Minnesota District News: September-October 2009

Minnesota District News: September-October 2009

Associate Editors:

Minneapolis District

Mark R. Omlie
Associate Editor
7373 France Avenue South, Suite 602
Edina, MN 55435

JUST ANNOUNCED - Continuing Education Meeting
Thursday, November 12, 2009

Minneapolis Marriott Southwest Hotel in Minnetonka.
Subject: “The Dental Therapist and What I Need to Know”
Speakers: University of Minnesota School of Dentistry dean Patrick Lloyd; the Minnesota Board of Dentistry Executive Director, Mr. Marshall Shragg, along with Board member Dr. Joan Sheppard; Metropolitan State University president Dr. Sue Hammersmith; the Minnesota Dental Association (MDA) Executive Director, Mr. Dick Diercks, along with MDA president Dr. R. Bruce Templeton; OHP Workgroup Taskforce members Drs. Michael Flynn and Michael Perpich.
Attendees will hear what each program offers in didactic and clinical education for the dental therapy students. Speaker presentations will be followed by a question and answer session. As well, the Minnesota Board of Dentistry will present rules and regulations for the dental therapist upon graduation from an accredited program.
Discussion topics will include:
• What is a dental therapist, and how is it different from an ADHP?
• How are dental therapists going to be educated?
• How is the dental therapist going to affect my practice?
• What is a dental therapist going to be able to do in the dental practice?
• What will the scope of a dental therapist going to be?
• How should the dentist’s role of supervision be utilized to maximize safety?
• What is the Minnesota Board of Dentistry’s role in regulating dental therapists?
• How will dental therapist be utilized to improve dental access?
• Where do we go from here?
• Open forum for questions and answers
Attendees will receive 1.5 core continuing education credits. If you need a registration form, please contact the District Office at (651) 631-9845 or check our website (www.mdds@mplsdds.org) under calendar and events.

84th Annual Midwinter Meeting
The continuing education committee has planned an outstanding program again this year. Dr. Mark E. Hyman’s presentation “A 360 Slam Dunk Guide for Successful Teams - Complex Treatment Planning” is an entertaining and memorable prescription for challenging economic times. Dr. Hyman’s presentation would not be possible without co-sponsorships by CareCredit, Patterson Dental, Philips Sonicare, and VOCO. Our thanks!
Participants will learn how to:
1. Understand the urgency to lead and re-align your dental practice today.
2. Rank the doctor and the team in the 35 key leadership issues for peak performing teams.
3. Consider key communication barriers and how to overcome them.
4. Learn how to blend high tech and high touch relationship-based care.
Friday, December 4, 2009, is the date for this very dynamic program for you and your entire dental team; Minneapolis Marriott Southwest Hotel, Minnetonka; five core continuing education credits.

What Sirens?
The District’s annual trapshoot event was held Wednesday, August 19 at Metro Gun Club, Blaine. It is among the top annual events, with 90 members and guests this year. Its committee is among the oldest in the district - by some reports dating to 1926 when the district itself was created.
Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to join the festivities for the first time in 39 years, with downpours punctuated by the weather channel. At 2:20 p.m. tornado warning sirens went off, but our shooters just kept on doing what they came to do.
Many members make this an annual family/friends event. Add in camaraderie with industry reps and as always, a buffet with a variety of wild hors d’oeuvres, an international cheese and fruit display, and the ever delicious wild game dinner: elk chili, pheasant in cream sauce, barbeque rubbed pheasant, venison meat loaf, elk hunter sauce, wild boar pot roast, wild caught smoked salmon ... Thanks to everyone who donated their wild game again this year. Beverages were co-sponsored by Coltene-Whaledent. Thanks go out to Jeff Pearson for his continued support.
Jeff Erickson from Henry Schein Dental sponsored the Schein Shoot. Kris Johnson was the lucky winner! This year’s winner of the shotgun raffle was Jeff Somrock. Thank you goes out to Chair Michael Gallagher and the entire Trapshoot Committee for another successful event.

Thank You, Sponsors!
Henry Schein Dental ; Klein Dental Ceramics; Marcus Dental Laboratory; Maguire & Stickland Refining, Inc.; Medalist Awards; Minneapolis District Dental Society; Patterson Dental ; and W.E. Mowrey, Co.

Greater Twin Cities Tennis
The courts were abuzz for the Greater Twin Cities Tennis Mixer at Bearpath — what a location! The day was warm, but nice! Again, the participants were raving about the beautiful country club and tennis courts and enjoyed the wonderful day of tennis with their colleagues and friends. If you missed this year, please consider next: Wednesday, September 8, 2010.
After a delicious picnic dinner in the club house, emcee and event chair Julie Chavez handed out the raffle prizes. Winners on the day: Men’s Champ, Dave Noren, who won 28 games; runner-up Bob Gerlicher won 24; third place, Michael Gleysteen; and fourth, a tie between Wendy Gulden and Satchen Mehta.

MDA House of Delegates
The MDDS was very active at the House of Delegates September 11 and 12 in Rochester. New this year was an almost completely electronic House. Delegates were given flash-drives with all the information necessary for the meeting which could be transferred to a laptop, alleviating printing thousands of pages of paper and cutting costs considerably.
We congratulate R. Bruce Templeton, our own MDDS member, installed as president of the MDA at the meeting. Bruce will preside over all MDA meetings for the next year as well as represent the MDA at important legislative meetings. MDDS’ Todd Tsuchiya will continue to serve as MDA treasurer. We look forward to a wonderful year as our Bruce Templeton takes the helm. Congratulations, Bruce!
Thanks to the following delegates and alternate delegates: Alejandro Aguirre, president; Mark Omlie, president-elect, Wendy Gulden, vice-president, and Gary Bolmgren, secretary/treasurer. Delegates Bruce Betterman, Susan Block, Kimberly Bohlig, Teresa Fong, Donna Hecker, Lee Ann Herbert, Christopher Johnson, Kirby Johnson, Thomas Karn, Robert Kochenderfer, Venetia Laganis, Douglas Lambert, Douglas McNaught, Hugh Murdoch, James Nickman, Jo Ann Omlie, Ian Park, Michael Perpich, Richard T. Pihlstrom, Karen Reese, Sally Schuette, Cale Strait, Tasha Strait, David Streif, and alternate Badri Jureidini.

Welcome, New Members
Congratulations to the following new members of the District.
Ranier M. Adarve, D.D.S.
Amber J. Bartel, D.D.S.
Thyra F. Jagger, D.D.S.
Kraig J. Kottemann, D.D.S.
Colin A. McCarty, D.D.S.
Russell T. Peterson, D.D.S.
Michael T. Reynolds, D.D.S.
Matthew M. Sievers, D.D.S.
Tiffany T. Waki, D.D.S.
Anna M. Woods, D.D.S.


Trapshoot Trophy Winners

Skeet               Member Dentist           Guest

Class A            Peter Berven               Bob Schum

Class B            Kris Johnson                Jeff King

Class C            Greg Dvorak                John Young

Master             Craig Rathjen              Fred Klein


Sporting Clays

Class A            Craig Rathjen              Scott Hopper

Class B            Dave Johnson              Scott King

Class C            Chuck Puffer                Pat Leonard

Master             Michael Leonard          Bob Schum



Class A            Jim Block                      Bob Schum

Class B            Michael Leonard          Kevin Lindeen

Class C            Kurt King                      Joe Dvorak

Master             Kris Johnson                Rick Olson


Duck Tower

Class A            Jim Block                      John Maguire

Class B            Kirk King                      Tim Johnson

Class C            Dave Johnson              Greg Bremhort

Master             Greg Dvorak                Todd Siegwart


Schein Shoot Winner: Kris Johnson (what a sharpshooter)


Saint Paul District

Howard W. Taylor
Associate Editor
3909 Silver Lake Road N.E.
Saint Anthony, MN 55421-4352

History Just Keeps Happening
Our SPDDS caucus in preparation for the MDA’s 2009 House of Delegates was held August 19. Our district represents its members at this annual meeting with good groundwork and great leadership, and mindful of its predecessors’ contributions to the ongoing work of the Association, we thank this year’s delegation for accepting this important responsibility. They are: Christine Hermanson, Chair; John Aamodt, Karl Andreasen, Norman Coates, Mike Downie, Scott Doyle, Lois Duerst, Laura Eng, Bill Harrison, Tom Neafus, Rosalie Perpich, Dave Resch, Joni Richmond, Dave Rischall, Donna Stenberg, Loren Taple, Howard Taylor, and Joe Trowbridge. Alternate delegates are Sara Boo, Ben Christopherson, Jason Johnson, Scott Lingle, Stacy Shearen, Annika Simon, and Paul Zollinger.

The SPDDS Nominating Committee has selected Dr. Paul Kirkegaard as the District’s 2009 Outstanding Service Award winner. Paul will be honored at the luncheon/program at the January 15 Midwinter Meeting. Congratulations, Paul, for this much-deserved recognition for your service to the Saint Paul District.

New Faces
Please join us in welcoming the following new members to the Saint Paul District. Your newest colleagues will be joining us at upcoming District events. Take the opportunity to make them feel at home in organized dentistry.
Amanda J. Elbert, D.D.S.
Molly A. Henry, D.D.S.
Nicholas M. Saari, D.D.S.
Laura J. Wild, D.D.S.

And I’ll Meet You There ...
Wednesday, October 7
Lunch & Learn Seminar

Speaker: Dr. Wendy Gulden
Topic: Painless Root Canal Treatment for the Patient and the Doctor

The Past Prepares the Future*
Between 1965 and 1968, a small group of dentists, primarily Saint Paul dentists, began a study club that grew into an organization with members from all parts of Minnesota and many parts of Wisconsin. This group had a desire to provide their patients with the most comprehensive dental care that was available. The least understood and most controversial dental system at that time was the TMJ and the stomato-gnathic system. The members of this group recognized the need for definitive study and application of knowledge about mandibular jaw movements. However, the gurus of occlusion at that time were on the east or west coasts. As the Saint Paul dentists began their studies, they quickly recognized that to maximize learning and to minimize expense, they should bring the speakers/teachers to Minnesota rather than each of them traveling to one of the coasts to study.
That was the beginning of The Minnesota Academy for Gnathological Research. The founding members, based on the astute memories of Buzz Hellickson and Al Mogck, were Charlie Welters, Robert McDonnell, Lee Herman, Ansley Thorsen, Jim Bussen, Bill Brausch, Bill Bray, Alan Mogck, and R.A. Hellickson. Although research was part of the original plan, no definitive research was ever accomplished, due in large part to the reality that all of the members were practicing dentists and the extensive time necessary for research was not available.
MAGR would hold five meetings a year, culminating with the fifth meeting being taught by one of the members, followed by a dinner/banquet. For several years there was a social gathering during the summer months to foster friendships. The logo for MAGR appropriately was the pantographic tracing of mandibular movement.
MAGR did study with the giants of their time. Researchers and lecturers like Niles Guichet, Charlie Stuart, Evert Payne, Arnie Laurentson, Pete Dawson, Clifford Fox, and Frank Solenza are examples of the quality of the regular speakers for this group. Periodically two-day programs would be held in order to do hands-on application of lecture material such as the split-cast technique to verify accurate mounting of models from a patient, or pantographic tracings for the accurate location of the hinge axis.
Over a short period of time, the study material expanded to cover many of the disciplines of dentistry. Periodontal disease and its treatment were studied, resulting in the link between poor occlusion and periodontal disease becoming better understood. Crown and bridge preparation design was extensively studied. The combination of sound preparation design and correct occlusion would result in quality treatment for the patient that would last for many years, even decades. As these principles became better understood, the next frontier was jaw joint problems, or what is now recognized as TMD - temporo-mandibular disease. It was well understood that the study of a diseased joint first required a knowledge of a healthy joint.
On May, 8, 2009, MAGR held its final meeting, culminating with the traditional annual dinner/banquet. The meeting was attended by current members and several alumni. Buzz Hellickson and Al Mogck were the only charter members in attendance from that first meeting 40-plus years ago. Although the mission of the MAGR has not changed, the ability to hear and study with great lecturers has changed, largely due to the high stipend that lecturers command and the multitude of quality study clubs that exist. Beginning in September 2009, the effort to bring the highest quality of care to our patients by educating our dentists will continue through the combined leadership efforts of the officers of MAGR and the officers from the Minnesota Academy for Restorative Dentistry. The two academies have merged. Their merger has formed the Minnesota Academy for Comprehensive Dentistry. The program for 2009 is excellent, and the future for learning and understanding what is necessary to provide the best available care to our patients is secure with the leadership of MACD.
We wish the MACD well, and express our gratitude to those forward-thinking dentists who started the Minnesota Academy for Gnathological Reasearch.

*Written by Howard Taylor, with contributions from Al Mogck, Buzz Hellickson, Steve McDonnell, and Greg Kaake; all past presidents of MAGR.


For all Member Dentists, Staff & Colleagues
Friday, January 15, 2010.

Don’t miss this day for you and your staff!
Crowne Plaza Saint Paul Riverfront
• Exhibitors
• Speakers (CE credits)
Programs & registration forms will be mailed to SPDDS members.
Outstate members may contact SPDDS to receive a program by mail: (651) 697-0831.


Student District

Tim Anderson
Associate Editor
1362 Preston Lane
Shakopee, MN 55379

At Least They Brought It Back
“The Student District has officially returned Moos Tower after a much needed summer break.”
We at
Northwest Dentistry dearly love our Student District editors, and appreciate each of them finding time in their schedules to send us these bi-monthly reports. That said, we just could not resist presenting the first sentence “as received” in this issue’s installment. Sometimes extreme measures are needed to get some R&R. The Editors

Okay, The Real Report
The Student District has officially returned to Moos Tower after a much needed summer break. The fall semester has brought many new faces to the School of Dentistry, including the new dental, dental hygiene, and dental therapist classes. As it is every fall, the Student District is extremely busy preparing for the upcoming year. One of our first tasks on hand is to get the first-year dental class introduced to the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) and organized dentistry. Our district does this by holding an ASDA 101 “Lunch ‘n Learn” emphasizing the importance of taking an active role in our profession. ASDA President-Elect Adam Swingdorf (D2) lead the Lunch ‘n Learn September 9 with a presentation detailing all of the opportunities students have with ASDA.
Getting students excited about ASDA and ensuring they understand why they are becoming members are often two different tasks. In order to better educate all the dental students, the Student District also held its annual membership drive from September 21 through the 25. The drive is organized and lead by our Membership chair, Zee Elovich (D2). The drive serves a second purpose by allowing our Legislative Grassroots Network chair, Aruna Rao (D2), to educate the students on the political impact ADPAC plays on the dental profession. The Minnesota chapter of ASDA has always prided itself on obtaining not only a high membership percentage, but also an active membership. I am confident this year will be no different.
While the first-year dental students are waxing teeth and the clinics are abuzz, there is now a new form of relaxation — campus football! In celebration of the new TCF Bank Gopher football stadium, the Student District has started a new tradition of putting on a football tailgate. September 12 marked an exciting opener for the gophers as well as ASDA, as Psi-Omega provided a location for the inaugural event. All students and family were invited to enjoy sizzling food from the grill and good company. All of which was within walking distance to the new stadium. The event was a total success both from the aspect of the new tailgate and the Gopher’s first win. Special thanks goes to our Activities Committee chair, Elisa Dommer (D3), for putting on the event.
Some of the most rewarding aspects of being an active member of ASDA are the numerous opportunities to network with other dental students across the country. The Student District will be taking a little road trip as it sends eight students to St. Louis, Missouri for the ASDA Western Region Meeting. The meeting functions as a platform to educate first- and second-years about what it means to be involved in organized dentistry. Topics include a background of the tripartite system, student advocacy, legislative issues, and chapter enhancement. There will also be a keynote presentation by School of Dentistry dean Patrick Lloyd regarding the non-patient-based dental exam in Minnesota. This has become a very hot topic both nationally and locally. At the School of Dentistry, many of our third-year dental students are currently struggling with the decision of which exam to take, as the October 31 mannequin exam date approaches.
Soon the leaves will have changed, and the snow will be here before we know it. Which means it is time for members to get their hands on new ASDA winter apparel. One of the Student District’s most successful fundraisers is the annual fall merchandise sale. Vice-President Jen Dylla (D3) will be the coordinator for this year’s event, to occur October 15 through 23. The sale not only allows students an opportunity to get new gear and gifts for their families, but aids in addressing our district’s strategic goal of “Chapter Branding”. To further enhance chapter branding, we have created a new logo and banner that will be displayed at all ASDA events. With the plethora of student groups at the University, it is necessary that members realize what events are direct benefits of their membership.
The new academic year brings about new and exciting changes and challenges. The profession is constantly evolving, and it is reassuring to know that the future leaders are taking active roles in those changes. As the semester moves forward, the Student District will continue to build upon its strong membership and introduce new members to the rewarding opportunities they can have through organized dentistry.


Southern District

Thomas William Smyth
Associate Editor
1211 Caledonia Street
Mankato, MN 56001-4329

Herman Sends His Regards
The Southern District Dental Society hosted its annual Fall Meeting in New Ulm August 28 and 29. All things began with a perfect day of golf, followed by a banquet at the New Ulm Country Club. Honorary Awards were presented to Fred Polzin and Bob Menzel, of Wornson-Polzin Dental Laboratories, for their years of service to the dentists of the Southern District and beyond.
One cannot experience New Ulm without picking up its distinctly German flavor. After the award presentation, and a humorous video shot by Fred and Bob’s WP coworkers, the audience was entertained by New Ulm’s “Ambassadors of Good Will”, the Concord Singers. These Lederhosen-clad Herren, who have performed around the world since originally forming in 1931, came out and oom-pa-pa’d the night away before the dentists of the Southern District and their spouses departed for the evening.
On Saturday, the continuing education portion of the meeting was held at Martin Luther King College, overlooking the city of New Ulm. Hal Crossley, D.D.S., Ph.D., presented a full day’s course on street drugs, addiction, and individuals in recovery.
September 10-12 saw the Southern District delegation attend the Minnesota Dental Association annual House of Delegates in Rochester. The delegation included Greg Miller, Ken Windshitl, Grant Sorensen, Thomas Smyth, Larry Parker, Jeff Taylor, and Paul Carlson.


Southeastern District

Christopher E. Carroll
Associate Editor
150 East Fourth Street
Winona, MN 55987

It Happens Every Year
On Friday morning, August 21, President Warren Johnson hosted the 96th Annual Meeting of the Southeastern District Dental Society in lovely and historic Faribault. Following registration and a continental breakfast, President Johnson made some opening remarks and introduced our speakers from the University of Minnesota.
Patricia Lenton, RDH, M.A., gave a presentation on the etiology, assessment, and treatment of oral malodor. She cut through the lore and mystery of the phenomenon, explaining the anatomy, microbiology, chemistry, physiology, analysis, treatment, and even the psychology of this all too common problem.
Next up was Steve Shuman, D.D.S., M.S. His presentation was entitled “Drugs and the Elderly: Better Living Through Chemistry”. The elderly take an average of seven medications each, and the difficult pharmacological management of this population was a message taken to heart by all in attendance. We gained a better understanding of how to care for this most difficult subset of patients, and we came away armed with strategies to better manage that care.
Following the presentations, President Johnson called a brief business meeting. The minutes of last year’s meeting in Rochester were approved, as was the treasurer’s report. Our district trustee, Mike Flynn, gave a brief report focusing on aspects of health care reform. Present Johnson then introduced our guest of honor, MDA president Lee Jess.
President Jess confessed to having put about 60,000 miles on his vehicle during his year-long tenure which, mercifully for said vehicle, is winding down. He has one more district meeting to attend, and he will have attended them all. He thanked the Southeastern District for promoting the MDA’s dental therapist (mid-level dental practitioner) advertising campaign, and he assessed that it had “paid off”. Dr. Jess also announced that the Board of Trustees had nominated our own Mike Flynn to be the Second Vice-President of the MDA. President Jess then reported on the University of Minnesota Hospital’s new building that will soon be helping train dental students, and on the University of Minnesota’s new dental therapists program that will start classes this fall.
The new officers of the Southeastern District feel quite honored to have had the bigger than life and very popular Dr. Jess swear them in. They are: President, Eric Overby (Austin); President-Elect, Tim Holland (Owatonna); First Vice-President, Matt Vaillant (Red Wing); and Delegate, Travis Schmitt (Austin). Though secretary/treasurer for a year, Chris Carroll had not had the opportunity to be sworn into office, so he availed himself of this honor as well.
Dr. Johnson then handed the gavel over to the new president Eric Overby, who thanked Warren for his year of outstanding service to dentistry and to the Southeastern District. Following a motion and a vote from the floor, President Overby adjourned the meeting.


Northeastern District

Gary Hedin
Associate Editor
324 W. Superior Street, Suite 828
Duluth, MN 55802

Northern Stars
Greetings from Duluth! Summer was pretty quiet in the Northeastern District, with our main activities tied to the MDA House of Delegates, held in Rochester this year. In early August our pre-caucus meeting took place. The purpose of that meeting is to discuss the resolutions being considered by the House. Fast-forward to early September, when our delegation and district leadership headed to Rochester for the day-and-a-half meeting of the House of Delegates. Rather than writing extensively about the proceedings, which you will be able to read in another article, I decided to present some pictures of what took place. Enjoy!


Northwestern District

John E. Lueth
Associate Editor
P.O.Box 310
Bemidji, MN 56619

Bribes, No; Lures, Yes
The Northwestern District at the House of Delegates
Roger Sjulson, Reporter
At the MDA 2009 House of Delegates held September 11 and 12, the Northwestern District Dental Society was well represented by delegates David Andersen, Chair, of Park Rapids; Douglas Williams, Bemidji; Erik Satvold, Moorhead; Julia Fosman, Park Rapids; and Roger Sjulson, Fosston. Several of the delegates had committee assignments as well. David Andersen served as a member of Reference Committee A, Doug Williams was Chair of Reference Committee B, and Julia Fosman served on the Credentials and Rules of Order Committee. Our thanks to this year’s contingent for representing the District so well.
The Northwestern District is pleased to report that we were presented the award for the highest membership retention for 2009. Considering how geographically widespread our membership is, we are a reassuringly cohesive group. Another round of thanks, to all of you.
Association duties were further, well, delegated during the work of the House. The House selected Northwestern District trustee Roger Sjulson as a delegate to the American Dental Association for 2010-2012, and District past-president Kristine Riewer as an alternate delegate to the American Dental Association for 2010.
Of course, every year every district puts its own spin or its own stamp on the proceedings of, at, and around House. Ours this year had a distinctly fishy aura. Don’t worry - no shady politics. We simply held a diverting little drawing to promote our winter meeting at Lake of the Woods. A box of fishing lures was given to David Streif, who is from the Minneapolis District. We also presented a box of lures to MDA Immediate Past President Lee Jess. The Northwestern District Dental Society Winter Dental Meeting and Ice Fishing Event - or NWDDSWDMIFE, for those of you who have to have your acronyms - has become very popular with all of Minnesota’s dentists. And it’s not just our part of the country that hears the call. Dentists from as far away as Georgia have made the trip up here to take part in our unique brand of insanity! (This falls into the category of “Either you get it or you don’t”.) And of course, that made it mandatory to create yet another award for the roster: He or She Who Has Come the Farthest. Our 2010 - we’re in double digits already! - destination is Sportman’s Lodge; dates are January 29 through January 31. On the “Dental Meeting” side, this year’s clinical presentation will be on orthodontics. Please join us. The more the merrier, certainly, but if you live up here, you also know that “the more the warmer” is literally a part of the deal.
Our thanks again to our district reps at the HOD, and to everyone reading these pages, please join us January 29-31 for the NWDDSWDMIFE. And that’s a mouthful in anyone’s language.

What’s in the Water Up There Anyway?
Ah, the diverse range of imaginations and activities that make up this association’s members’ lives. Your editors continue to marvel at what the next email, phone call, or conversation will provide. And then there is the Northwestern District. There’s just something in the air up there that is, well, let’s just call it vivid. For your consideration, we offer the Lunker Loopermobile, courtesy of Dr. John Lueth, and a sighting of an as-yet-unnamed Creature courtesy of Dr. Jim Ghostley. If you’re going for a walk around the area, best take a friend.
The Editors

Weird With a Beard
It was about a year ago, give or take, while engaging in some rest and relaxation in the form of chasing the wily Steelhead on the North Shore of Lake Superior that I happened upon the rare Lunker LooperMobile. One quick flycast and heavy hookset later, I was engaged in the battle to net this heretofore unknown land-roving species, as the photographic evidence attests. Although my fishing buddies Looper Ron and Scenic Bob were able to assist in the photographic recording of the great battle, in the end my 1,000-pound quadruple-braided tungsten-molybdenum tippet was not up to the task, and the great behemoth yet resides above the shoreline of the Shining Big Sea Water. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It wasn’t exactly the one that got away, but the final score was LLMobile one (won), bearded one none. I’d do it all again.

The Reel Deal
Northwestern District Dental Society Dental Meeting and Ice Fishing Meeting

January 29-31, 2009 at Sportman’s Lodge
For further information, please contact Dr. Roger Sjulson, 109 Johnson Avenue North, Fosston, Minnesota 56542-1327; phone (218) 435-6738 or email rwdds@gvtel.com.



West Central District

Jeanni R. Foss
Associate Editor
15167 Edgewood Drive, Suite 240
Baxter, MN 56425

We All Remembered the Secret Handshake
Crickets were heard chirping and cows seen grazing throughout the summer in the West Central District. We all celebrated Independence Day watching fireworks over some beautiful body of water, and we tried to fish, with little luck. The officers of our district had our secret officer meeting at a secret Perkins location, with much productivity. We are ready to kick off the fall and winter events, and look forward to meeting more members within the district. We also discussed possible resolutions for the September House of Delegates meeting, but decided we will not be submitting any resolutions from our district this year due to lack of ideas for change from member dentists.

Donut Rush
The St. Cloud Tour of Saints bike race took place in July, and all dentists finished without injury. We would like to thank the Central Minnesota Pediatrics group for providing biking jerseys for several dentist/participants. The grueling hills were more manageable this year with the cooler weather - and the wonderful Cold Spring Bakery donut stop. Next year we hope to see more teams of dentists and their staffs join in the ride. Perhaps next July some dental group might consider the name Wild Hogs?

Vintage Foss, or Jeanni ‘n a Bottle
In August we had a great turnout for our annual golf outing in Alexandria. Rich Moen was able to not only coordinate a fun time, but somehow managed to lock in perfect weather for the second year in a row (knocking on wood as I type this). Several sponsors joined in the golfing fun, and we really appreciate their continued interest in this event. We would like to thank Patterson Dental, Dr. Mike Prazich, TDIC, and the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry for their help with sponsoring holes and prizes.
I have to tell you that this year I was in it to win it - I was determined to win a prize this time. Not only did I win a Gopheropoly game, but I unexpectedly received the Biggest Whiner Award, conspired by Rich Moen.
The continuing education lecture given by Dr. Mansur Ahmad from the University of Minnesota was very informative, examining Cone Beam CT scans, which they now take and read at the University. Dr. Ahmad discussed not only the cost of the machines but the different pathologies he is able to diagnose which have not been visible using standard two-dimensional panorex film.

Stay in Focus
Friday, November 6 is the WCDDS Wine, Cheese, and Digital Photography event, starting with 4:oo p.m. registration, then the wine social from 4:30-5:30, followed by the digital photography presentation from 5:30-7:30, all at the Historic Grand View Resort Headwaters Wine Cellar/Conference Center on Gull Lake in Brainerd. Spouses and significant others are invited as well: $50 for members and $150 for non-members. Lodging will be available for $99 per room. Win a Canon digital camera! Please call Jeanni Foss for more information.

You Can’t Get Away From Them
Our February 2010 Midwinter WCDDS Family Weekend Getaway has appeared on the radar. Please stay tuned for location and date. As fun and potentially chaotic as its name implies, this event is also an important meeting where new officers will be elected and announced. Members are requested to send nominations for our next West Central District vice-president to Jeanni Foss by January 15, 2010.