Minnesota News: September-October 2009

Minnesota News: September-October 2009

The Editors:

2009 Adopted Resolutions
The Minnesota Dental Association’s 2009 House of Delegates meeting, held September 10-12 at the Rochester Marriott, adopted the following resolutions:

Health Care Reform and Dentistry: Directed the MDA Board of Trustees to ensure that issues of health care reform in the U.S. and Minnesota are thoroughly explored and understood and that positions established by the Association ensure quality care to the most people at an affordable price.

Supragingival Scaling by Licensed Dental Assistants: Directed the MDA to collaborate with other organizations to amend the rules of the Board of Dentistry to allow licensed dental assistants to perform supragingival scaling on patients through 18 years of age. Guidelines should include: The dentist must check the patient once the procedure is completed; the licensed dental assistant be allowed to perform supragingival scaling on recall patients with the dentist’s knowledge and consent prior to being seen by the dentist; and the licensed dental assistant must complete continuing education courses prior to performing this procedure.

Legislation to Ban a Third-Party Practice: Directed the MDA to seek passage of legislation to prohibit insurance companies from containing fees for dental services that are not benefitted, including services above the patient’s yearly maximum.

Emergency Preparedness: Directed the MDA to endorse and lobby for the passage of an Emergency Preparedness Entity Liability Protection bill enabling private and non-profit organizations and their volunteers, who assist government agencies that are responding to catastrophic events,
to be covered under the entity’s liability protection.

Code of Professional Conduct: Directed the MDA Board of Trustees and the MDA Constitution, Bylaws and Ethics Committee to continue to study and develop principles for an MDA Member Code of Professional Conduct, addressing member-to-member and member-to-association interactions for possible adoption at the 2010 House of Delegates. Also directed the MDA to bring a resolution forward to the 2009 ADA House of Delegates directing the ADA to develop a Code of Professional Conduct addressing the same issues.

Term of Office Limits for Trustees: Directed the MDA to amend Chapter V, Section 3 of its Bylaws and make recommended changes stating that candidates who are willing to step into a vacated position for less than one-half a term should not be prevented from serving two full additional consecutive terms.

Response to Hazardous Waste Regulation: Directed the MDA to work with dental product manufacturers and suppliers to develop a plan for evaluating dental office hazardous waste in accordance with the rules of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. These product evaluations could then be used by dental offices as a source document to use with regulators.

MDA Publications: Directed the MDA to attribute all quotations or studies referenced within all MDA printed and electronic publications to their source.
Health Credit Cards: Directed the MDA to review its CareCredit endorsement and ensure that MDA members receive clear and complete information regarding participation and to submit a resolution to the 2009 ADA House of Delegates requesting the ADA to take the same actions.

Election of Officers
The official election of officers, delegates, and special appointees was also conducted during the annual meeting.

• Dr. Candace Mensing and Dr. Bruce Bates were elected as nominees for appointment to the Minnesota Board of Dentistry.
• Dr. Roger Sjulson, Dr. Douglas Lambert, and Dr. Bruce Templeton were elected to three-year terms as delegates to the American Dental Association House of Delegates effective with the 2010 ADA Annual Session.
• Dr. Patrick Lloyd and Dr. Kristine Riewer were elected to one-year terms as alternate delegates to the American Dental Association 2010 Annual Session.
• Dr. Alejandro Aguirre (Minneapolis District), Dr. Ed McNiece (Southern District), and Dr. Donna Stenberg (Saint Paul District) were elected to three-year terms as MDA trustees.
• Dr. Christopher Carroll was elected as Southeastern District trustee, to fill the vacated second term of Dr. Mike Flynn.
• Mr. Tim Anderson was elected as Student District trustee for a one-year term beginning April 1, 2010.
• New MDA officers and trustees were elected and installed, including: Dr. Bruce Templeton as president, Dr. Timothy J. Flor as president-elect, Dr. Michael Zakula as first vice-president, and Dr. Michael Flynn as second vice-president.

Awards and Recognitions
The House of Delegates is a traditional time to provide recognition to those whose terms have expired or who have served the Association and the profession in a special way during the previous year.
• Dr. Lee Jess presented certificates of appreciation to Dr. Mike Flynn (Southeastern District) and Dr. Douglas Lambert (Minneapolis District) for their service as MDA trustees.
• Dr. Lee Jess announced that Mr. Brad Anderson received a certificate of appreciation at the School of Dentistry’s Honor’s Day for his service as a trustee from the Student District.
• Dr. Mark Jurkovich was presented with the President’s Award by Dr. Lee Jess for his extraordinary service to the Association and the profession. Dr. Jurkovich is past-president of the Minnesota Dental Association, of the Minnesota Academy of General Dentistry, and of Midwest Dental Benefits, where he served for seven years.
• Representative Kim Norton was presented the Legislator of the Year Award for championing the mid-level dental practitioner legislation supported by the MDA for creation of a dental therapist and advanced dental therapist.
• The Northwestern District was presented with the 2009 Highest Membership Retention Award, and the Southeastern District was presented with the 2009 Greatest Membership Marketshare Increase Award.
• The Northeastern District was presented with the 2009 Star of the North District Attendance Award for the greatest increase in attendance.
• Outgoing MDA president Dr. Lee Jess was presented with the Past President’s Award from the ADA, a Certificate of Appreciation from the MDA, and the MDA Past President’s pin.
The next House of Delegates meeting has been set for September 23-25, 2010, and will be held in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Thank You , MDA
Lee D. Jess, MDA Immediate Past-President

For the past 10 years I have been privileged to serve our membership as a trustee and this past year as president of the Minnesota Dental Association. Watching the way this organization operates with commitment of staff, trustees, and committees is truly remarkable. With a membership of more than 3,500 representing eight districts, including the Student District, it is necessary to listen and be accountable to our members while always paying attention to the mission of supporting the profession through innovation, advocacy, and education. This does not come without its challenges, hard work, and good decision making.

There are many dedicated members and staff who are responsible for its operations, and I would like to recognize those who give so much of their time and effort, placing the MDA at the top of the ADA.

Executive Director Dick Diercks guides the course established by the Board of Trustees, making sure the MDA is the voice of dentistry in the state. He works endlessly, attending nightly committee meetings, setting board agendas, serving as the secretary and ex-officio member of the board, efficiently mastering the procedures and activities of the MDA. I have always been impressed with his intelligence and knowledge of all matters presented to the MDA and trustees. I can’t even begin to list all the responsibilities of the MDA support of fourteen staff members Carissa Broderick, Jane Collins, Shelly Conlin, Shannan Cook, Tom Day, Carol Embertson, Linda Fomasina, Pat Glasrud, Loren Hanson, Adrienne Hawkinson, Dawn Jensen, Stephanie LeClair, Daric Numan-Fortier, Eva Phillippi; and consultants Jenny Eldredge, Sue Miller, and Lindsay Strand. Their preparation for the Star of the North Meeting, House of Delegates, leadership and board meetings, communications and membership is always prepared and carried out in a very professional way. Thank you, MDA staff.

The Board of Trustees and Executive Committee take their responsibility seriously. This past year offered many challenges for our trustees. We worked hard building relationships and partnerships, visiting with our legislators, both state and federal. Our lobbyists, Dominic Sposeto and Mary Gilbert, represented the MDA as lobbyists and ambassadors. We held more than 50 meetings; discussed, dissected information, and used our best judgments passing resolutions. Todd Tsuchiya, treasurer, must be complimented keeping the budget on track in difficult times. Speaker of the House Mike Kurkowski is one of the best. His knowledge of Roberts Rules of Orders is impeccable. Representing their districts, trustees Mike Flynn, Dan Rose, Duane McDonald, Roger Sjulson, Ed McNiece, Doug Lambert, Donna Stenberg, Mike Lee, and officers Tim Flor, Mike Zakula, and incoming president Bruce Templeton, along with Angela Amann, our legal consultant, spent hundreds of hours making decisions reflecting the best interests for our membership. Along with the business of the MDA, we became very good working partners and great friends. I certainly will miss the collegiality, but know our friendship will last.

Many of the developments of the MDA come directly from the various MDA committees. Those 20 committees were chaired by Drs. Alejandro Aguirre, Gary Anderson, Bashar Bakdash, Paul Carlson, Jack Churchill, Mike Cziok, Teresa Fong, William Hoffman, Edward Kishel, Timothy Langguth, Scott Lingle, John Lueth, Duane McDonald, Virgil “Spike” Mylan, Rick Nolting, Edgar Rajek, R. David Resch, Jamie Sledd, Thomas Smyth, William Stein, and James Westman.

Their input was extremely valuable to the board and to the entire membership.

Thank you also, Dr. Patrick Lloyd, Dean of University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. Dr. Lloyd has charted new ground and made history for the dental profession, working closely with the MDA. This partnership with the University has been extremely helpful in fulfilling the goals of the MDA.

In closing, thank you for your insight and dedication this past year. Your assistance and support made my job exciting and extremely busy. I am proud to be a member and past-president of the Minnesota Dental Association. I’ll miss all of you and the interactions of the Association.
Love to all,