Minnesota District News: November-December 2009

Minnesota District News: November-December 2009

Associate Editors:

Minneapolis District

Mark R. Omlie

Associate Editor

7373 France Avenue South, Suite 602

Edina, MN 55435


2009 Midwinter Dental Meeting was Outstanding

By the time this issue of the Northwest Dentistry reaches you, the Minneapolis District’s Midwinter Dental Meeting will have just passed on Friday, December 4. Please look to the next issue in January 2010 for a complete recap of the meeting, including our guest speaker, Dr. Mark Hyman. We are hopeful that the meeting will have been a huge success for the Minneapolis District and all those who attended. The MDDS extends its thanks to everyone who attended, as well as to all the forty-plus exhibitors and sponsors of the meeting. Special thanks go to CareCredit, Patterson Dental, Philips Sonicare, and VOCO Dental, who assisted in co-sponsoring Dr. Mark Hyman’s lecture. Thank you very much!


Tenth Annual Give Kids A Smile Day Planned at Sharing and Caring Hands YOUR HELP IS NEEDED AND WANTED! PLEASE JOIN US...

In conjunction with the American Dental Association’s Give Kids A Smile Day, and in honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month, the Minneapolis District Dental Society will be sponsoring its 10th Annual Children’s Dental Health Care Day for children in need at the Sharing and Caring Hands Dental Clinic in Minneapolis. This day will serve as a way of helping children with dental exams, X-rays, treatments, and dental education who would otherwise go without. With your help and support, it is guaranteed to be a successful day!

Our event will be held on Saturday, February 6, 2010 at Sharing and Caring Hands Dental Clinic, which is located at 525 North 7th Street, Minneapolis, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and concluding at 4:00 p.m.

The bottom line is, however, we need you, the members of this district who volunteer for Give Kids a Smile, to make this a continued success. Please consider volunteering a few hours toward this very worthwhile event.

The vital statistics: We are in need of dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dental students to make this day a complete success. To sign up as a volunteer, please contact the District Office at (651) 631-9845. If you have further questions, please contact Dr. Teresa Fong at (763) 786-4260 or the District Office at the number listed above.

University of Minnesota Alumni Association Honors Stephen F. Litton, D.D.S., with Outstanding Alumni Award

The University of Minnesota Alumni Association honored its outstanding alumni volunteers, groups, and programs at a celebratory event held at the McNamara Alumni Center on October 8, 2009. Dr. Stephen Litton, School of Dentistry class of 1967, received the University of Minnesota Alumni Service Award in recognition of his life-long service and his legacy of volunteerism.

“Many of the University of Minnesota’s 400,000 living graduates support their alma mater in important ways,” said Margaret Sughrue Carlson, chief executive officer of the Alumni Association. “But there are unique individuals and groups who care deeply about the University of Minnesota, and they devote an incredible amount of time and talent as volunteers. Every year during Homecoming we honor them for making significant contributions to the strength and vitality of our University.”

Golden Valley orthodontist Stephen Litton is a four-time graduate of the University of Minnesota. He holds a bachelor’s degree, and received his doctor of dental surgery degree in 1967. He completed his orthodontic training in 1970, and received a Ph.D. in anatomy in 1972. Steve Litton is a former School of Dentistry faculty member, has served on numerous faculty search committees and fundraising campaign committees, and was a two-term member of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association National Board. He is also the current president of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry Alumni Society (SODAS). The Minneapolis District salutes Steve Litton for his many achievements in the dental profession over the years, including past president of the Minneapolis District Dental Society. Congratulations, Steve!


Veteran’s Administration Awards R. Bruce Templeton, D.D.S., Its Medical Staff Award for Clinical Excellence

R. Bruce Templeton was recently recognized as this year’s recipient of the Medical Staff Award for Clinical Excellence at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Minneapolis. The following is an abbreviated text of the presentation remarks provided by VA Chief of Staff Dr. Jack Drucker at the presentation of the award in September.

“I would like to take some time to tell you about this year’s recipient of this year’s award. Many of this doctor’s peers took time to share stories and observations about what makes this person so remarkable.” Here are some of the things they had to say...

“This doctor is a perfectionist who pushes to the limits and exceeds all barriers. This doctor always gives me sound advice and encouragement and is an excellent teacher. This doctor always has a smile and time to talk.”

“First and foremost, he cares about our veterans. He always goes the extra mile to do whatever he can for them. He thanks them for what they have done and for us and makes them feel comfortable.”

“Even when veterans are turned away by private providers, he always tries his best to advocate for them and provide care for them at the VA.”

“Bruce Templeton genuinely cares, and it shows. After 35 years in the business, he is by far the best surgeon I have witnessed. He has also been a mentor to young dentists.”

The Minneapolis District congratulations Bruce Templeton on receiving this award, and applauds his many accomplishments in the dental profession. Congratulations, Bruce!


Welcome, New Members

Congratulations to the following new members of the District. Their membership allows them to develop a strong network of fellow professionals who understand the day-to-day triumphs and tribulations of practicing dentistry. When you see these doctors at our next component meeting, please take a minute to welcome them to organized dentistry. Or, give them a telephone call and welcome them to the Minneapolis District, invite him or her to join you at an upcoming District meeting or take a new member to lunch. Let’s welcome them to the Minneapolis District!

Jennifer A. Fields, D.D.S.

Anthony D. Hegge, D.D.S.

Jennifer A. Hummel, D.D.S.

Alisa Madson, D.D.S.

Beverly Moulic, D.M.D.

Ifeoma U. Okeke, D.D.S.

Kimran Saini, D.D.S.

Amy H. Truong, D.D.S.

Upcoming Programs and Events

Saturday, February 6, 2010

10th Annual Give KidsA Smile Day

Sharing and Caring Hands Dental Clinic, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Many volunteers necessary. Please come and join us for this very worthwhile event!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Annual Installation of Officers and Guest of Honor Meeting

Installation of President: Mark R. Omlie

2010 Guest of Honor: To Be Announced

Minneapolis Marriott Southwest Hotel, Minnetonka, Minnesota




Saint Paul District

Howard W. Taylor

Associate Editor
3909 Silver Lake Road N.E.
Saint Anthony, MN 55421-4352

Come Hungry: The SPDDS Midwinter Meeting 2010
You may now consider yourself formally and officially notified that the Saint Paul District Dental Society invites all MDA members and staff to attend our 56th Annual Midwinter Meeting Friday, January 15, 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Saint Paul-Riverfront. Join us for a roster of varietous topics, talented presenters, and, we’re pretty sure, excellent company at the continental breakfast too. We love Fridays, and this one looks to be no exception. Scope this out:
7:15 a.m.-8:10 a.m
Breakfast seminars
7:30 a.m.
Complimentary continental breakfast
Exhibit area opens
8:20 a.m.-11:40 a.m.
Morning speakers
11:40 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
Social and cash bar
12:15 p.m.-1:30 p.m.
Luncheon and program

Midwinter Meeting and lunch: $85.00
Morning speakers only: $75.00
Breakfast seminars an additional $25.00

Breakfast Seminars - 7:15-8:10 a.m.
“Help! My CE is Being Audited” Shelly A. Conlin
“Save That Ridge” (one core credit) Leesa Morrow
“Pulp Therapy for Primary and Young Permanent Teeth” (one core credit) Joni Richmond, D.D.S.
“Diet and Dentistry” (one fundamental credit) Judy Danielson, RDH, B.S.
“Pets Have Teeth Too!!” Gary S. Goldstein, D.V.M., F.A.V.D., D.A.V.D.C.
“The Jungian Aspect of Tarot” Leslie Johnson
“Are You Full of C.R.A.P.” Kristina Nelson, WHC
“Medications/Interactions/Reactions” (one core credit) Noah Sandler, D.D.S.
“Let the Buck Stop Here” (one elective credit) Mary Jo Kurtz

Morning Speakers - 8:20 am-9:10 am
“It’s Alive! Present & Future of Regenerative Endodontics” (one core credit) Alan S. Law, D.D.S., Ph.D.
“Orthodontic Principles Review” (one core credit) John C. Aamodt, D.D.S., M.S.
“Oral Appliance Therapy for Sleep Apnea” (one core credit) Jonathan A. Parker, D.D.S.

9:35 a.m.-10:25 a.m.
“The Emergency Drug Kit - What Do I Really Need?” (one core credit) Michael J. Downie, D.D.S., M.D.
“CEREC - Myths, Realities and the Future” (one core credit) Michael Skramstad, D.D.S.
“The Use of Pharmacotherapy in a Dental Office” Tobacco Cessation Program (one core credit) Eric E. Stafne, D.D.S.

10:50 a.m.-11:40 a.m.
“Oral Health Literacy: Concerns & Recommendations” (one core credit) Patricia A. Lenton, G.D.H., M.S.
“Performance Enhancement & Oral Appliances: What Do We Know?” (one core credit) Mark Roettger, D.D.S.
“Top Ten Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office” (one core credit) P. Angela Rake, D.D.S.

To obtain a program and registration form, please go to www.saintpaul.mndental.org, or call the Saint Paul District Dental Society at (651)697-0831 and we will mail one to you.

Dr. Fred Kalinoff was selected as the recipient of the 2010 Minnesota Dental Association Humanitarian Service Award; and we second that emotion. And a nod to the work ahead as well as the job well done went to our Donna Stenberg as she was elected to a second term as MDA Trustee representing the Saint Paul District.

New Members for a New Decade
SPDDS welcomes the following new members to the District. Please make them welcome when next we meet.
Natalija Aust, D.D.S.
Molly A. Henry, D.D.S.
Heather J. Schute, D.D.S.
Duy A. Vu, D.D.S.

And I’ll See You There ...
January 15, 2010
Midwinter Meeting

Crowne Plaza Saint Paul-Riverfront
Saint Paul, Minnesota

February 2, 2010
Lunch & Learn Seminar

Subject: “OSHA and Infection Control”
Speaker: R. David Resch, D.D.S.

February 20, 2010
Children’s Dental Health Day

Minnesota Children’s Museum
Saint Paul, Minnesota




Northeastern District

Gary Hedin
Associate Editor
324 W. Superior Street, Suite 828
Duluth, MN 55802

As the Leaves Turn
Fall has gone by quickly in the Northeastern District. As I write this article, the leaves are mostly gone from the trees, and Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Hopefully many of you were able to get out and enjoy the season, whether on a hike in the woods, a hunting trip, a day spent looking at fall colors, or even from the comfort of your own deck. Fall also means that the Northeastern District gets back in full swing with a full schedule of continuing education programs and social events.

The first NEDDS meeting of the season was held in Duluth this September. The program dealt with removable partial denture design and implant overdentures, which can be two of the more difficult things that we deal with on a day-to-day basis. Our speaker was Dr. David Cagna, a professor and Director of the Prosthodontics program at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Cagna spent the day discussing a number of specifics relating to the design of partials and overdentures. He stressed that proper treatment planning and design is the key. If you do all the legwork prior to any treatment, you will minimize any complications or frustrations that may otherwise occur, and if a problem does come up, you’ll be better prepared to deal with it. I personally found it to be an interesting lecture, and it was good to have a review of the Kennedy Classification System and the pros and cons of various designs.
In addition, Dr. Cagna showed us a new bungee cord retention system he has designed for dentures. Called the Denture Dangler, this device incorporates two cords attached to the ridge and the sides of the denture. When a patient sneezes or coughs, the denture is kept from shooting across the room by the Kevlar reinforced cords, which spring into action and return it to the ridge. Just kidding.

The October NEDDS meeting was held in Grand Rapids, Minnesota at the beautiful Timberlake Lodge Conference Center. It was really a nice day and the grouse hunting probably would have been tremendous, but a large number of dentists and team members spent the day listening to Shelly Ryan, a consultant with Advanced Practice Management, talk about the “Team Approach to Dentistry”. Shelly has personally worked with dentists in our area, and her background includes being a chairside assistant, financial coordinator, and office manager, so she definitely knows her way around a dental office. The talk focused on ways to make your practice run more efficiently, comfortably, and productively, and Shelly discussed a number of specific concepts relating to collections, case presentation and acceptance, and managing the schedule. I’m pretty sure everyone at the meeting was able to take at least a few ideas back to incorporate in their own practices.

The Northeastern District has been fortunate this year to have a number of new dentists joining our ranks. I’ll give you a run down on your new colleagues, all of whom are 2009 graduates of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry.
Michael Miskovich is currently practicing in Virginia, and also in Grand Rapids with his father Mike and brother Peter.
Kathryn Cargill is also practicing in Grand Rapids, with her father, Charlie Sherman, and Erick Hallie.
C.J. Nelson is practicing with the Hibbing Dental Service.
Patty Stone is at the Cook Dental Clinic.
Please take the time to introduce yourselves to these new members at an upcoming meeting, and make them feel welcome as members of the Northeastern District Dental Society.
Until next time, make yourself a great day!



Northwestern District

John E. Lueth
Associate Editor
P.O.Box 310
Bemidji, MN 56619

The “Pink Ladies” of Halstad*
By Kevin Bonham
Halstad, Minn. - When town fathers here dreamed up the community slogan “The Way Rural America Is Supposed to Be”, they probably never dreamed that one day, rural America in downtown Halstad might have a distinctively feminine touch.
That’s right.
Women now own at least seven of the dozen or so downtown businesses in this Norman County town of 600, located about halfway between East Grand Forks and Moorhead.
That is part of the reason the Halstad Economic Development Authority celebrated “Rediscover Downtown Halstad” this past week.
While the entire business community participated, the event grew out of a couple of grand openings that had been in the works for several weeks. Both businesses, of course, are owned by women.
“At first, I don’t think people really thought about it,” said Lori Rufsvold, one of the new business owners. “We just thought it was funny.”
“We were kind of teasing some of the men,” Roberta Hettervig said, “saying, ‘Hey, it’s getting kind of pink downtown.’”
Here is a list of the female business owners and managers, who refer to themselves in their promotional pink pens produced for the celebration as the “Ladies of Halstad”.
Donna Scholl, owner, Scholl’s Super Valu.
Dr. Joy Hollinshead, owner, Dr. Joy’s Dental Clinic.
Roberta Hettervig, owner, Halstad Café. The building and equipment are owned by the city.
Lori Rufsvold and Emily Finney, owners, Burd and Rise Insurance.
Bambi Hellerud, owner, Vroom Closet, a Harley-Davidson and NASCAR collectibles and apparel store and tanning salon.
Pia Thurland, owner, Eagle Tree Feed Store and Horsemanship, a horse training, tack, and pet supply store.
Amber Black, owner, Proximity Salon for Hair.
Bridgette Schulz, manager, Halstad Cenex C-Store.
Although her business is not located in the downtown business district, Sandi Aarestad also could be included in the “Ladies of Halstad” listing. She operates Valley Tissue Culture, a specialty potato seed producer in rural Halstad.
“It’s really quite a deal. We’re quite proud of that,” Mayor Glen Brookshire said.
Brookshire, who is retired from the Red River Co-op Power Association, has served on the Halstad City Council for the past 25 years, including the last 18 as mayor. He also happens to be the father of the new grocery store owner.
*Reprinted with permission from the Grand Forks Herald.

From the Editor: This being Northwest Dentistry, the above article required the presence of a dentist to be included in our editorial mix, but we could not resist the context. Heading into the second decade of the twenty-first century is breathtaking enough, but getting centered with a “state of the moment” you are here is very solid ground to have under your feet. But back to our story. Our heroine, Dr. Joy Hollinshead, just moved from an office that was less than 1,000 square feet to a building that gives her 3,600. She went from three operatories to six, and has gone fully digital. Things in the new building are going well, she reports. Dr. Joy is a past-president of the Northwestern District Dental Society and has received the Minnesota Dental Association’s New Dentist Award as well. All in all, we think you would agree that life can be good in small town Minnesota.

You Have To Live Here...
Speaking of Halstad, remember the Red River flooding? Do you know why Ole and Lena were seen standing on the dike holding their toothbrushes? They heard the Crest was coming!

With a Paddle You Can Navigate Just About Anything
This summer’s NWDDS Summer Meeting wafted one last leaf our way via this photo of Dr. Roger Sjulson and son Mark Morinville as they successfully negotiated the Headwaters of the Mississippi. As well, your reporter has seen all District travelers since their return from the ADA Annual Session in Hawaii, and assures the stay-at-homes that they have recovered from the poi smorgasbord (we translate foreign cultures as we can), said the proper alohas to the wahines, and received successful chiropractic care for the injuries sustained doing the hula (hoop!) hukilau. Whew!

Best for Last!
Do not forget to mark your calendars for the Lake of the Woods dental meeting and ice fishing weekend at Sportman’s Lodge January 29-31, 2010. (Here’s that new decade again...) For more information or to request registration materials, please contact:
Lake of the Woods
c/o Roger Sjulson
109 Johnson Avenue North
Fosston, MN 56542-6738
(218) 435-6738


Southeastern District

Travis A. Schmitt
Associate Editor
204 4th Street SW, Suite 144
Austin, MN 55912-4427

SEDDS Leadership Gallery
A great hello to everyone in the Southeast District! Hope all is well with you and your families as we enter the holiday season. It is hard to grasp that another decade is almost ready to start. Anyway, the topic of the day is meet your district leaders.

Leading off...our District President Eric Overby (Austin)
Eric R. Overby grew up in Kenyon, Minnesota, and graduated from Kenyon High School before it was Kenyon-Wanamingo. He received a Bachelor’s degree in biology and then his D.D.S. at the University of Minnesota. This was followed by three years as a dental officer in the U.S. Navy: a General Practice Residency at Great Lakes Naval Hospital followed by two years aboard the USS Guam. Eric and his wife Sue returned home to Minnesota after the Navy, and Eric went back to school to pursue his Master of Science degree in orthodontics.
Eric’s wife Sue recently earned a Doctorate degree from Capella University in Psychology and Human Services. She is an instructor and Head of the Human Services Department at Riverland Community College. Eric and Sue have twin daughters, Mara and Madison, who are in sixth grade, and who are involved in many activities, especially hockey.
Eric is happy to be the new president of the Southeastern District, and brings with him the goal “to create interest and improve attendance at our annual district meeting”, which will be held in Austin next summer. He would also like to “increase awareness of the opportunities for dentists in our district to take leadership roles to help keep our profession strong in this state”.

Batting second is our President Elect Tim Holland (Owatonna)
Tim R. Holland is a general dentist who has been in solo private practice in Owatonna for 13 years. A 1984 graduate of Elmore High School, he went to Gustavus Adolphus College, graduating in 1988. Then it was on to the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, class of ’92, and a 1993 GPR at the Minneapolis VA Hospital.
Tim and his wife Diane have been married 19 years, and have two children: Hailey, 16, and Hayden, 13.
Tim’s community involvement includes Rotary International membership; serving as treasurer for the Children’s Remedial Fund, a local non-profit that funds health care, school supplies, and clothing for eligible children in Steele County; secretary for the Owatonna Basketball Association; and being a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus.
Tim’s professional involvement includes being the president-elect of the Southeastern District Dental Society, and a member of the Minnesota Academy of Restorative Dentistry, the Academy of General Dentistry and a committee member for the Minnesota AGD Apex Mastertrack program, and member of the Spear Faculty Study Club and the No Name Study Club.
Tim loves to golf competitively, be involved with kids’ sports and school activities, and travel.
He told us, “I am finally starting to realize that we all need to stick our noses into organized dentistry if we want to know what’s happening, and especially if we want a say in how our profession will be shaped in the future. Complacency will kill us. I am excited that the Southeastern District will have one of our own, Mike Flynn, as MDA president in two years.”

Batting third is 1st Vice President Matt Vaillant (Red Wing)
Matt Vaillant is a general dentist in private practice in Red Wing. An undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Minnesota/Duluth led him to his D.D.S. from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. He still, he tells us, “loves to do the full spectrum of services” every day brings to his work.
Matt and his wife Christy have three children: Drew, 9; Madison, 8; and Ava, 4.
Matt is a fellow of Academy of General Dentistry, and is very active in organized dentistry. He has served as a delegate to the MDA House of Delegates for several years, as well as on a number of Association committees. He is a member of the Southeastern District’s Peer Review Committee (currently chair), Legislative Affairs Committee, and participated in the Technology Task Force.
Matt’s hobbies include collecting books and reading them; pheasant and grouse hunting, and “working with my hunting dog”; Christian apologetics and Bible study; and camping and hiking.
A special part of Matt’s life is the dental mission in the Dominican Republic which he started and operates. It serves the children and families affiliated with Doulos Discovery School in Jarabacoa. “We are,” he tells us, “working to expand our dental mission to serve the children of a neighboring public school and community called Barrio Blanco.”

Batting fourth is our District Trustee from Winona, Chris Carroll
Christopher E. Carroll received his B.A. from Centre College of Kentucky, and his D.M.D. from the University of Louisville. He then completed a residency in pediatric dentistry at the University of Minnesota.
Chris began his professional career by helping develop and then conducting a comprehensive dental health program for the preschool children in a 14-county area of Appalachia. After his residency, he became an assistant professor of pediatric dentistry at the University of Louisville. This was followed by full-time pediatric dental practice in Winona, where he has been “honored to have served more than 10,000 area children”.
Chris has been active in the local and state components of the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. He has published articles and research in the Journal of the American Dental Association, Journal of Dentistry for Children, Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, and Northwest Dentistry. He has been president of the Winona County Dental Society and the Minnesota Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, secretary-treasurer of the Southeastern District Dental Society, and an associate editor of Northwest Dentistry. He is on the planning committee for the Robert T. Feigal Pediatric Dental Symposium, and recently served on the Minnesota state legislature’s mid-level dental practitioner workgroup.
Chris’s community service has included chairing the Advisory Committee of the Winona County Community Health Board, Winona Day Care, and Greater Winona Area United Way Board. He has served as an advisor or board member of several area organizations, and is currently on the committees of the Winona Film Society and the River City Ballroom Dancers (cha cha cha).

Batting fifth, another heavy hitter from the border, Winona, MDA 2nd Vice President, Mike Flynn
Michael T. Flynn was raised on a family dairy farm in the Chatfield/Stewartville area, and graduated from Chatfield Chosen Valley High School in 1971. A ’75 graduate of Saint Mary’s University, Mike added the University of Minnesota in 1978. He is now in his 30th year as a dentist in Winona County, working formerly in Winona and now full time in Lewiston.
Mike and his wife Priscilla have four children: Ryan, David, Christopher, and Elizabeth. “All are honor students,” says the proud dad. Priscilla works for Mayo Clinic, specializing in women’s health care issues. The family are members of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Winona.
Mike is a past member and chair of the Cotter Parent Advisory Board. He has participated in and donated to the local Fools Five cancer fundraiser, and is a past member and president of the Winona Exchange Club, a member of the Lewiston and Winona Chamber of Commerce, and serves on the Executive Board for Gamehaven Boy Scouts. Mike is very active in 4-H: He has been an adult leader in his club for 13 years, and was recently honored to be admitted to the Fair Hall of Fame. He serves on the Winona County 4-H committees for sheep and food services. Mike has been chair of the Hillsdale township board for 26 years, and chair of the Hillsdale Township Planning Commission for 18.
As for professional activity, Mike has been appointed by Governors Ventura and Pawlenty to the Department of Human Services Dental Access Committee. He is currently second vice-president of the Minnesota Dental Association.
Mike has represented the underserved nationally through the American Dental Association, and serves as an advisor to a dental program for people in Winona County on any Minnesota health care program to receive additional funding for their needs. The funds are distributed through the Winona Community Foundation. He has helped raise $600,000.00 of local funding and has been instrumental
in receiving a $600,000.00 federal match to add to the funds, donating his time to develop this program. As of January 1, 2009, more than $220,000.00 has been distributed to other community dentists to help increase the access to dentistry for people in need who are on Minnesota health care programs.
Dr. Flynn is an adjunct faculty member of the University of Minnesota, and the volunteer dentist for the Houston County Public Dental Health Clinic. He has donated his time and his office on numerous occasions for the benefit of the free clinic hosted by the Houston County Dental Health Department. He has participated in and served on the Minnesota Dental Association advisory committee for “Give Kids a Smile Day”, which is free dental care to children under 21.
Dr. Flynn adds, “I have also donated several hundreds of thousands to the public by being a critical care access dentist, handling about eight Minnesota counties on public assistance. I am the only general dentist listed as a ‘Critical Care Provider’ for underprivileged persons in Winona, Wabasha, and Houston counties. I also elect to visit nursing homes and perform office calls there for those who cannot leave due to medical reasons.”

And batting at the bottom of the order is your humble Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Travis Schmitt (Austin)
Travis A. Schmitt was born in Austin, Minnesota in 1968. He attended Gustavus Adolphus College and graduated from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 1993. He and his wife, Nicole, have three daughters: Chloe, 7, Reana, 5, and Gracie 4. Travis enjoys traveling, hiking, and punishing his friends on the tennis court.
An active participant in organized dentistry, Travis has been president, vice-president, and secretary/treasurer of the Austin Dental Society, as well as Southeastern District president in 2002-2003, and secretary/treasurer for the District from 2003-2008. Additionally, he has been on several local boards, has been the president of Noon Kiwanis, and has been active in his church.

Hope you can now put a name with a face. Please contact any of us with questions, comments or concerns. Until next time...



Student District

Tim Anderson
Associate Editor
1362 Preston Lane
Shakopee, MN 55379

Western Regional Takes on the Big Issues
The Student District just returned from the ASDA Western Regional Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri. The three-day conference focused on current issues, student networking, chapter building, and keynote presentations on licensure, ethics, and the National Dental Board Examinations. University of Minnesota dean Dr. Patrick Lloyd presented on the non-patient based licensure exam and the new dental therapy class at the School of Dentistry. The students from Minnesota also had the opportunity to have an informal dinner with Dean Lloyd. Although the conference was full of engaging presentations and break-out sessions, there was also time for some relaxation. Evenings included district dinners, checking out the historic St. Louis monuments, and a spooky All Hallow’s Eve party.

Sharp Corners
With Halloween officially and successfully observed, we joined the rest of the world plummeting headlong into the next line-up of holidays right around the corner. That means shopping and gift giving. In order to beat the rush, the Student District held its annual “ASDA Merchandise Sale” from October 21 through November 2. This year’s sale was a huge success as dental students, dentists, and faculty purchased Minnesota Dentistry apparel just in time for the holidays. The credit for this one goes to our chapter vice-president Jen Dylla (D3) for coordinating the event. If you missed out on the sale this year, don’t worry, we have it every year, and everyone is welcome to purchase items.

Fifty Things to Do With a Free Toothbrush
One of the perks of being a dental student is never having to go out and buy toothpaste or toothbrushes. To further ensure students do not have to utilize their escalating loans for dental products, the Student District held their annual “ASDA Vendor Fair” November 4 at the Radisson Hotel. The event provided students and vendors with the opportunity to meet and discuss all the latest and greatest in the dental profession. Additionally, the venue allows students to network with other professionals in the dental community, not to mention all the free stuff. As always, the event included food, drinks, and door prizes free to all ASDA members. Thanks again to all our vendors and the MDA for making the evening such a success.

Where Advocacy Begins
Just when the students thought they’d had their fill of pizza, the Student District set up a “Pizza and Politics” over lunch. These events allow students to learn more about advocacy and legislation, and occasionally include the opportunity to meet with a legislator. On November 5, Senator Linda Berglin, Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, came to speak to the students. She began by speaking about the recent dental therapy legislation and how she views it will impact the dental profession in Minnesota. She then opened the floor to a question and answer session. The students were very eager to not only ask about the legislation, but to also voice their concerns with access to care and how legislators are addressing this in a time of budget cuts. By the end, it was evident that the students play a critical role in the future of the profession. They were reminded that if they want to ensure that legislators have the best interests of the profession and the patients as a priority, they need to continue to take an active role in the political process.

Not a False Step in the Bunch
Ready, set... RUN! The second annual “Mouths in Motion 5K” surprised even the race directors. In just its second year, the race has tripled in size, to more than 130 registrants. More impressive is the fact that the race raised more than $3,700 for oral cancer research done at the University of Minnesota. That was a $2,700 increase from the first race! Top finishers in the male division included Bart Johnson (D2), Kyle Holberg (D1), and Tim Anderson (D3), while the top women were Cindy Blendermann (D2), Erin Renier (D2), and Lacey Maier. For a list of all the finishers and times, please visit the ASDA website, www.MNASDA.net.
The bar has been set high, and race director Erick Solberg (D2) is ready to see what next year’s race committee can bring. We at the Student District want to thank all the students, faculty, staff, volunteers, and members of the community who participated in this year’s event. It is also crucial that we note that none of this would have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors. They are:
Dyste Williams
Gateway Bank
Great Harvest Bread Company
Massage Envy
Minnesota Dental Association
Northwestern Mutual
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West Central District

Jeanni R. Foss
Associate Editor
15167 Edgewood Drive, Suite 240
Baxter, MN 56425

A Lap Full of Apples (Think About It ...)
The fall unleashed a sense of urgency among West Central dentists to golf, fish, hunt, and most importantly, bake apple pies. The weather seemed to fully cooperate with all of our planned fall events.
The season started with a trip to Rochester for the first-ever laptop MDA House of Delegates meeting. We were quite productive with laptops in hand, and very few were observed checking their emails and Facebook updates during the session. After the Housework was done, we were able to have a fun social night out and enjoy great appetizers with colleagues from all the districts.

Greasing the Wheels: Part the First
The Crow Wing County dentists sponsored their annual golf and duck shoot in the Pierz and Little Falls area in September. There were some dentists who felt disadvantaged from years past and pulled out their “big gun” golf clubs. The day was perfect for chatting about business on a quiet golf course. We all met for a great greasy fried lunch in the clubhouse. I was the only female in attendance, and though not pictured, enjoyed the camaraderie of golfing with a great group of dentists.

Greasing the Wheels: Part the Second
Among the cornstalks you could only see orange caps, vests, and pearly whites as dentists overran Rice Creek Hunting Club. They stalked their prey, lulling them to sleep by marching and repetitively whispering the words “Mesial-Distal-Lingual-Buccal” until the birds heard only a slur of “Dingal-Listal” ... The pheasants didn’t stand a chance.
Then it was off to the duck pond. A funny bunny with a faintly familiar air confronted an Elmer Fudd look-alike dentist (no names mentioned, of course) prior to the duck hunt. It went something like this:

FB: Say, doc, are you trying to get yourself in trouble with the law? This ain’t wabbit huntin’ season.

Dr. X: It’s not?

FB: Naw — it’s duck huntin’ season.
[Enter Daffy, natch]

DD: That, sir, is an in-mitigated frab-rication. It’s wabbit season.

FB: No, it’s wabbit season.

DD: Duck season.

FB: Wabbit season.

DD: I say it’s duck season. And I say fire!

Dr. X: [pulls the trigger] Well, what do you know? No more buwwets.

FB: No more buwwets? [to Daffy] Hey, Laughing Boy, no more buwwets!

DD: No more buwwets? Here, let me see that thing. Hmm. [And the gun, say it with me, fires in Daffy’s face]

Dr. X: Well, what do you know? One buwwet left!

Back here in the three-dimensional world, the dentists proudly displayed their catches of the day and then enjoyed a wild game feast like true cavemen. We look forward to more fun next year as this event continues to grow. Thanks for all those in attendance!

WCDDS Calendar
January 15, 16, and 17, 2010
Annual Family Weekend Getaway

Cragun’s Resort
East Gull Lake, Minnesota
Arrive Friday evening and enjoy swimming, snow angels, the spa, bingo, dining, and Saturday’s CE speaker. Save the date!
Election of new officers takes place at the January meeting. If you would be interested in the position of vice-president, you may either contact Jeanni Foss, or simply do not attend the meeting - your name will go into a bowl and you may be drawn for the job.
Current WCDDS officers are John Foss, president; Kevin Dens, vice-president; Bob Gardetto, treasurer; Jeanni Foss, secretary; and Dan Rose, district trustee. A note to all our members: Bob Gardetto will be retiring as treasurer, and John Foss will succeed him in that position in 2010. Bob has done an amazing job guiding our district in a responsible and educating manner. We surely thank him for all of his involvement, and wish him well as he takes a break from leadership roles at this time.



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