News Notes - July-August 2011

News Notes - July-August 2011

The Editors:

And Then There Was One

Two of our prominent local study clubs merged recently - Minnesota Academy for Gnathological Research (MAGR) and Minnesota Academy for Comprehensive Dentistry (MACD).

MAGR was founded in the mid 1960s.  Study clubs then centered around a particular specialty.  MAGR, broke from that norm to study the overall workings of the oral system.  This concept was unique at the time.  Its members came fromnot only the Twin Cities but outstate, especially Duluth, and several dentists came from Marshfield, Wisconsin.  Dr. Charlie Welter is considered the "father" of MAGR.  They met for many years at the Thunderbird Hotel in Bloomington.  Its last years were spent at the Minneapolis Athletic Club in downtown Minneapolis.

Dr. Arnold Larson first discussed the idea of MARD at the ADA meeting in Washington, D.C. in 1951 with Drs. E. Allen, G. Lundberg, L. Thom, G. Porteous, C. Peterka, L. McCarthy, and H. Westerman. They later met to form the Minnesota Dental Forum which later became MARD.  

Their first years were at the Town and Country Club, later the Decathlon Club in Bloomington.  They spent a few years at the McNamara Center at the University of Minnesota, before moving to their present location at the Metropolitan in St. Louis Park.  Membership was originally infused with faculty from the U of M Dental School.  Now it is mostly general practitioners from the metro area, Rochester, Duluth, Albert Lea, even the state of Iowa.

The new MACD is rededicated, retooled, and renewed to bring its members the finest in dental continuing education mixed with warm camaraderia.  yes, they like to have fun.  With its four Friday meetings per year at a very modest dues rate, MACD offers a wonderful forum to study, discuss, present, and ponder current topics in comprehensive dentistry.

Congratulations MACD !

For more information about MACD or if interested in joining the group, visit or call Dr. Greg Hanson at 952-835-0666.