District News - March-April 2012

District News - March-April 2012

Associate Editors:

Saint Paul District

Rosalie Perpich

Associate Editor
1725 Tower Drive West
Stillwater, MN 55082

Children’s Dental Health Day

Thirty-four enthusiastic volunteers came to the Minnesota Children’s Museum on Saturday, February 11 to participate in the SPDDS annual Children’s Dental Health Day.

We could not have done it without the volunteers who gave up part of a Saturday and brought their smiles and   knowledge with them. Dental assistant students from Century College and Dakota County Technical College  wore costumes and worked at the various education tables. They also handed out free product such as  toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, timers, and stickers. Dental student Xu Han educated the children and parents  about the effects of sugar in soda pop and acid in sour candy.

A special thank you goes out to Dr. Angie Hilo, who has been doing an excellent job of serving as chair, and  SPDDS staff person Mary Reiter, for doing the bulk of the work making sure everything was ordered and in  place “the day of”. We greatly appreciate the dentists who took the time to make the children’s day extra  special by teaching the importance of their teeth!

Our thanks to Drs. Christopher French, Laura Kinney, and Kim Ledermann.

This community event, held in downtown Saint Paul, is one of the most visible things SPDDS does each year.  Children’s Dental Health Day is designed to provide the public with awareness of and education about good  oral health.

One of the most popular activities each year is the “Kids Be A Dentist” area. Children were able to  wear smocks, gloves, and masks, and perform exams on their parents’ teeth. Patterson Dental delivers a dental chair and intraoral camera each year for our use. Another popular area was “Ask the Dentist”. Kids and their parents could ask the dentist questions and get educational materials on topics running the gamut from fluoride, general oral care and whitening to oral piercings. In addition to these areas, we also had “Sip All Day Get  Decay” and “Sour Candy” displays, and demonstrations on sealant placement and proper brushing and flossing techniques.

SPDDS Welcomes Our Newest Members

The District extends a warm welcome to organized dentistry to the following new members.

Andrew J. Carrell, D.D.S.

Dan P. Ehrmanntraut, D.D.S.

Laura J. Howley, D.D.S.

Alice Y. Huang, D.D.S.

Shivan E. Nelson, D.D.S.

Ann L. O’Connell, D.D.S.

Heather E. Robinson, D.D.S.

Andrea K. Ruby, D.D.S.


And I’ll See You There

April 10, 2012 ~ SPDDS Long Range Planning

May 1, 2012 ~ SPDDS Executive Council Meeting

June 5, 2012 ~ SPDDS Executive Council Meeting

August 17 and 18, 2012 ~ Minnesota Dental Association Mission of Mercy Verizon Wireless Center  Mankato, Minnesota

September 4, 2012 ~ SPDDS Executive Council Meeting

September 11, 2012  ~ SPDDS Caucus

September 21-22, 2012 ~ Minnesota Dental Association House of Delegates

January 18, 2013 ~ SPDDS Midwinter Meeting

“Healing Haiti” Plans New Dental Clinic

During a recent conversation regarding his trip to Haiti, Dr. Paul Zollinger reminded me of an amazing group  right here in our own backyard: Healing Haiti. Dr. Zollinger’s message echoed with everyone with whom I  have spoken who has had the opportunity to give time to this organization. Each of them returns with the  burning desire to do more. We all know the old adage, “When you volunteer, you always receive more then  you give.” The following interview involved Ms. Jennifer Schneider and Ms. Missy Ness.


Dr. Perpich: How did Healing Haiti originate?

Ms. Schneider/Ms. Ness: Healing Haiti originated in 2006. Co-founders Jeff Gacek and Alyn Shannon had been supporting mission work in Haiti, but they felt God calling them to do more, and they wanted to live a  life of significance. Their goal in all of this was to make a difference in the lives of the poor and the most vulnerable in the western hemisphere.

Dr. Perpich: What is the mission of Healing Haiti?

Ms. Schneider/Ms. Ness: The mission of Healing Haiti is to bring clean water, food, housing, and education  to the poor, and to share our experiences in Haiti with the people of the United States. We see it as part of our  mission to encourage all to be obedient to God’s call to serve the poor.

Dr. Perpich: What services do you currently provide?

Ms. Schneider/Ms. Ness: Food. We partner with organizations such as Feed My Starving Children to make food distributions in tent cities and other communities we serve. Water. We run a water truck in Cite Soleil (the slums of Port au Prince) six days per week. Education. “Healing Haiti” currently supports five schools, including paying tuitions, teacher salaries, and providing uniforms and school supplies. Elder care. We currently have 27 abandoned elderly for whom we provide food, water, medical care, and spiritual support. Housing. Healing Haiti has 15 acres of land in Titanyen called Grace Village. It officially opened in December 2011. It includes a boy’s dorm, a girl’s dorm, and a feeding center. We currently house 42 beautiful orphan children! The future expansion will include the orphaned elderly dorm and a restavek (child slave) dorm.  Along with that we will have the medical/dental clinic, tilapia farm, school, and a church.

Dr. Perpich: How many years, trips, etc. have been accomplished?

Ms. Schneider/Ms. Ness: Nine mission teams in 2009; 17 in 2010; 43 in 2011. Every available week in 2012 and beyond is booked with teams.

Dr. Perpich: What brought you to the point of deciding to build a dental clinic?

Ms. Schneider/Ms. Ness: Most Haitians have never had the opportunity for dental care. Many endure severe   pain and massive infections due to untreated decay. Whenever we have had dentists available, the lines of  people anxiously awaiting treatment are very long.

Dr. Perpich: When is the goal date to be up and running?

Ms. Schneider/Ms. Ness: We will be breaking ground soon with Haitian construction workers. Our target date is early 2013. Our goal is to provide the necessary dental treatment each patient needs, including prevention and education to improve the quality of their lives. We will treat the children and the elderly our organization  supports along with the Haitian staff we employ. We will also open up the clinic to the surrounding community. The dental clinic will be open when we have teams of dental personnel who are willing to come and work. We would also like to hire a Haitian dentist and staff at some point so that the clinic can be open more often and help more people. Anyone looking for more information may go to our website: www.healinghaiti.org. For specific information on medical and dental volunteering, interested parties may contact Missy Ness at MissyNess@HealingHaiti.org or Jennifer Schneider at JenniferSchneider@HealingHaiti.org.

Dr. Perpich: If dental professionals would like to bring their families, are there additional volunteer  opportunities to help?

Ms. Schneider/Ms. Ness: We have many opportunities wherein family members who do not have a dental background can help: working with the orphans at Grace Village, holding babies at the Home for Sick and Dying Children, delivering water, visiting our elderly … We also have many opportunities to get involved without going to Haiti. We are in need of dental instruments such as forceps and elevators to stock the dental  clinic. We have fundraisers here in Minnesota that you can be a part of, and we always need prayer!  

Southeastern District

Travis A. Schmitt

Associate Editor
204 4th Street SW, Suite 144
Austin, MN 55912-4427
Copper Canyon Redux
Fred Kalinoff, D.D.S.
We have been going to Mexico’s Copper Canyon - Las Barrancas del Cobre - since the fall of 2002 to provide dental treatment for the Tarahumara Indians of running fame. During this time we have put on at least 30 dental clinics and have provided dental services for several thousand people. We hope to continue to do so, but we are in great need of more volunteers. 
We started out doing only extractions, but over the years have added fillings, sealants, and the occasional prophy if time permits. We have three portable units and the equipment to run these units  along with donated supplies for fillings etc. At the moment, we are working with one of several mining companies in the area, and they are providing transportation and room and board for us. We  work in the schools, and our primary objective is to treat students, although we see any adult who is in pain or has an infection. 
The Tarahumara Indians are basically subsistence farmers who have a disposable income of perhaps 50 to 100 dollars per year. There is one dentist in the canyon to cover 75,000 Indians or more,  and given their economic situation, the vast majority of these people cannot afford dentistry. 
There is very little violence in the Copper Canyon. The cartel violence in that area is located in Ciudad Chihuahua, Culiacan, and Juarez, all of which are 150 or more miles away, and to worry about  it is a bit like someone in Grand Rapids, Minnesota worrying about what is happening in North Minneapolis. Juarez, Mexico is at least 300 miles and an eight-hour drive from the CC. 
A typical trip would involve catching a commercial flight to Tucson or Phoenix on a Wednesday and flying by small four-seater aircraft from one of those cities to El Fuerte, Mexico, where Liga  International, the non-profit with which we work, has three clinics. We would be working in one of those clinics Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and on Sunday catch the train for the five-hour ride in to the Copper Canyon. We get off the train at the town of Bahuichivo and are picked up at the train station by Mario Munoz, at whose lodge we stay the first night. Monday morning we go to one  of several towns to work in the school for five days. The following Saturday we hop the train again and return to El Fuerte, where we stay overnight at a very nice hotel and on Sunday we fly back  to the states with our pilot. Monday the people from out of town fly back to their point of origin. 
The cost of such a trip for people who fly down from Minnesota is about 1,300 dollars for the 12-day trip. We also have a 12-day trip to Guatemala in January. This trip runs about 1,500 dollars. The  Guatemala trip has been very successful. We are trying to establish more trips down there, and to that end need more instruments. Anyone who has instruments they could donate would be greatly  appreciated. Please feel free to contact me at: Fred Kalinoff, D.D.S., 428 South Broadway, Stillwater, MN 55082; email is kalinoff@comcast.net.
You Are Invited
The Southeastern District's Annual Meeting will be held this August 24th and it will be a gem from start to finish.  For the full-color details and sign-up information, click on the image link below:

SEDDS Annual Meeting

Student District

Aaron Baumann

Associate Editor
515 Delaware St. S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Partly Unpredictable, With a Chance of Running Shoes
As always, life has been busy at the Student District. Our first few months have been jam-packed with events such as the 1st Annual Ski Decay Away race, that unfortunately, due to an odd winter, turned into a 5k run! We held our annual GV BlackTie formal in Saint Paul, attended Dental Day at the Capitol, and welcomed more than 400 of our friends from around the country to  Minneapolis for the ASDA Annual Session. It has indeed been a busy winter, but that is the way we like it! 
I want to congratulate Griffin Sonstegard and his committee for pulling off ASDA’s fi rst-ever cross country ski race, “Ski Decay Away”. We had a great event at Phalen Park in Saint Paul, with more  than 30 students and community members coming out to participate and support the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile dental project. I am happy to say that we raised more than $1,300 in funds for the  Care Mobile in our first year. Be on the lookout for info on next year’s race, as we will hope for more snow. Congrats to those who put in so much hard work! I am excited to see how the event will grow in the future. 
Every February ASDA throws our annual GV BlackTie Formal. It is our way to say thank you to our members for a great year, get together with friends, dress up, and dance until they close the place  down! This year was no different. With more than 350 attendees, we packed the Landmark Center in downtown Saint Paul, making this our largest single social event of the year. I want to thank Kate Lentz and Brad Pfeifle, along with their committee, for all the hard work they put into making the event happen.
We at the U of M have a reputation around the country for being leaders in the area of advocacy. We proved that yet again by sending approximately 20 students to the halls of the state Capitol,  joining those of you at the MDA for Dental Day at the Capitol. It was a wonderful event, and I am pleased to say that for many of the attendees it was their first time advocating for their profession.
I promise you it will not be their last! Thank you for your support in teaming up with us to have us side by side with you as we work to preserve the quality of care for the people of the state of  Minnesota. I would also like to welcome Laura Kramer to the MDA and congratulate her on a wonderful event. Thank you for your hard work.
Last but not least, I am writing this article on the heels of the Best Week Ever: the ASDA Annual Session. In fact, my ASDA fever has not quite worn off yet, and I am still suffering from an intense  desire to meet people from other schools, be in meetings from eight to five only to stay out until two, and work to improve the lives of students around the country as well as the patients we serve.  It was truly a magical week, and we were honored to be the hosts. As a personal aside, I want to thank those of you who supported me in my candidacy for Executive Committee. I fell short of my  goal, but please know that it was my honor to represent my school, my state, and each of you as a presidential candidate. It was a week I will not soon forget! I need to thank a multitude of people, not the least of whom is the delegation from the U of M. They were exemplary this week. They were fantastic hosts, sponge-like learners, and active participants on the House floor. Thank you. I also want to give praise to our national award winners and new national leaders for next year. Matt Reiland, D3, won the award for National Publication of the Year. There were more than 200  submissions to review, so we are very proud and honored to have the nation’s best writer at our chapter. Kyle Holmberg and Stephanie Zastrow were also recognized for their outstanding research  poster presentations at ASDA’s first-ever research symposium. We truly have an outstanding chapter, and I want to thank each of you for making it such a special week. 
In closing, I want to express my thanks sincerely to each of the MDA members who participated in this exceptional week. Without the support of the MDA, this event would have never happened.  You are an integralpart of our success, and I am blessed to have the relationship that I do with Dawn Jensen and MDA president Mike Zakula. Thank you so much. 

Southern District

Jeffrey J. Taylor

Associate Editor
313 Main Street N.E.
P.O. Box 307
Mapleton, MN 56065-0307
We received word that Dr. Dillon (Dick) Donaldson passed away January 14. 
Dick Donaldson was born in Butterfield in 1926. He graduated from Windom High School, and entered the United States Navy in 1944. He then attended the University of Minnesota. Dick and Elaine Olson were married in 1949. Dick graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 1952 and practiced in Slayton for 40 years. Dick served on the Board of Dentistry for many years. He is survived by his wife and three granddaughters.
Dr. Cleon A. Tollefsrud passed away February 17 at the age of 93. “Tolley” was born in Mabel, Minnesota in 1918, attended a one-room country school in New House, Minnesota, and high school in  Mabel. He attended the University of Minnesota and graduated from the School of Dentistry. He was a World War II veteran, serving with an Army mobile medical section on the island of Saipan. He  married Merelyn Hanson in 1947, and practiced dentistry in Mankato from 1946 until his reluctant retirement in 1987. Dr. Tollefsrud is survived by his two sons and their families. 
Robert Dahleen — affectionately know to those of us who remember his dad, the incomparable R.C. Dahleen, as “Bobbie” — of St. Peter, has retired. Congratulations as you enter this new part of  your life!
Our MDA immediate pastpresident Tim Flor and I had the pleasure of meeting a new Southern District member at the January Mankato Study Club meeting. Zachary Lechner has joined the office of  Drs. Pat O’Brien and Michelle Lund in St. Peter. Zach is a 2011 U of M School of Dentistry graduate, and was an ASDA member, was engaged in CBCT research, founded the Clinical Explorations lecture series, and served on the MDA Rural Health Committee. Such a resume! It was a pleasure to meet him in person. Dr. Lechner is an impressive young man and is already an outstanding  addition to the Southern District roster. He is not, however, related to the Dr. Edward Lechner those of us who have been around for awhile remember. 
Midwinter Means January 
We were blessed with good driving conditions, and the Midwinter SDDS meeting January 13 at South Central College in North Mankato boasted a packed house. Our morning speakers were Ms. Peggy  Simonson and Dr. Stephen Shuman from the U of M. Their topics were “New Tips for Managing Older Patients” and “Roots of All Evil: The Caries Challenge in Older Adults, and Strategies for Caries Prevention”. All dental personnel found these presentations to be timely and enlightening. Ms. Simonson and Dr. Shuman were major contributors to the report “Demystifying Minnesota’s Safe Patient  Handling Statute” in the July-August 2011 issue of Northwest Dentistry. You may also remember Dr. Shuman speaking at an SDDS meeting in New Ulm a few years ago. No? That lecture addressed challenges in treating patients with dementia. Perhaps you should have taken notes … Ms. Simonson and Dr. Shuman are engaging speakers and were very effective in enlightening all attendees with  their experience and knowledge. 
Our afternoon speaker was Dr. Bruce Rundquist, also from the U. Dr. Rundquist’s presentation was “Practical Tips for Predictable Endodontic Outcomes”. I was greatly impressed with his succinct views on the question of endodontic treatment versus extraction/implant. Dr. Rundquist is also an excellent presenter, and I would personally like to hear him speak on specific endodontic questions  in the near future. 
The noon business meeting continued longer than planned; thus my sincere apologies are extended to those who were on a tighter schedule the day of the meeting. Beyond the usual business, the  Southern District is host to the MDA’s first Mission of Mercy event later this year, and considerable discussion of this event was necessary. 
Future Events
South Central Dental Study Club
March 19
City Center Hotel
Mankato, Minnesota
Minnesota Dental Association Mission of Mercy
August 16-19
Verizon Wireless Center
Mankato, Minnesota
Dental Day at the Capitol
The Southern District was well represented at this year’s Dental Day at the Capitol. SDDS attendees were educated on current political issues that impact the practice of dentistry and met with the  representatives and senators who were available. 
It would serve you and your profession well to seriously consider participation in this event next year. There are times when physical presence is  more effective than written correspondence. 
Thank you to all the SDDS members who participated this year!
To Reiterate
I would greatly appreciate receiving news, including new practitioners, retirements, and general news involving the Southern District. My email address is kjet@hickorytech.net

West Central District

Jeanni R. Foss

Associate Editor
15167 Edgewood Drive, Suite 240
Baxter, MN 56425
Fergus Falls Hosts Annual Meeting
This was the first Annual Meeting to be held at Bigwood Event Center in Fergus Falls, and it did us proud. We got to thank Matt Rindahl for his service to the organization as immediate past president  of the West Central District and for organizing this event. Then we got to welcome the new leaders: Michael Collins from Alexandria as our new president and Dave Collier from the St. Cloud area as  our new vice-president. There were no changes in the leadership of John and Jeanni Foss from Brainerd, who remain treasurer and secretary, respectively. Kevin Dens as our new trustee and our  former-trustee-now- MDA-second-vice-president Dan Rose from the Brainerd area spoke on current issues of the MDA and legislature. 
Taxes, Taxes, and - What’s This? Ways to Pay Less!
Sandy Botkins, a well known tax lawyer whose history includes being an auditor for the IRS, gave an amazing lecture, complete with Star Wars light saber in hand, at our meeting. I honestly was  not excited to drive more than an hour on a Saturday in the snow to listen to a tax lecture all day. However, once he started speaking, everyone in the room was instantly engaged and immediately  started scribbling notes furiously to catch all the amazing tips on how to pay less in taxes. I have to say I was amazed, and instantly earned back the money I paid for the day. This was a full-day  course that flew by quickly. Even representatives of our event sponsors, Benco Dental and Baxter Insurance Group, kept sneaking into the room and jotting down information. Many of us were able  to purchase the unique Taxbot application for our phones at the course as well. The point is, everyone who attended gained a lot of valuable information, and we hope to continue this trend of  amazing speakers each year for our annual meeting. Spouses and staff are always welcome to attend these events, and several spoke about how much they enjoyed the past few events. 
Bigfoot Finally Spotted Somewhere Between Brainerd and Fergus Falls
It was a dark snowy evening in January. There were rumors flying around the north central part of Minnesota of a recent Bigfoot spotting. Ever since the story that aired on the History Channel’s “Monster Quest” about a Bigfoot that was shot at and bumped into a young lady’s car near Staples, Minnesota, people have been on edge in the West Central District.  Finally, we have the photographic evidence that this Bigfoot exists! Thanks for the submission, and keep them coming! (Identity of our intrepid photographer is being kept anonymous to protect this dentist from a  Bigfoot retaliation.)
Upcoming District Event
The Crow Wing County Dental Society has their annual fishing kick-off party in May, 2012. Sidenote and Clarification: The St. Cloud Area Dental Society, St. Cloud Dental Study Club, Crow Wing County Dental Society, and West Central Dental Society (Willmar) are all smaller local groups, but all make up the West Central District Dental Society for the Minnesota Dental Association. We are  still hoping for increased attendance by some of these smaller groups at our bigger quarterly events. A lot of planning goes into these larger events, and there has been some confusion in the past  by dentists who think they are attending the MDA district events when they are attending their local events - which have their own local dues. Your MDA dues are going to the district for these  larger district events, so make sure to take advantage of these discounted events. Thanks, and happy tax season! 
Bigfoot sighting in the West Central District members on Code Yellow. Alert and fully aware of their surrounds at all time. Thank the History Channel

Northwestern District

John E. Lueth

Associate Editor
P.O. Box 310
Bemidji, MN 56619
The Now (Justly) Famous Lake of the Woods Winter Ice Fishing Meeting
The now famous (by understated Minnesota Nice standards) Northwestern District Dental Society Winter Ice Fishing Meeting at Sportsman’s Lodge on Lake of the Woods just got better! Yup, better!  “How,” you say, “can it get any better than continuing dental education credits, fun-fi lled evenings of socializing and great meals (including the traditional walleye shore lunch) — and ice fi shing?!” How indeed? Let’s do some bullet points! For instance: 
• The lecture presentations about “Sleep Medicine and Medical Emergencies” by our guest Dr. Bruce Templeton were outstanding. One concern, however, was restraining the Canadian-born-and- raised Dr. T from bursting out the lecture room door in a mad dash for the shoreline of Canada only yards away across the Rainy River! He was hearing the siren call!! 
• Yup, the NWDDS LOW meeting just got even better with a Saturday evening Reception/Wine Tasting led by Star of the North wine teacher extraordinaire Chuck Kanski. The theme for the wine tasting was a classic discussion of Bordeaux versus Burgundy. After a bit of “the bubbly” (champagne for you beer lovers) — which by the way goes with anything! — Chuck talked and tasted us  through a white Burgundy and two red wines to tickle the assembled fancies. Wine and conversation flowed for the entire evening as fi sh tales were told, friendships were forged and renewed, and  folks relaxed with nary a care in the world. So keep January 2014 in the back of your mind as the next time this kind of enjoyment can be had, and we’ll all hop on a bus or get in our cars to meet  once again at Sportsman’s Lodge, where our district motto is, “If you don’t have fun…it’s your own fault!” 
The Power of Three: Give Kids a Smile’s Evolution in the Northwestern District 
Seventy-seven children ages 15 months to 13 years were seen in one day (February 3) at Northwest Technical College/Bemidji. For the 10th year in a row, children from all over the region arrived during the day and were provided care in a collaboration consisting of area private practice dentists and their dental office staff, students, and staff of the dental assisting program at Northwest  Tech, Head Start, and Early Head Start providers and community volunteers. 
In each of the 10 years GKAS has been in existence, the effort has been refi ned and grown. The basic triumvirate of private practice dentists along with private practice hygienists and dental  assistants, dental assisting students, and the children for whom GKAS was created have each benefi ted from this arrangement. 
At its inception, Give Kids a Smile was a concept for dentists that was a bit new and unproven, and a challenge outside of the comfort zone of some dental offi ces. I heard a number of dentists  resist participation for a variety of reasons: They did not want to be viewed as the welfare dentist for the area. How many kids or families might show up — would the office be overrun, or would  they twiddle their thumbs all day because no one showed up on a day when they might otherwise generate normal production? So what if we see these kids this one time, then determine that they  need care, but there’s no one willing to treat them … are we creating more of a problem? Wouldn’t it be better not to see them at all? 
Head Start programs in the region were having a devil of a time achieving even 50% of the oral screenings mandatory for children to participate in the program. Dentists were difficult or almost impossible to enlist in their efforts because so many of the Head Start children — obviously at the mercy of an adult, whether family member or Head Start worker or volunteer — failed to appear at  the dental office for exams. Dental offices were reluctant to participate. Dentists felt they couldn’t afford to forego the lost production —– not to mention the poor reimbursement even when the  children did show up. The Head Start and similar programs were basically at wit’s end for how to accomplish their screenings. 
When the idea was formulated to conduct a Bemidji GKAS event in the dental assisting clinic at the technical college, the dentists finally had a neutral area at which they could participate and  donate their skills for a whole day or any portion thereof. The Head Start and Early Head Start kids had fi rst priority for care rendered so that they received their screenings (and even more).  Numbers of participants in this setting are well controlled to provide for little or no wait time, as well as to not overburden the volunteers, by arranging appointment times for all the kids needing  exams. And the last great benefi t of the triangle is that the dental assisting students at Northwest Tech get their first pediatric dental experience! Plus they are not only under the guidance of their  instructors and the dentists who have participated in their clinics, but receiving help and pearls of wisdom from the private practicing hygienists and dental assistants who are partnered with the  students. Now after 10 years of GKAS, many of the volunteers who return were at one time also students in the NTC dental assisting program who benefi ted from the very same mentoring they now  are able to provide. That’s a win-win-win! 
In addition, for the past two years — since the establishment of the public-assistance-only clinic Northern Dental Access Center (NDAC), located in Bemidji – the NTC dental assisting program, NDAC,  and area dentists have coordinated their days to complement the needs of the patients. Because the procedures at the dental assisting facility are limited to exams, prophys, fl uoride, X-rays, and  no restorative treatment, the existence of NDAC now provides an important additional referral for those children needing it. Previously, arrangements could only be made with willing regional general  and pediatric dentists who indicated that they would see a certain number of kids who did not have regular dentists and were found at the GKAS event to have treatment needs. Sometimes it took  up to several months to complete treatment for a child. Now a given number of kids can be accommodated on the very same day. And because of the close coordination of volunteers from Head  Start, local county public health, and NDAC, some children who are already known to have treatment needs can be scheduled for restorative treatment right from the get-go! 
In total, free services valued at $4,287 were provided to 18 children at NDAC. Procedures included exams, prophys, varnishes, radiographs, sealants, fi llings, and extractions. In addition, oral health  education was provided to each child. The NDAC patient support services were also available to all families, including insurance counseling, transportation, child supervision, community resources information and referral and more. 
The growth in the GKAS event at Northwest Technical College this year included an increase in the resources available to children and their families above and beyond that of any prior year. In  addition to the participation, as in the past several years, of Beltrami County Health & Human Resources personnel who facilitated patient and family registration, the intake was done by Head Start  and Early Head Start along with Bi-CAP (Beltrami & Cass Bi-County Community Action Programs). 
New to the line-up this year was the Energy Assistance Program, providing families with resources to educate consumers about home heating energy effi ciency and safety, advocate with energy  suppliers and human service providers on behalf of consumers, and assist with crisis help for utilities services or emergency heating system repair or replacement. 
Also new on the GKAS scene was Community Resource Connections. This organization has had a presence in the building housing Northern Dental Access Center because it just makes sense to  locate the types of resources most needed by the low income population in central locations where the barriers relating to transportation and fragmentation of services can be overcome. CRC is a  40-member agency serving four counties improving access to and the effectiveness of community services through collaboration, coordination, and integration.
Thanks are due to all the many volunteers who continue to make GKAS a success! And Northern Dental Access Center and Northwest Technical College Bemidji wish to thank the Minnesota Dental Foundation for its support. 

Minneapolis District

Cale A. Strait

Associate Editor
6545 France Avenue South
Edina, MN 55435
2012 Midwinter Meeting
More than 350 member dentists, dental students, and staff members joined in the 86th Annual MDDS Midwinter Dental Meeting Friday, February 10 at the Minneapolis Marriott Southwest Hotel, Minnetonka. The day began with a hot breakfast buffet and mingling time with colleagues and sponsors in an overflowing exhibit hall. Attention then turned to speaker Col. Theresa S. Gonzales, who  provided an outstanding lecture on three strong topics in the forensic area of dentistry. 
Our thanks to Midwinter chair Melissa S. Zettler and committee members Alejandro Aguirre, Sandra Houck, James Nickman, Karen Reese, Herbert Schulte, and Tasha Strait for producing another fine  meeting.
MDDS thanks the following companies for their support, including making it possible for the dental, dental hygiene, and dental assisting students to attend the meeting. 
Gold Sponsors 
21st Century Bank, 3M-Espe Dental Product, Accelerated Practice Concepts, Inc., Advanced Head & Neck Imaging Center, AFTCO Associates, AmeriPride Services, Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP, Benco Dental Supply Company, Inc., BioHorizons, CareCredit – Patient Payment Plans, CBRE-Healthcare Real Estate, Cramer Dental Sales, Crescent Products, Inc., Dentsply Tulsa Dental Specialities, Designs for Vision, Inc., Dyste Williams Agency, Erickson Dental Technologies, Excel Dental Studios, The Foundation Architects, GC America, Inc, Gateway Bank, GeoDigm Corporation, Harrison Dental Studio, Hayes Handpiece Company, Henry Schein Dental, Heritage Construction Companies, Hermanson - a dti dental lab, iTero Align Technology, JNBA Financial Advisors, Junnila Company, Inc., Karkela Construction, Inc., Keystone Dental, Maguire Refining, Inc., Marsh Insurance, Mayclin Dental Studio, Inc., McGrann Shea Carnival Straughn & Lamb, Northern Dental Alliance, Orascoptic, Patterson Dental Supply, Inc., Peoples Bank of Commerce, Philips Sonicare, Premier Dental Products, Procter & Gamble – Crest/Oral B, Rosengren & Affiliates, Ltd., Saber Dental Studio, SharePoint Credit Union, Shea Practice Transitions, P.A., Sjoquist Architects, Inc., Statement Plus Compliance Solutions, Inc., Sunset Dental Technologies, Sunstar Americas, Inc., Total Administrative Services Corp., Udell Dental Laboratory, Inc., Ultradent Products, Inc., US Army Health Care Recruiting, US Bank, Wells Fargo Practice Finance, Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A., XL Dent - PEB, Zimmer Dental.
Silver Sponsors
Casey, Menden, Faust & Nelson, P.A., Federated Insurance, HealthPartners Dental Group, Meuwissen, Flygare, Kadrlik & Associates, Park Dental, Quadent Studio, Inc., Sabo Dental Lab, Inc., Trachsel Dental Studio
12th Annual Give Kids A Smile
Saturday, February 4, 2012, the Minneapolis District Dental Society held its twelfth annual “Give Kids a Smile” day at the Sharing and Caring Hands Dental Clinic in Minneapolis. It was truly a  celebration of service to the community and commitment to volunteerism by members of our District. More than $49,000 in dental care was provided to 142 children who may otherwise have no  access to care. Our 105 volunteers gave oral hygiene instruction, dental exams, toothbrush prophylaxis, fluoride treatments, radiographs, sealants, extractions, pulpotomies, stainless steel crowns,  and composite and amalgam restorations. We had face painting, a coloring table, and a goody bag with toothbrush and floss for each child. Apple Tree Dental once again allowed us use their mobile  dental units for this every special day, helping us more than double the size of Sharing and Caring Hands’ permanent dental clinic. 
Our wholehearted thanks go out to our more than 160 volunteer dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental students, other dental auxiliaries, and other volunteers. Join  us next year on Saturday, February 2. The District gratefully acknowledges the following for their support of Give Kids A Smile: Apple Tree Dental; 3M – ESPE Dental Products; Mayclin Dental Studio; Procter & Gamble; Crest / Oral-B; and the American Dental Association. 
Teresa Fong coordinated another very successful event in her 12 years of leadership with William Hoffmann
2012 Dental Day at the Capitol 
Eighty-five MDA member dentists met with their legislators Tuesday, February 21, 2012; 38 from the Minneapolis District. Dental Day at the Capitol is a single-day event that brings together dental  professionals as a collective voice addressing oral health care issues at the Capitol. Issues discussed with the legislators were: Minnesota’s Mission of Mercy, dental laboratory registration, and state  health program transparency and accountability. 
Upcoming Programs and Events
Thursday, April 12, 2012
Annual Installation of Officers and Guest of Honor Meeting
Installation of President: Cale A. Strait, D.D.S. 2012 Guest of Honor: R. Bruce Templeton, D.D.S. 
Minneapolis Marriott Southwest Hotel
Minnetonka, Minnesota
Monday, August 6, 2012
MDDS Golf Event
Olympic Hills Golf Club
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Trapshoot Event
Metro Gun Club
Blaine, Minnesota
Friday, August 17 and Saturday, August 18, 2012
Minnesota Mission of Mercy
Verizon Wireless Center
Mankato, Minnesota
Tuesday, August 28, 2012
MDDS Caucus Meeting
All Members Welcome
Minneapolis Marriott Southwest Hotel
Minnetonka, Minnesota
Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Greater Twin Cities Tennis Event
Bearpath Golf and Country Club
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Thursday, September 13, 2012
MDDS/SPDDS/Student District Joint Mentoring-Networking Meeting
McNamara Alumni Center
U of M Campus
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Friday, September 20, and Saturday, September 21, 2012
MDA House of Delegates
Bloomington, Minnesota
Friday, February 8, 2013
87th Annual Midwinter Dental Meeting
Minneapolis Marriott Southwest Hotel