Services for Children with Handicaps program, working with cleft disorders. In addition, Marty has traveled on mission trips to Guatemala, providing dental care to those in need in a remote area. He will make his third trip this year.

Completing the trifecta was Brian McDonald, Hermantown, who was honored with the New Dentist Leadership Award. Since graduating from the University of Minnesota in 2004, Brian has served in a variety of roles within our district and at the state level. In addition, he has volunteered his time in his community, serving on Hermantown’s amateur hockey board. Brian has balanced all his activities with a growing practice and family, making him a very busy guy.

Although I have no photographic evidence, a New Dentist event took place in Duluth this spring as well. Thanks to Chris Carlson and Adam Huneke for coordinating. We are looking forward to holding some more events like this for all the new dentists who have joined our district in recent years!

Finally, the dental class of 2004 held a five-year reunion at Brit’s Pub in Minneapolis during the Star of the North meeting. Dentists from the District who made it to the reunion included Steve Graber, Brian McDonald, and Gary Hedin. It was fun to see everyone and catch up on the last few years. It was encouraging to see that most of us still have most of our hair, too!

On that note, I hope all of you are enjoying summer by the time you read this and have had a chance to take a trip, catch a fish, get a birdie, or at the very least enjoy a cold beverage on your deck!


West Central District

Jeanni R. Foss
Associate Editor
15167 Edgewood Drive, Suite 240
Baxter, MN 56425

Something Fuzzy This Way Comes
Just as the snow melts, the lakes re-open, and the boats get to breathe again, dentists across the West Central District emerge from their bear caves and sniff activity in the air. They may be a bit growly until the sun hits their skin and food is in their bellies, but their playfulness will resume in no time at all. This I have observed as a yearly ritual.

On the Table, Not Under It!
The MDA’s 2009 Dental Day at the Capitol was attended by six dentists from our district. Though there were few of us, we had successful meetings with our legislators, focusing mainly on the dental therapist/OHP concerns, opposition to raising the Provider Tax for 2010 from 2% to 3%, and discussing the proposed cuts in adult low-income dental care, including Critical Access Providers. We suggested to a few legislators that they might consider a “professional tax” that encompassed taxing the collections of all professionals within the state, not just dentistry and medicine. We also tried slipping fake $1,000 bills with every handshake, but the legislators didn’t appreciate the humor. Seriously, we did try to bust the myth of the greedy dentist by discussing volunteerism, community dental clinics, and donated dental care within our district.

Please indulge an editorial liberty to inspire those in our district to continue to voice their own concerns to their legislators and not just hope their leaders will do it for them. From “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine:
“Every man is a proprietor in government, and considers it a necessary part of his business to understand. It concerns his interest, because it effects his property. He examines the cost, and compares it with the disadvantages; and above all, he does not adopt the slavish custom of following what in other governments are called LEADERS.”

More Smiles to Come
Caring Hands Dental Clinic has been providing dental services and education to 631 low income citizens since December 2006. The clinic is a 501C3 non-profit entity that is geographically located within our West Central District in the city of Alexandria. The clinic continues to thrive on generous donations from local individuals and businesses.

The new “More Smiles Program” has been approved by the state of Minnesota to allow Caring Hands to refer emergencies and restorative cases to dentists who credential with Caring Hands. Those participating dentists then bill Caring Hands for the work they do; Caring Hands bills the appropriate entity, and then pays that reimbursed amount to the treating dentist. This allows Caring Hands to call several dentists when an emergency arises to see who has time. It also allows them to refer the larger restorative cases to dentists who may have an occasional opening to fill. They are, in a sense, a clearinghouse for dental problems.

This clinic has a full-time clinic coordinator, Al Olsen; a collaborative hygienist, Mary Lou Olsen; assistants, and seven volunteer dentists: Tom Johnson, Kimberly Rauk, Lowell Einerson, Joseph Haak, Tim Gehring, Eric Nolting, and Art Hermes.
The demand for services is great, and the clinic cannot continue to operate without the staff and dentists. Thank you to our fellow colleagues who have shared their time and talent to assure dental care to those in need. This is a wonderful example of how dentistry has mastered teamwork.
Caring Hands Dental Clinic is located at 700 Cedar Street, #44, Alexandria, Minnesota 56308. For more information, please contact Clinic director Al Olsen
at (320) 815-5711.

Take Your Pic
District members are applauding a recent digital photography seminar in St. Cloud sponsored and produced by Granite City Dental Lab. Mr. Rick Spaulding gave an informative talk on capturing the perfect dental shots using specific newer digital photography equipment. This lecture was very well attended by patron West Central dentists ranging from Willmar to St. Cloud to Brainerd. A nice dinner was provided. Rick also will speak at district events if needed and/or come to your dental office and help you with your camera settings to obtain that beautiful shot. A beautiful Canon G10 camera was given away in conjunction with this seminar and the Star of the North Meeting.

Implants Q & A
A lecture on dental implants sponsored by Thoele Dental Lab was presented in April in the Brainerd Lakes Area, with a local implant representative giving the talk. Many dentists attended and learned about locator abutments and were afforded a question and answer session.

Checklist in Hand
Our WCDDS Officers Meeting was held April 30 in Little Falls to plan upcoming events, review current issues, and discuss the budget for the year.
Upcoming Events within our District:
• Tour of Saints bike ride: Create your own biking shirt with your dental logo to help dentists dominate this tour, showing that we “live healthy” and we are competitive, social people. Sunday, July 12, 2009
• Alexandria Golf Outing organized by Rich Moen for Friday, August 14: Morning golf with afternoon CE and dinner to follow golf event, with prizes for the taking (by me).
• House of Delegates meeting in Rochester, Minnesota, this year September 10-12. Note: The West Central District proposed and passed a resolution last year on “defining access to care”.

West Central District Donations:
• Our district donated $300.00 to fund the James Rasmussen Scholarship at North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton. Jim was a past WCDDS Trustee and passed away from a heart attack. He practiced in Breckenridge.
• Also, a donation of $7,500.00 from our district was appropriated to the MDA to help fund the Ad Campaign.
Please continue to send in your information. It has been very helpful!


Southern District

Ken A. Windschitl
Associate Editor
2000 South Broadway Street
New Ulm, MN 56073

School is in Session
Within the boundaries of the Southern District, we are fortunate to have three schools which have been providing dental assistants and dental hygienists to the area for many years. Since 1970, the Minnesota State University/Mankato dental clinic has been educating students pursuing careers in dental hygiene. South Central College (also at Mankato) has been graduating dental assistants since 1982. Canby’s dental assisting program opened in 1969. These three schools have done a wonderful job educating dental assistants and hygienists. Dental practices in the Southern District and surrounding area are pleased with a job well done.

The dental assisting programs are offered from Minnesota West CTC-Canby campus and South Central College North Mankato. For those who remember what life was like 20 years ago, it was common to become a dental assistant just by walking into an office and applying for the job. Nowadays doctors hesitate to hire “off the street”. It takes time and energy away from the practice to hire and then train an assistant. Therefore, the education from these two schools is significant.

Canby and South Central’s dental assisting program is roughly one year of education to get a Dental Assisting Certification (with expanded functions) that is required by state law. Karon Metz and Jenny Dumdei are instructors at North Mankato’s South Central College. Canby’s instructors are Teresa Noyes, Dan Prust, and Ann Thomsen. Other dentists who facilitate in the Canby dental clinic include Mike Morgan, Brandon Ulstad, Jerry Johnson, Steve Morris, S.A. Patel, Mike Thomas, and Paul Johnson.

Faculty and staff at MSU include advisor and Dental Hygiene Department Chair Lynnette Engeswick, RDH, M.S.; advisors Terri Brown, RDH, M.S.: Brigette Cooper, RDH, M.S.; Lisa Fleck, RDH, M.S.; advisor Nancy Thomas Geistfeld, RDH, M.S.; Angela Monson, RDH, Ph.D.; and Office Manager Dona Killion.

Canby’s program accepts 27 students each year. The job placement is near 100% for these students. The dental assisting students get jobs not only in Minnesota but also across the South Dakota border in Sioux Falls, Brookings, and Watertown; as well as in Iowa and North Dakota. The clinic has recently been remodeled and has 12 dental chairs available. The clinic is also used for biology. A three-year pre-dental course is offered at Canby for students who wish to pursue a career as a dentist.

With a great, well-rounded staff, the Minnesota State University’s clinic has been able to provide dental care to patients of all ages for more than 30 years. There are 24 students admitted into the dental hygiene program each year. Admission is based on student achievement in the coursework that is required prior to making an application to this course. An alumni study done proved that job placement is certain within six months after graduating from the dental hygiene program. Most often students end up employed in Southern Minnesota and the Twin Cities area. The supply of the well trained, highly qualified students has enabled us to serve more people.

Minnesota State University Mankato (MSU) and South Central College (SCC) share the clinic that is in Morris Hall at the MSU campus. Both dental assisting and dental hygiene students alternate utilizing that clinic. This is a modern clinic with state-of-the-art equipment, a panoramic X-ray machine, computers at every dental chair, computer with internet access for students to use as needed, and digital X-ray machines.