News Notes - March-April 2012

News Notes - March-April 2012

The Editors:

Spread the Word: MDA Dedicated Donation Site for Used Dental Equipment Is a Resource That Works For Donors and Recipients

The Minnesota Dental Association is inviting all Northwest Dentistry readers to spread the word and keep making connections in support of its Dedicated Donation Site for Used Dental Equipment. Whether you are chatting at a meeting, volunteering with a group, or brainstorming with colleagues about how to optimize the time and resources you have for any kind of volunteer commitment, this is a connection and an opportunity that works, both for persons wishing to donate unused, used, or replaced dental equipment and the community programs and non-profit organizations in need of such items. Offering this direct link between parties who have serviceable equipment they wish to pass along with organizations having wish lists for helping a variety of underserved populations takes the “but where do I start?” out of both sides of the equation.

Here is what you need to know: The dedicated donation site is a part of the MDA website at, under the category “Equipment”. Interested donors and recipients may create classifi ed ads under the existing guidelines for Business Opportunities, at no charge, to list equipment and wish lists. Please be sure to use the word “Donation” in the headline.

Help get the word out, and everyone will benefit.

Suggestion Box

As part of its process in reviewing the content of Northwest Dentistry, the Publications Committee of the Minnesota Dental Association invites readers to offer comments and suggestions on the material that appears in each of the journal’s departments: front of the book (editorial/opinion); covers and cover features; Clinical, Feature, and Practice Management departments; MDA committee and district reports, including Dentists Concerned for Dentists; and “Heading Home”. We want to know what you like, don’t like, would like to see or see more of. Ideas should be directed to Northwest Dentistry Managing Editor Sue Miller at