District News - January-February 2012

District News - January-February 2012

Associate Editors:

Southern District

Jeffrey J. Taylor
Associate Editor
313 Main Street N.E.
P.O. Box 307
Mapleton, MN 56065-0307
It is likely true that the only constant in this mortal coil is change. Some changes are joyful, as the following report reflects. Fresh Faces in Good Places Southern Minnesota Orthodontics (SMO) in Mankato has welcomed a new associate. Dr. Christopher Vaubel has joined the group of Drs. John Kanyusik, Tim Swanson, and Carlin Wiemers. Chris is a native of Mapleton. Dr. Kanyusik has hinted that the group started to recruit Chris when Chris was a patient in their practice. Evidently it pays to plan ahead!
Chris’ many educational achievements include a B.A. from Gustavus Adolphus, D.D.S. and M.S. from the University of Minnesota, and his orthodontics residency there as well. Activities outside of dentistry include rock climbing, skiing, and farming. Chris is also a respectable bagpiper, and formerly took pipe lessons from another Southern District D.D.S., Bill Dobbs (another Mapleton lad as well!). As a matter of fact, the local girls say that both Chris and Bill look pretty sexy wearing their kilts! Chris is practicing (orthodontics, not necessarily the bagpipes) at the SMO office in Mankato and also at their office in Fairmont (formerly Dr. Wayne Sletten’s Fairmont office). Come to think of it, it may be possible to straighten teeth with bagpipe music!
Dr. Kanyusik will be finishing treatment on his current patients and plans to practice for “the next couple of years”. John also plans to continue teaching at the U of M in their Orthodontics Department as well as teaching abroad with Health Volunteers Overseas. I am personally hoping to be able to enjoy John’s professional talents and friendship for an “interminable” amount of time.
Remembering John Sawyer
Some changes are profoundly mournful. The Southern District lost a jewel in November. John Sawyer was a friend, resource, and greatly esteemed colleague to many of us. I have included his obituary below. It is a reflection of how a devoted and honorable man can make a difference in rural Minnesota. 
“Dr. John Dwayne Sawyer, age 73, passed away Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at his home. Memorial services were held Monday, December 5 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Blue Earth. [Web tributes may be left for the family at www.pattonfh.com or at www.caringbridge.org/visit/johnsawyer.]
“John was born on July 4, 1938 in Minot, North Dakota. He was the son f Russell and Naomi (Strege) Sawyer, and was raised in Fessenden, North Dakota. He graduated from  Fessenden High School in 1956 and attended NDSU in Fargo, North Dakota from 1956-1959. He graduated from the University of Iowa Dental School on June 7, 1963. The next day, June 8, 1963, he married Martha “Marty” Wilson in Des Moines, Iowa. They lived for two years at Ft. Bragg, NC where John was a captain in the US Army Dental Corps. They moved to Blue Earth, MN in July, 1965, where they raised their family and enjoyed a family dental practice for 46 years. 
“During his life in Blue Earth, John worked with the following boards and organizations: Blue Earth Area Chamber of Commerce (Community Service Award), Blue Earth Area Kiwanis Club (Hixon Award), Christmas Wonderland, Boy Scouts (Silver Beaver Award), St. Luke’s Lutheran Care Center, Blue Earth HRA, City Charter Commission, United Way, Sertoma
Club (Service to Mankind Award), Blue Earth Industrial Service Organization Board, and Trinity Lutheran Church.
“John is survived by his wife, Marty, daughter Julie, sons Jim and Mark, and their families. John was a passionate golfer and fisherman, loved watching sports and playing cards, 
and was a terrific husband, father, and grandfather. He enjoyed his dental patients and staff. He will be greatly missed by his family, friends, patients, and staff. John enjoyed being a promoter for community activities and keeping Blue Earth viable.” 
Well done, good and faithful Servant!
Minnesota Mission of Mercy Update
MnMOM will be held August 16-19, 2012 at the Verizon Wireless Center in downtown Mankato. August 16 will be the set-up date; treatment dates are August 17-18, and tear down date is August 19. Targeted goal is 2,000 patient encounters, providing $1 million worth of free dental care. Information is viewable on the MDA website in the MN Mission
of Mercy section. Dr. Alejandro Aguirre (aaguirreg@comcast.net) is the MnMOM Program chair. Dr. Stephen Litton (sflitton@aol.com) is president of the MN Dental Foundation.  These folks are working to accumulate approximately $225,000 in cash and in-kind donations to set up a temporary 100-chair clinic, obtaining dental and administrative supplies, and supporting 1,000 volunteers. As a communication received from the Foundation states, “This project IS NOT A SOLUTION for the barriers to care, but it will help children and adults with dental pain and/or infection; it will raise awareness of the barriers to dental care faced by low income individuals; and it will challenge patients, state policymakers, and dental professionals to work together to improve the oral health of all Minnesota residents.” 
Kindly discuss the MnMOM with your staff to determine their interest. The Southern District plans to work with Dr. Aguirre and all the others to make this event both successful  and meaningful. 
JT’s Personal Projects
1. Organize all the news received from fellow Southern District members. 
2. Start my Christmas letter for 2012.
3. Send in my increased fee schedule for Delta Dental to approve.
4. Go mountain climbing with Chris Vaubel here in Mapleton.

Northeastern District

Gary Hedin
Associate Editor
324 W. Superior Street, Suite 828
Duluth, MN 55802
Roast Oase and Other Delicacies
You’ve waited for months, and finally it’s time to settle into your easy chair with a nice cup of coffee to see what is happening in the Northeastern District. 
The December NEDDS meeting was held at Northland Country Club in Duluth, a change of venue over the last several meetings. Our featured speakers were four physicians from  the local medical community, speaking on a wide variety of topics. Dan Zelen spoke about current topics in radiology, Peter Goldschmidt gave a presentation about carpal tunnel, Wade Kubat discussed perioral rejuvenation, and Peter Franklin talked about sleep apnea. All four physicians did an excellent job covering a lot of information in a fairly short period of time, and it was nice to have some interaction professionally with our medical colleagues. 
Following the continuing education portion of the meeting, a special lunch and award presentation took place. The honoree was our own Rick Oase, who received the Guest of  Honor Award. This is given annually to a dentist from the Northeastern District who has demonstrated characteristics such as leadership, participation, continued learning,  mentoring colleagues, and generally good sportsmanship. Rick was “lightly roasted” by friends and colleagues during the presentation, and was joined by his wife Barb and many  family members for this special event. Please congratulate Rick the next time you see him out and about. 
This year was the debut of a new format for the annual Northeastern District Christmas Party, held at Northland Country Club. Many thanks to Chris Carlson for his hard work in  setting up a completely new kind of party this year. The evening began with conversation, cocktails, appetizers and Michael Patterson’s deft touch on the piano. This was  followed by some really good food, followed by dessert, and possibly more cocktails. This is where things got interesting… We had a company based out of the metro area come  up and set up several different casino-style games. They provided the dealers and the “funny [i.e., fake] money”, and we provided some card sharks, some who didn’t know an  ace from a third molar, and generally a bunch of people having a lot of fun. People could purchase additionally “funny money” with their own real money, which was given as  charitable contributions to three area organizations. With their winnings, participants could get tickets to try to win a variety of prizes donated by local businesses and dental  supply companies through a raffle. Prizes included things like free rounds of golf, a case of wine, UMD hockey tickets, DSSO tickets, free dental supplies, and a fishing charter. There were probably 30 different items, and many people went home winning something. Special thanks to Curt Wilson from Patterson Dental Supply, Ryan Muhlbauer from Henry  Schein, and Matthew Mackey from Holt Dental Supply for some very generous donations! We will be looking for feedback about the evening to gauge whether folks are interested  in trying a casino night again. Please let us know what you thought. Until next time! 

Northwestern District

John E. Lueth
Associate Editor
P.O.Box 310
Bemidji, MN 56619
Dental Town Hall Meetings in the Northwestern District
The 2011 legislative session was the most successful for the MDA in history, and this was partly due to the Northwestern District Town Hall Meetings in December of 2010. Because this coming 2012 legislative session will be just as important to dentistry and our patients, the Northwestern District once again sponsored these opportunities for legislators to meet their constituent dentists, who had the opportunity to dialogue with their legislative representatives, educating and informing them about our profession, our issues, the challenges and barriers to providers and patients, and to express dentistry’s concerns. 
This year two Dental Town Hall Meetings were conducted. On Tuesday, December 6 in Erskine, Minnesota, legislators from Districts 1 and 2B were invited to meet with their  dentists. This was followed directly on its heels by the Thursday, December 8 gathering in Bemidji with invitations to legislators from Districts 2B, 4A and 4B. 
Sharing conversation  over dinner and afterwards, each Town Hall Meeting engaged the senators and representatives regarding the general issues confronting dentistry as the dentist constituents saw  them, as well as focusing on three specific priorities of the MDA’s legislative agenda for the coming session. The legislators heard from officers of the district about the MDA’s positions on dental laboratory mandatory registration, temporary licensure for out-of-state volunteers, and state health program transparency and  accountability. The upcoming Mission of Mercy program was described as well, particularly emphasizing the Mission of Mercy talking points:
The Minnesota Dental Association has organized the Mission of Mercy to…
1. Provide free dental care, especially to patients with dental infections and/or pain.
2. Raise awareness of the barriers to dental care faced by low-income adults and children.
3. Challenge patients, state policymakers, and dental professionals to work together to improve all Minnesota residents’ oral health 
Educating the policy makers that…
1. Emergency and charity care is expensive, limited in effectiveness, and treatment of last resort. Dentists do serve their communities.
2. Oral health is critical to overall health, and ensuring residents have proper dental care is important to our state economically and socially 
3. The MDA looks forward to working with lawmakers on viable, bipartisan “Healthy Choices” for reducing barriers to dental care across the state.
Four legislators and six dentists met in Erskine, Minnesota. Two legislators and 11 dentists gathered in Bemidji. Roger Sjulson acted as host and, after introductions around the 
room, the Mission of Mercy project was described and brochures passed around. Many good questions were asked by the legislators, and they responded positively to the MDA’s 
efforts to conduct the M.O.M. 
After describing the role of volunteers involved in an M.O.M., we discussed the role of dentists and hygienists from outside of our state who will wish to attend, and we informed the legislators of the MDA’s desire to work with the legislature to pass legislation allowing temporary licensing. The legislators responded positively to this intent as well. 
From volunteerism and the M.O.M. events, the discussion was next directed toward the Lab Bill. We put forth the MDA position that, although there are portions of the bill with which we are in agreement, the MDA could not support the bill as it currently stands. 
Lastly, we talked about the State Health Program Transparency and Accountability issue. The dentists emphasized to the legislators that the MDA is currently working, and 
will continue to work, with a broad coalition of Minnesota provider organizations to advocate with both the legislative and executive branches for greater transparency, better  scrutiny of profi tability, and outside independent audits for managed care health plans that provide services with taxpayer money. The coalition’s position is that if health plans  profit from state programs, these profits should be returned to those who provide the state program health care services. 
When given the opportunity to provide the dentists with their own requests of dentists or the dental community, to a person the legislators were receptive to their dentist  constituents contacting them at any time to keep them informed. One Republican emphasized that issues brought forth by the large group (such as our organization) will receive a  better hearing than those brought forth by individuals or small, disconnected groups. The dentists thanked the legislators for their interest and participation in the Dental Town  Hall Meeting forum and, in turn, asked them to contact us for information, explanations, assistance, or whatever. 
Just as it had two nights earlier in Erskine, the Dental Town Hall Meeting in Bemidji went very smoothly. The dentists felt that our issues were well heard and well received by the  legislators. We promised the legislators that we would follow through in keeping them informed of our issues and positions and were looking forward to seeing them on Dental Day at the Capitol.
“Take a Stand”
You would have had to have been under a lunar rock not to have noticed all the verbal commotion and political vocalizing crescendoing over the past year+ as we approach (a  mere 11-ish months away!) the next national election. At the state and national level there are many political people trying to persuade us of the correctness/rightness/ fairness/or whateverness of their position. Passionate. Dogmatic. Self-enriching. Egotistical. Moral. Empathetic…they’re coming from all over the spectrum to convince you of their something. The truly devoted politicos spend significant amounts of time, energy, and money — for whatever their reasons may be — admonishing the less-than-110%- committed to align with one ideology or another. And beyond that, they seem to work unceasingly to get the undecided to adopt their view, to “take a stand”. 
Well, when someone is trying to get me to take a stand, I begin to ask questions: Which stand? When? How long do I stay there? Where will that other person be in relation to  my stand, and what is his or her strategy? 
Although a proclamation to take a stand is a call, for me it is more commonly in the fall in northern Minnesota thought of as a call to arms – an autumn directive to proceed with firearm to a specific location, hoping for some action. Deer hunters know what I mean. There is probably not a deer hunter — at least not anyone who has hunted in the same particular area over a period of time — who hasn’t had this conversation or a variation:
“John, you take the ‘Tree Stand’. Be there by 7:00 a.m. Stay there until 11:00, then poke your way back to the vehicle. I’ll go to the ‘brushpile’ and maybe you’ll shag something  by me on your way. Back at the truck we can have lunch and figure out where to hunt in the afternoon.”
We’re talking deer hunting stands. Those are the type of stands I’m committed to, not a response to pleas by politicians. And don’t you know, almost every deer hunter I have  ever spoken to has quite specific monikers for each of his deer stands. Not usually run-of-the-mill names which might immediately be an obvious choice to an outsider, they are special names, names bestowed upon a particular place where a member of the deer hunting party parks himself and waits in anticipation. 
There is, for instance, Scott’s “Concession Stand”, named for the many candy wrappers on the ground below. 
Paul told me, with a grin — or grimace? — one of his was called  “The Hernia Stand”. I can only imagine. 
Bob’s “Rock in Tree” is a less common type. Not constructed from dimensional lumber scraps or parts of trees cut from the woods nearby nor even elevated, it derives its name for 
the coordinate in Grandpa’s woods identified by the presence of a rock lodged many years ago by means now forgotten between two trunks of a tree.
Creativity in spinning a political position may be high, but how inspiring is that for most of us? There is seldom a lack of creativity in the bestowing of a name upon a deer stand,  but more importantly, there is special meaning – to those who named it. 
“The Pipeline Stand”: For several generations and through numerous rebuildings, located in the woods on the trail between two pastures created when machinery cut its way  through during the laying of a water line for the turkey flocks. 
“Casey’s Castle”: A deer stand fit for a king!
“The Sweet Stand”: So named when, shortly after its construction the first user bagged a deer. In the obligatory re-telling of the tale, this 1980s dude described the location and successful conclusion as “Sweeeet!”
“Vern’s Veranda”: A great place for Vern to hang out in the woods! 
So “stand” as used by the deer hunting community is, unlike the definition thrown at us throughout these campaigns, something to appreciate. True, each refers to position and may be constructed using platforms. Also true is that although it may wobble (or waffle), your typical North Woods deer stand does not change its position — at least not easily.  Only through destruction by logging, fire, or significant decomposition of the wooden construction materials does changing one’s stand in the woods occur. Just try changing  your political stand in the current environment!
This installment of Lore from the North Woods shall end with this simple statement: Show me a deer hunter with several (deer hunting) campaigns under his belt and I’ll show you  someone who can toss off the names of several deer stands and go into some detail about how each got its name. Now those are stands I’m happy to take! 
Dorothy’s Fruitcake
It’s not the sorry state of politics in Minnesota or the onset of a Leap Year (thereby giving legislators one EXTRA day to play politics) that gives me pause. It isn’t this winter’s  lack of snow — and I use the term “winter” loosely! — and the uncharacteristically thin ice in the Northland which has left many ice fishermen on shore and quite a few  individuals contemplating a very chilly swim from an ice flow back to land. It was a thinly veiled, easy to resort to, cheap shot at that much maligned holiday concoction which too often resembles a fruit-filled brick, or which could be used effectively (and preferably, by many) as a holiday doorstop, that raised my hackles in the just-concluded annum. I  speak, of course, of fruitcake.
Until marrying into the Allen family, I suppose I had also never enjoyed a positive fruitcake moment. It wasn’t really something I recall creating excitement in a positive way on the Lueth side of the family. I do not recall my own mother or grandmother making it. And if any fruitcake did arrive at our household, it must have suffered the fate so often spoken  of by fruitcake detractors the world ‘round, that of being discreetly tossed out or set on the birdfeeder as an offering to the starving winter creatures. But having just celebrated  my 32nd wedding anniversary, I can honestly say it’s been too dang long since I recall anything other than mother-in-law Dorothy’s homemade fruitcake.
Big deal, you say. Yeah, BIG deal, I say back. Why did I come to not only like her fruitcake but progressed over many years of married life to anxiously awaiting the unwrapping of the annual fruitcake stash? (Let’s just check to see how it’s coming along, should we? No, it hasn’t been soaking long enough yet! Oh come on, just a taste?! Not yet, let it soak  another week or two.) Dorothy’s secret - one I heartily subscribe to - is to begin early (the fruitcake dough is mixed and the loaves are baked in September or October) and  thereby leave enough time for the real fi nishing touch to work its magic. Each loaf is wrapped in a clean dish towel, soaked in brandy, and sealed in wax paper and foil. Lots of brandy! Hey, I’m not complaining. It works. And it makes me smile inwardly when I hear all the fruitcake putdowns. Because I know that - except for a few close insiders who  know about how good Dorothy’s fruitcake is - there is likely to be little if any competition outside that circle for that holiday treat when the slices are finally set out on the table, and I’ll once again have the last (No smoking allowed, Flammable substance!) fruitcake laugh. 
I wait all year for the serving of Dorothy’s fruitcake. In fact, in her household there is competition directed at getting your fair portion of this dark, bready, candied - and potent!  - Christmas treat of the gods. Even the morsels or crumbs littering the serving plate (or wrapper as it resides in the fridge) get snapped up, providing some guilty enjoyment for a greedy lucky soul. Egg nog? Yea, whatever. Tom and Jerrys ... the same. Lutefisk, lefse, fatigman ... mere holidazzle window dressing. As for Dorothy’s Christmas fruitcake — cheers! I’ll have another round! 

Student District

Aaron Bumann
Associate Editor
515 Delaware St. S.E.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455
New Year’s Evolutions
Greetings once again from downtown Minneapolis. Life at the School keeps right on moving. As a third-year student, I can say, very gratefully, that spring semester does not  carry with it the load that it has in previous years, and I am looking forward to that. Clinic is in full swing for the upperclassmen, Part I boards just finishing up for many second- years, and a full didactic load for the first years has everyone as the School busy. 
Time off from school means travel for dental students. When the last exam fi nishes, the doors of the dental school transform into the gates at the Kentucky Derby, with students sprinting out and off in every direction. For some (second- and fourth-years), there are still studies looming, as boards are on the horizon for many. For others it is the first  chance in months to have the opportunity to go home and see family or perhaps even take a vacation. I know classmates and other students who are going to Hawaii, to Oregon, Florida, Colorado, and Canada. 
The distance is, in some ways, irrelevant. What matters is the time spent with family and friends we do not get to see as often as we would like. Sometimes geography bars us,  but just as often the busy life of a dental school student is the barrier between us and spending that time with those we love. Christmas break gives us the chance to get away  from school and all its rigors, if only for a few days. It is a wonderful reminder that there is life outside of Moos Tower, and I for one am very thankful for it.
Even though it feels like the holidays are still with us (so much good food!), they are indeed in the rearview mirror, and the new year is well underway. January was a critical planning month as well as a month of deadlines. Applications for national leadership positions for ASDA were due right after break, and I am proud to report that we had more than  five students apply for positions this year! This speaks not only to the strength of MNASDA but to the MDA as well. We have something very special here, and I want to thank  each and every one of you who has invested in our lives as students here at the U. Elections and appointments will be determined at the ASDA Annual Session here in March. Be looking in the next NWD for results!
We are also putting the final touches on a few of our events. I am very excited to invite you to MNASDA’s Ski Away Decay cross country ski race February 12. We are holding the  event at Phalen Park, with races starting at 9:00 and 11:00. Registration will open at 8:15, and entrants can register all the way up until the start time. The registration fee is  $20.00. The race was originally scheduled for January, but due to our tropical weather in early January, we postponed the event. We hope you join us for an afternoon of skiing  and hot chocolate as we raise money for the Ronald McDonald CareMobile, a mobile dental unit treating children who cannot afford care. 
Last but not least, the day is soon approaching for the ASDA Annual Session at the beginning of March. Thank you for all of you who supported us, and I invite each of you to  stop by the Hyatt Regency to say a quick hello and check things out. It is a wonderful meeting, and it would not be the same without the support of the Minnesota Dental  Association and each of you. 

Minneapolis District

Cale A. Strait, D.D.S.
Associate Editor
6545 France Avenue South
Edina, Minnesota 55435
2012 Midwinter Meeting Was the Place to Be
A complete recap of the 86th Annual Midwinter Dental Meeting and its featured speaker Colonel Theresa S. Gonzales will be outlined in the next issue of the Northwest Dentistry. Please watch for it along with a thank you to our sponsors and exhibit hall participants. Colonel Gonzalez provided an outstanding lecture on the following topics: “Recognizing Patterns of Abuse — Shades of Blue: A Spectrum of Behavior from Neglect to Child Homicide; Redefining Dentistry’s Role in the Forensic Arena and Oral Pathology; and Allergies -  Immune Dysregulation and Autoimmunity”. 
The District thanks our Midwinter Program Committee chair Melissa S. Zettler and her committee members Alejandro M. Aguirre, Sandra J. Houck, James D. Nickman, Michael J.  Perpich, Karen J. Reese, Herbert W. Schulte, Tasha T. Strait, and Jess N. Veil for working so diligently and producing another fine meeting. 
MDA Dental Day at the Capitol Scheduled for February 21, 2012
Dental Day at the Capitol is a one-day event that brings together dental professionals as a collective voice addressing oral health care issues at the Capitol in Saint Paul. Your  help is needed in making a commanding presence. We will be building relationships at the Capitol while working on legislative issues related to Minnesota’s Mission of Mercy, dental  laboratory registration, and state health program transparency and accountability. Participants do not need to be policy experts to attend. At this event participants will receive  detailed briefing materials and be a part of presentations with government officials, MDA leaders, and lobbyists. All MDDS members are encouraged to attend. The MDA will arrange  meetings with appropriateto-district local legislators so that each participant may impress upon his or her representatives the importance of oral health care issues that face our community. If you are able to attend or if you have more questions, please contact Ms. Laura Kramer at the MDA offices at (651) 767-8400. 
Next General Membership Meeting Scheduled for Thursday, March 8, 2012 Subject: “How Do I Numb that Hot Mandibular Molar? Evidence Based Research vs. What Really Works In  Our Hands” Speaker: Robert L. Kaufman, D.D.S.  Speaker Robert Kaufman obtained his D.D.S. from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in1990. He completed his  advanced training and earned his Certificate in Endodontics from the National Naval Dental School in Bethesda, Maryland. His is a diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics.  Since 2000, Dr. Kaufman has practiced full time with Metropolitan Endodontics in the Twin Cities area. 
Program Synopsis: This lecture will address a common problem that challenges us in our dental practices. 
Points of Emphasis: 
• Reasons for difficulty obtaining profound anesthesia in the mandibular posterior region 
• Symptomatic irreversible pulpitis defined
• Local anesthetic agents 
• Primary and supplemental techniques
• Recommended protocols for success 
Program Learning Objectives:
• Basic research will be presented to discuss success/failure rates of our most commonly utilized anesthetic techniques
• Based on this research, and deriving from 112 years of collective endodontic emergency treatment experience, participants may customize a local anesthesia protocol to  overcome this all too common problem 
One core continuing education credit will be given. Please register now for the Thursday, March 8, 2012 General Membership Meeting. Contact the District Office at (651) 631- 9845. Michelle or Kim will be happy to assist you. 
Thursday, April 12, 2012 Annual Installation of Officers and Guest of Honor Dinner Meeting
Installation of President: Cale A. Strait, D.D.S. 
2012 Guest of Honor: To be Determined 
The Minneapolis District Dental Society 2012 Installation of Officers and Guest of Honor Evening will be Thursday, April 12, at the Minneapolis Marriott Southwest Hotel in  Minnetonka. Officers for the upcoming year are Cale A. Strait, president, Susan E. M. Block,  president-elect; our new district vicepresident (yet to be determined by the nominating committee at the time of publication of this article), and Gary A. Bolmgren secretary/treasurer. The MDDS will present its Guest of Honor Recognition Award during the evening’s program as well. 
Again this year, we will be honoring all the Minneapolis District Past Presidents at this event. So all past MDDS presidents out there, watch your mail for  your special invitation and mark this date down in your calendars now! Everyone wants to see you at this special evening. Please plan on attending this wonderful event, getting  reacquainted with colleagues you have not seen in awhile, and enjoying the wine, dinner, and program. 
The registration form for this meeting has been mailed out to all members of the MDDS. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the District Office at (651)  631-9845 or check the MDDS website (www.mdds@mplsdds.org) under calendar and events. We encourage you all to attend. The meetings the program committee has planned  this year should not be missed! 
Summer Sporting Events Announced for 2012
MDDS Golf Tournament
It’s back! The Minneapolis District Dental Society Golf Tournament will return this summer. The golf committee, headed by Nancy Norling, is working to finalize the date for this  year’s tournament. A blast e-mail will be sent out announcing the date as soon as it is selected. We are very excited to have the golf tournament back on the schedule this summer. As you know, the golf event is held every other year, and 2012 is the year!  
The event will kick off with a delicious lunch before a shotgun start at 1:00 p.m. This event  is open to all MDA members statewide, so plan a trip to the cities and join us. We would enjoy having you spend an afternoon with us! As always, there will be lots of prizes and  special events held throughout the day for all participants. As soon at the date is finalized, we will let you know, but for now, please note we will have a tournament later this  summer and join us for what is promised to be a great day! 
Trapshoot Tournament
The annual Trapshoot Tournament is scheduled for Wednesday, August 15. We will be returning to the Metro Gun Club in Blaine, Minnesota. The day will culminate with a gourmet  wild game dinner and prizes. For those of you who have not participated for awhile or who have never joined us, this is an event not to be missed, even for the novice. Everyone  is welcome to come out and enjoy the wonderful wild game dinner even if not actively participating in the tournament. 
Greater Twin Cities Tennis Mixer The Greater Twin Cities Tennis Mixer is scheduled for Wednesday, September 5 at the Bearpath Golf and Country Club in Eden Prairie. This event  will include members from both the Minneapolis and Saint Paul District Dental Societies. The Tennis Committee has a fantastic day arranged. Play will happen on those wonderful  outdoor clay courts. Again this year, all competition will be doubles. Play will go from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., with a dinner following. Players of all skill levels from novice to  advanced are encouraged to come. 
Registration forms for all summer events will be mailed as the date gets closer. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact the District Office.
Upcoming Programs and Events
Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Minnesota Dental Association Dental Day at the Capitol
All MDDS members are welcome and encouraged to attend For further information, please check the MDA website 
Thursday, March 8, 2012
General Assembly Meeting
Subject: “How Do I Numb That Hot Mandibular Molar? Evidence Based Research vs. What Really Works in Our Hands” 
Speaker: Robert L. Kaufman, D.D.S. 
One hour of core  continuing education available 
Minneapolis Marriott Southwest Hotel Minnetonka, Minnesota 
Thursday, April 12, 2012
Annual Installation of Officers and Guest of Honor Meeting
Installation of President Cale A. Strait, D.D.S.
2012 Guest of Honor: TBA
Minneapolis Marriott Southwest Hotel
Minnetonka, Minnesota

Saint Paul District

Rosalie Perpich
Associate Editor
1725 Tower Drive West
Stillwater, MN 55082
The Saint Paul District Dental Society 58th Midwinter Meeting
SPDDS’ big annual event was held January 20 at the Crowne Plaza Saint Paul-Riverfront. The Midwinter Planning Committee, chaired by Jason Johnson and co-chaired by Mike  Pelke, carefully selected a variety of topics, keeping every member of the dental team in mind. Attendees were able to choose from eight breakfast seminars and nine morning  speakers. 
Midwinter Honorees 
Congratulations to Stephen McDonnell, recipient of the SPDDS 2012 Outstanding Service Award. We are grateful for the hard work and dedication he has given to our district. Among varied profession related activities, Steve has served as SPDDS-elected secretary, SPDDS president (‘96/’97), SPDDS and MDA Membership Committee chair, delegate to  the MDA and ADA Houses of Delegates, MDA Dental Education chair, member of the ADA Council on Dental Education and Licensure, and chair of the ADA Continuing Education  Recognition Program (CERP). Steve has also helped provide dental services at the Union Gospel Mission since 1992. He was honored to receive the 2009 MDA Outstanding Service Award. Outside of dentistry, Steve has volunteered service to business organizations and church-related activities including lector, Eucharistic minister, and parish councils. Also  honored with awards were Terese Youngdahl, LDA, CDA, for her outstanding work in the dental assisting field, and Haley Dollins, RDH, BSDH, for her contributions to her profession  and community. 
The Saint Paul District Dental Society extends a sincere thank you to our Midwinter Meeting exhibitors, sponsors, and advertisers. They provide us with extra resources that are  needed to offer our members exceptional programs, education, and networking opportunities. They are: 
Advanced Head & Neck Imaging
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP
Benco Dental
Brasseler USA
Corporate Four Insurance Agency
Crown Staffing
Dyste Williams
Erickson Technologies, Inc.
Excel Dental Studios
Gateway Bank
GC America, Inc.
Hayes Handpiece Repair Center
Harrison Dental Studio
Health Partners Dental Group
Henry Schein Dental
Heritage Construction Companies
Hermanson a dti dental lab
Junnila Company, Inc.
Karkela Construction
Lemke Dental Laboratories, Inc.
Maguire Refining
Now Care Dental
Park Dental
Patterson Dental
Procter & Gamble, Crest & Oral B
Peoples Bank of Commerce
Philips Sonicare
Renstrom Dental Studio, Inc.
Sabo Dental Lab
Shea Practice Transitions, P.A.
Sjoquist Architects, Inc.
Sunset Dental Technologies
Tekscan, Inc.
US Bank
Udell Dental Laboratory
To all who contributed to and participated in the 58th Annual SPDDS Midwinter, your support of organized dentistry is appreciated, and we hope that you will continue your  involvement in your professional association throughout your dental career. 
And I’ll See You There …
February 11, 2012
Children’s Dental Health Day
Minnesota Children’s Museum
Saint Paul, Minnesota
April 10, 2012
SPDDS Long Range Planning
September 11, 2012
SPDDS Caucus

Southeastern District

Travis A. Schmitt
Associate Editor
204 4th Street SW, Suite 144
Austin, MN 55912-4427
Why are Women So Strange and Men So Weird? How to Communicate Effectively with the Opposite Sex
At the heart of any practice are its relationships, between and among its team members, patients, and doctors. Interpersonal effectiveness has been demonstrated to be a key factor in professional, personal, and practice success. Individuals who are excellent communicators have better relationships at home and at work, they climb the ladder of  professional prosperity more effectively, and they get results on the bottom line for their practices. 
There is no doubt that communication runs an office! Which is why the SEDDS Annual Meeting will be delighted to present Bruce Christopher’s program “Why Are Women So  Strange & Men So Weird?” This presentation takes a very humorous look at how men and women think, speak, and make decisions differently. It will increase your “organizational savvy” and make you more effective when communicating, motivating, managing, or presenting to the opposite sex. 
Studies have estimated that the average team member can waste up to 38% of his or her day dealing with communication misfires, unresolved conflicts, or hidden resentments in  the office. Other reports have indicated that as much as 70% of what a given individual says is misunderstood by the opposite sex. This is not a productive use of time! 
You can revitalize performance and enhance morale by putting into practice the strategies outlined in this seminar. You will learn what makes the opposite sex tick and what you can do about it. Certainly, dentistry today is a co-ed effort, and you may not be as successful as you could be without understanding how to genuinely communicate and  connect with that individual of the opposite sex either on your team or in the chair. At the least, by participating in this seminar, you will, Mr. Christopher assures us, “Laugh ‘til  you cry … and learn ‘til you change!”