Minnesota News - September-October 2011

Minnesota News - September-October 2011

The Editors:

Summary of Actions of the 2011 MDA House of Delegates

2011 Adopted Resolutions

The Minnesota Dental Association’s 2011 House of Delegates meeting, held September 16-17 at the DECC in Duluth, adopted the following resolutions:

HMO Accountability and Transparency: Directed the MDA to work with other organizations to pursue legislation and/or carry out other strategies to increase accountability and  transparency of third party payers when taxpayer money is involved. 

Annual Mission of Mercy Event: Directed the MDA and the Minnesota Dental Foundation to conduct an Annual Mission of Mercy Project to begin in 2012. 

Temporary Dental and Dental Hygiene Licenses in Minnesota: Directed the MDA to work with the Minnesota legislature and Board of Dentistry to pass legislation allowing dentists and dental hygienists, holding a license in another state, to receive, at no fee, a temporary Minnesota dental or dental hygiene license to work without compensation. 

Licensed Dental Assistants to Place Subgingival Impression Cords: Directed the MDA to work with the Board of Dentistry to allow licensed dental assistants to place subgingival retraction cords and/or retraction material, for patients under direct supervision of the dentist. 

MDA Treasurer to Have Total Access to MDA Financials: Amended the MDA Constitution and Bylaws by adding the following: “Chapter VI, Section 9. The treasurer of the  MDA shall have total and unrestricted access to financial, investment, and audit information of the Association.” 

Recommended Changes to the Digest of Policies: Directed the Digest of Policies be amended by adopting the recommended changes as indicated in the text of the resolution.

Dental Insurance Reimbursement for Rural Dental Offices: Directed the Board of Trustees to assess disparities in the reimbursement rates among Minnesota dentists and report   back to the 2012 House of Delegates. 

Participation in the Minnesota Oral Health Coalition: Directed the MDA to seek volunteers for nomination and participation on the Minnesota Oral Health Coalition 

Conflict of Interest Clarification: Directed the MDA to confirm with the Board of Dentistry president that all voting members who have a conflict of interest in any business matter that comes before the board for vote, that are in conflict of interest of their employment, business or personal gain, recuse themselves from voting.

Midwest Dental Benefits: The House of Delegates supported the current activity of the MDA Board of Trustees and the MDB Board of Directors to chart the future together and explore options and set the direction for MDB. 

Election of Officers 

The official election of officers, delegates, and special appointees was also conducted during the annual meeting. 

Dr. Dave Linde and Dr. Bruce Bates were elected to be recommended to the Governor for appointment to the Minnesota Board of Dentistry.

Dr. Mike Zakula, Dr. Michelle Bergsrud, and Dr. Dan Rose were elected to three-year terms as delegates to the American Dental Association House of Delegates effective with the 2012 ADA Annual Session. 

Dr. James Zenk, Dr. Julie Clouse, and Dr. Howard Taylor were elected to one-year terms as alternate delegates to the American Dental Association 2012 Annual Session. 

Dr. Kevin Dens was elected as West Central District trustee, to fill the expiring first term of Dr. Dan Rose

Dr. Duane McDonald was elected for a second term as Northeastern District trustee. 

Mr. Aaron Bumann was elected as Student District trustee for a one-year term beginning April 1, 2012. 

New MDA officers and trustees were elected and installed, including: Dr. Mike Zakula as president, Dr. Mike Flynn as president-elect, Dr. Mike Perpich as first vice-president, Dr. Dan Rose as second vice-president, and Dr. Howard Taylor as Speaker of the House. All elected officers and trustees were installed by Immediate Past President Bruce Templeton

Awards and Recognitions

The House of Delegates is a traditional time to provide recognition to those whose terms have expired or who have served the Association and the profession in a special way during the previous year. 

Dr. Mike Kurkowski was presented with a certificate of appreciation for his seven years of service to the MDA as Speaker of the House. 

Dr. Kurkowski announced that Timothy  Andersen received a certificate of appreciation at the School of Dentistry Honor’s Day in May for his service as a Student District trustee. 

Dr. Tim Flor was presented with the Past President’s Award from the ADA, a Certificate of Appreciation from the MDA, and the MDA Past President’s pin. 

Dr. Mike Kurkowski was presented with the President’s Award by Dr. Tim Flor for his extraordinary service to the Association and the profession. 

Senator Ray Vandeveer and Representative Greg Davids were each announced as having been selected to receive the MDA Legislator of the Year Award for sponsoring the  Dental Fair Contracting Bill. 

Mr. Dominic Sposeto was presented with a Recognition for Legislative Achievement Award for his successful lobbying initiatives regarding the Dental Fair Contracting legislation.

The next House of Delegates meeting has been set for September 21-22, 2012 and will be held in Bloomington.