District News - November-December 2012

District News - November-December 2012

Associate Editors:

Northeastern District

Gary Hedin
Associate Editor
324 W. Superior Street, Suite 828
Duluth, MN 55802
Seasons Meetings
We are slowly creeping toward winter, with days getting shorter and the temperatures getting cooler. That leaves more time to sit inside and read Northwest Dentistry, right? By the time you  read this article, it is likely that you have: voted, scraped ice off your windshield, put away your golf clubs, and/or purchased at least one Christmas present. If you’ve done all of the above,  give yourself a pat on the back.
The MDA’s House of Delegates was held in Bloomington this year, at the Hilton near the airport. No, the other Hilton near the airport. Yup, that one (there are two, you see, and it is easy to  confuse them, I’ve heard). It was a significant House for a couple of reasons — first and foremost being that our own Mike Zakula was counting down the hours until his time as president of  the MDA was complete. Mike had a challenging but successful year as our organization’s leader, and many positive things will grow over the coming years from the seeds he planted. Mike’s  wife Lisa is undoubtedly looking forward to seeing more of his smiling face, and she probably has a honey-do list ready for him that is at least as thick as your most recent Delta contract.
The second thing that we can be proud of is that two resolutions introduced by the Northeastern District were passed by the House of Delegates this year. Yes, there were some minor  alterations and “tweaking” that occurred, but both resolutions are still largely intact and should be beneficial to all. The first resolution dealt with the workforce mal-distribution in Minnesota,  and the number of Minnesota natives admitted to the dental school. Without getting into excruciating detail, the new Dean of our dental school is very open to working with the MDA to  address the issues this resolution was hoping to change, and we should see a positive outcome in the coming years. 
The second resolution had to do with costs of premiums and deductibles for medical insurance offered through the MDA. The MDA will be looking at all options to potentially lower costs for  MDA members to insure themselves and staff members through a variety of insurance plans. Neither of these resolutions was too controversial, and generally it seemed that our colleagues  throughout the state were in agreement with our thinking. 
Thank you to all those delegates and alternate delegates who participated in the House this year. Although there is certainly nothing too glamorous or exotic about attending the House of  Delegates, this is the voice of the MDA membership, which directs the actions and creates expectations for our leadership throughout the year. 
The first NEDDS meeting of the season was held over the bridge in Superior this year. Barker’s Island Inn and Conference Center was the location, and it was a beautiful day — too nice to be  inside for a meeting. However, we were able to enjoy lunch outside on the patio. The speaker was Cindy Kleiman, a dental hygienist and oral care consultant who has lectured all over the  place about medical histories and medical emergencies in the dental office. She gave an interesting talk that kept the crowd engaged throughout the day. 
In October, Rich Mullvain, a pharmacist with Essentia Health, spoke on pharmacology at Itasca Community College. I was unable to attend the meeting, but wanted to relate the following  from our special correspondent, Kim Lindquist, about the meeting: Dr. Mullvain gave a timely lecture on drugs and their interactions that can affect our dental patients. From the latest  anticoagulant medication to the “little blue pill”, Dr. Mullvain took the audience on a whirlwind tour of the latest and greatest drugs and discussed their possible effects on our patients. 
He kept the participants engaged and entertained by breaking the lecture into “mini-lectures” and inserting humorous anecdotes and dental cartoons into his presentation, making the usually  mundane topic of pharmacology fun and interesting. The lecture format allowed for questions after each “mini-lecture”, allowing participants to fully understand the information presented  before moving on to the next topic.
Finally, I thought it would be fun to have members of the Northeastern District send me a picture if you’ve been up to something fun or interesting recently. My email address is: gary.hedin@gmail.com. I would love to mix some of these kinds of pictures in with the usual dental meeting shots. 
Keep your friends close, and your interproximal contacts even closer. 

Student District

Kirby Johnson
Associate Editor
515 Delaware St. S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455
And They Went to Classes Too …
The past couple of months have been nothing short of exciting in the Student District of the MDA. Fall is perhaps the most exciting season, with a new set of members to recruit, activities to  plan, and of course a new school year to tackle. But as the hustle and bustle dies down, the feeling of reward for hard work sets in and makes it all worthwhile. 
In August, the School of Dentistry welcomed 98 new fi rstyear students. Each year, this puts the Student District in a unique position, charged with starting from scratch on recruiting one  fourth of the membership (fi rst-years), while working to retain current membership (second- through fourth-years). As an organization that can do little without strong membership, the fall membership drive is one of the most critical times during the school year, and it is packed with action. 
The week started out with a Lunch ’n Learn featuring Laura Kramer, the MDA’s Director of Government Affairs, speaking to the critical role we play in dental legislation on Capitol Hill. That  was followed on Tuesday with an ethics discussion on corporate dentistry models, in light of the recent PBS Frontline story. Thursday was perhaps the highlight of the week, when more than  150 students and 70 practicing dentists converged on the McNamara Alumni Center at the University of Minnesota for the Inaugural CE and Networking Night, hosted by the Saint Paul,  Minneapolis, and Student Districts. The evening was filled with a buzz as students and dentists made connections that will hopefully evolve into priceless mentorships.  There was many a  prize to be had, and the evening’s keynote speaker, Dr. Alan Mead, left people excited about social networking and how it is impacting the profession. In the end, the membership drive week  was extremely successful and a lot of fun. 
Besides the membership drive, there have been a lot of events and activities to keep members of the Student District entertained and busy. On Sunday, September 23, we hosted the fifth  annual Mouths in Motion 5K to benefit oral cancer research. The day was nice and sunny, perfect for running. All 80+ participants left with a smile, having had fun knowing they helped a  good cause. Thanks to second-year Stephanie Zastrow for all of her hard work making it happen. 
The Student District’s Activities Committee, chaired by third-years Brad Pfeifle and Alyssa Werner, has been hard at work putting on other events. On Friday, September 28, about 50 dental students gathered at Psi Omega Dental Fraternity for a bonfire and s’mores. A few short weeks later, they put together a tailgate at Delta Sigma Delta Dental Fraternity before the Gophers Homecoming football game. Both events were a great success, and everyone had fun.
Unfortunately for the tailgaters, the Gophers football team fell short against Northwestern. With a busy  fall, the Activities Committee is still busily planning for upcoming events, including the  annual Student District Vendor Fair and an outing to a trampoline park. 
Unfortunately, dental school is not all fun and games. As students, we take our education seriously, and as an organization, we work to supplement our great education with learning opportunities outside the classroom. One example is through Town Hall Meetings. These types of events are new to the Student District, thanks in large part to the work of third-year 
Erik Ziegler and fourth-year Erik Davis. Together they have organized three entirely new and very informative lunchtime discussions about hot topics in dentistry. The first of these was in  August; the second (mentioned earlier) during the membership drive. The third was Monday, October 29. The third Town Hall Meeting was especially interesting, with a panel discussion on the ethics surrounding Dental Management Service Organizations featuring Dr. Todd Marshall. The semester has also seen successful pre-dental outreach events, high school outreach  events, and a number of Lunch ‘n Learns. Upcoming events include an elementary outreach event and more Town Hall Meetings. 
This fall, the Student District has also been active in helping advance the profession. A total of nine students attended the MDA House of Delegates September 20-22, discussing and  deciding on important issues that will affect the entirety of our career. Several Minnesota students also entered the ADPAC Student Video Contest. The group, led by chapter Legislative  Liaisons Michael Capp and Erik Ziegler, decided to enter only a few days before the deadline. They worked hard to get a video together in time, and the results were impressive. The video  took first place, winning the group $2,000, which they decided to donate for legislative chapter events. As Legislative Liaisons, Michael and Erik also put on a voter registration drive, helping  more than 100 dental students get registered to vote in Minnesota. It has truly been a successful fall for these talented individuals. 
With a very successful fall in the rearview mirror, there is a lot to look forward to. A group of students will be attending the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) National Leadership  Conference in Chicago, which will be packed with useful information and inspire new ideas and exciting changes. With this in mind, there is plenty of success to be built upon in the coming  months, and witnessing it is one of the exciting parts of being involved.
A special thanks goes out to the Mouths in Motion 5K sponsors: the Minnesota Dental Association, Patterson Dental, Colgate, Dr. Paul D. Johnson and Associates, Midwest Dental, and Dyste  Williams.

Minneapolis District

Susan E. M. Block
Associate Editor
14070 Commerce Avenue NE
Suite 100
Prior Lake, MN 55372
MDDS Continuing Education Calendar For 2013; Part the First
For Thursday, January 10, 2013’s Special Event Evening/Staff Appreciation Night, for starters, well, bring your staff! Then settle in to hear speaker Bruce Christopher on “Why are Women So  Strange and Men So Weird?” At the heart of any practice are relationships; among team members, patients, and doctors. Interpersonal effectiveness has been demonstrated to be a key factor in professional, personal, and practice success. Individuals who are excellent communicators have better relationships at home and at work, and their practices achieve greater success.
As well, the evening invites you to salute your staff members. We are celebrating in high style. Bring two or more staff members — everyone will receive a free drink! Drawings for raffle prizes  will be held. We will have many great prizes to give away. 
MDDS’ 87th Midwinter Dental Meeting follows quickly on Friday, February 8, 2013, with Peter L. Jacobsen, Ph.D., D.D.S. our guest speaker. Dr. Jacobsen will cover a wide range of topics such  as fighting dental disease, and understanding over-the-counter dental products. 
The General Membership Meeting Thursday, March 7, 2013 will feature speaker Deepak Kademani, D.M.D., M.D., F.A.C.S., on the topic “The Changing Face of Head, Neck and Throat Cancer:  What a Dentist Needs to Know”. Head, neck and oral cancers have seen significant increase over the last several years. The traditional risk factors of tobacco and alcohol  consumption remain. However, the role of human papilloma virus as an etiologic factor is increasing. Dentists are uniquely positioned health care providers who are able to screen and  diagnose head and neck cancers at an early stage. This early stage of diagnosis will often lead to improved patient outcomes and limited morbidity from treatment. This lecture will emphasize  the importance of the dentist’s role in the diagnosis of treatment of head and neck cancers.
Dr. Kademani completed his dental and medical degrees and surgical residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Pennsylvania, followed by a fellowship in head and neck surgery. He was subsequently Board certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. In 2004 he was the recipient of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial  Surgeons Faculty Education Development Award. He is an Associate Professor and Fellowship Director in Maxillofacial Oncology and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Minnesota.  Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Minnesota as an Associate Professor in the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr. Kademani was an Assistant Professor in the  Department of Surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.
Registration forms for these meetings have been mailed to all members of the MDDS. If you have questions, please contact the District Office at (651) 631-9845 or check the MDDS website  (http://mdds@mplsdds.org) under Calendar and Events.
Thirteenth Annual Give Kids a Smile Day Planned at Sharing and Caring Hands
In conjunction with the American Dental Association’s Give Kids A Smile Day, and in honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month, the Minneapolis District Dental Society will be sponsoring  its 13th Annual Children’s Dental Health Care Day for children in need at the Sharing and Caring Hands Dental Clinic in Minneapolis. This day will serve as a way of helping children who would  otherwise go without with dental exams, X-rays, treatments, and dental education. With your help and support, it is guaranteed to be a successful day! 
Our event will be held Saturday, February 2, 2013 at Sharing and Caring Hands Dental Clinic, 525 North 7th Street in Minneapolis beginning at 9:00 a.m. and concluding at 4:00 p.m. We need  you! Please consider volunteering a few hours to this very worthwhile event. We are in need of dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dental students to make this day a  complete success. To sign up as a volunteer, please contact the District Office at (651) 631-9845. If you have further questions, please contact Teresa Fong at (763) 786-4260 or the  District Office at the above listed number.
American College of Dentists Awards Fellowship to Dr. David Klein
Dr. David Klein was awarded Fellowship in the American College of Dentists Tuesday, October 18, 2012, during their Annual Meeting and Convocation in San Francisco, California at the Hilton  San Francisco Union Square Hotel. The American College of Dentists was founded in 1920 to recognize dentists who have made significant contributions to the advancement of dentistry. The  mission of the American College of Dentists is to promote excellence, ethics, and professionalism in dentistry.  Fellowship in the College is by invitation and based on demonstrated leadership  and contributions to the dental profession and society. Approximately 3.5% of dentists are Fellows of the American College of Dentists. Congratulations to our Minneapolis District member, Dr.  David Klein!

Southeastern District

Travis A. Schmitt
Associate Editor
204 4th Street SW, Suite 144
Austin, MN 55912-4427
My First Experience at the ADA House of Delegates
Wow! What an interesting experience: the American Dental Association House of Delegates in San Francisco. It was a real eye opener. Some highlights: Wednesday, October 17. The journey  began by loading up the troops (myself, my wife Nicole, and our three girls) and heading to the airport. While getting into the security line, we bumped into Dave Resch (Saint Paul District),  one of many Minnesotans heading to San Fran. At the gate, we added Duane McDonald, Jim Nickman, and Michelle Quade. It was beginning to look like a fun time in SF: Lots of colleagues  and friends were en route. 
Once on the plane, down the aisle came our new 10th District Trustee, Jim Zenk! Poor Jim looks to be about six foot six, and watching him cram into the row 43 window seat was tough to  watch. The flight was about four hours. Lucky (or not?), I had several hundred pages of financial info to review, and Jim had a very, very large stack of paper too. Thursday, October 18. The  Tenth District Caucus: Dan Kegler, Chair, Iowa, and Mike Flynn, Vice Chair, Minnesota. More than 180 resolutions to discuss and ADA candidates to interview. This was a busy caucus! 
At the  very same time, Nicole, Chloe, Reana, and Gracie were dangling off the side of a San Francisco landmark, the cable car. When you are in first grade, and you
get to hang onto a pole on the edge and go up and down big hills, you feel like you are something special!
Saturday, October 20. The Reference Committee of Dental Education, Science and Related Matters. Testimony opened for Resolution 16 (Recognition of Dental Anesthesiology as a Dental  Specialty). About 100 people stampeded to the microphones to offer impassioned and rousing speeches for or against this issue. Our own MDA first vice-president, Dan Rose, was pretty  quick on his feet and slipped into line — about #20. After 25 minutes of fervent and inspired testimony, the chair of the committee halted testimony and moved on; unfortunately without Dan  getting to express his comments.
Monday, October 22. Second Session of the House of Delegates. Resolution #16 continued with animated, ardent testimony, including asking the speaker to recuse himself because of  potential conflict of interest, points of order, amendments, substitutions, just about everything short of taking it outside went on. As the dust cleared, the ADA House of Delegates voted to  not recognize Dental Anesthesiology as a Dental Specialty. This was, however, not the end. An effort was afoot to bring it back to life on Tuesday. 
Also on Monday: my girls standing on the famous island of Alcatraz. I believe that same green paint was used in my high school. 
Tuesday, October 23. Resolution #16 redux. The House did not allow the issue to be brought back for further discussion despite vigorous attempts otherwise. 
Dues were another hot topic on Tuesday. The reference committee recommendation was to raise dues by $37. After a lot of testimony, it was amended to $1.00. Finally, as noon was  nearing, a dues increase of $10.00 was passed. 
At the same time, my girls were touring the Jelly Belly Factory. Astonishingly, it takes seven to 21 days to make a jelly belly. 
This was a very short summary — I could write a book. It was absolutely an interesting time, and though I didn’t see my family much, I am, as they are, very glad we went. And we came home with some very interesting stories to swap.
Happy holidays!

Saint Paul District

Paul K. Zollinger
Associate Editor
925 County Road E
St. Paul, MN 55127-7197
The House Was in Order
The District extends its thanks to the delegates and alternate delegates who represented us at the MDA House of Delegates in September. They are: 
Delegates: Rose Perpich, Chair; John  Aamodt, Ben Christopherson, Scott Doyle, Laura Eng, Kristine Goulet, Steve Henseler, Perri Kauls, Steve McDonnell, Tom Neafus, Dave Resch, David Rischall, Jeff Rozinka, Annika Simon,  Donna Stenberg, Loren Taple, Paul Vollmer, and Paul Zollinger
Alternate Delegates: Riley Bosch, Mike Downie, Steve Edlund, Vacharee Peterson, and Tanya Schulz Peterson
The business of the House included acknowledgment of the following SPDDS members: 
Stephen McDonnell was elected as Trustee to fill the expiring second term of Donna Stenberg
Pete Cannon was installed as MDA Second Vice-President.
Howard Taylor and Pete Cannon were elected to three-year terms as delegates to the American Dental Association House of Delegates effective with the 2013 ADA Annual Session.
Donna Stenberg was elected to a one-year term as alternate delegate to the ADA 2013 Annual Session. 
Loren Taple was elected to be recommended to the Governor for appointment to the Minnesota Board of Dentistry.
The SPDDS Invites All Members to Its Midwinter Meeting 2013!
The Saint Paul District Dental Society’s 59th Midwinter Meeting will be held Friday, January 18, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Riverfront Hotel in Saint Paul. Featured topics and speakers include: 7:15-8:10 a.m. Breakfast Seminars: 
• Ronald Kaufman, D.D.S., on “Early Treatment Orthodontics: Are Braces Really Necessary in the Mixed Dentition?”
• Diane Larson, RDH, on “Dietary Supplements and Dental Health”
• Patricia Tarren, B.D.S., M. Phil. on “Dental Therapy”
• Dianne Testa, RDH, B.S.D.H., on “Local Anesthesia Review”
• Brad Rindal, D.D.S., on “The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network”
• Joy Osborn, on “Ergonomics for the Dental Professional”
• Jeannine Conway, Pharm.D., on “Helping Patients Manage Their Medications”
• Kathy Zwieg, LDA, CDA, on “Where Are You in the World of e-Health?”
Morning Speakers:
• David Clark, D.D.S., on “Injection Molding of Composite”
• Lorraine Dudley, IDR, on “Structuring an Effective Dental Team Communications Culture”
• R. Bruce Templeton, D.M.D., on “Dental Sleep Medicine — You Snooze, You Lose”
• David Clark, D.D.S., on “Injection Molding of Composite (continued)”
• Haley Dollins, RDH, B.S.D.H., on “Motivating Patients Toward Health-Motivational Interviewing”
• Jonathan Johnson, on “Stop an Emergency from Becoming a Disaster”
• Lance Svobda, D.D.S., on “Medical Emergencies and Urgencies in the Dental Office”
• Anna Derhak, on “Lights Out for Better Health: Strategies to Improve Your Sleep”
• David Aafedt, on “Dentistry and the Law”
To request a Midwinter program and registration form, you may go to http://saintpaul.mndental.org or call (651) 697-0831. 
Welcome, New Members
Cassondra L. Brau, D.D.S.
Nicholas P. Brong, D.D.S.
Kathleen Logan-Runquist, D.D.S.
Carey McNeil, D.D.S.
And please welcome returning member Robert A. Kretchmer, D.D.S.
The 2012 Twin Cities Oral Cancer Awareness Walk/Fun Run
This very special event, held October 27, brought in approximately $18,000 for the Oral Cancer Foundation. With more than 200 participants, the walk was held at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis  and partnered by the Minnesota Dental Assistants Association and the Minnesota Dental Hygienists Association. Free oral cancer screenings were given by SPDDS retired member Barry Kinnegerg.
And I’ll See You There
January 18, 2013
SPDDS Midwinter Meeting

February 1 & 2, 2013
Give Kids a Smile
February 5, 2013
SPDDS Executive Council Meeting
Rosedale Tower
6:00 p.m.
All members are welcome
February 16, 2013
Children’s Dental Health Day
Minnesota Children’s Museum
Volunteers wanted!
February 27, 2013
Dental Day at the Capitol

Southern District

Paul Roggow
Associate Editor
604 Second Street
Jackson, MN 56143
Southern District Fall Meeting
The Fall Meeting of the Southern District Dental Society was held at Jackpot Junction in Morton Friday, September 7. Dr. Bruce Templeton and Pat Lenton, R.D.H were the speakers for the  day, with a business meeting held during the noon lunch break.
Dr. Templeton spoke during the morning session. His topics were “Preventing Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office” and “Current Precautions with Bisphosphonates”. The essential  components of an emergency kit were given, and each component was reviewed in terms of how to administer it in an emergency situation. Dr. Templeton stressed how being prepared and  rehearsing for dental emergencies are key to managing them successfully for all concerned. 
The discussion then turned to job descriptions in an office emergency; the “who does what” were emphasized. The ABCs — no, it is now CAB (circulation, airway, and breathing) — of  resuscitation were reviewed. Being an oral surgeon, Dr. Templeton slipped in one of his favorite instruments, Magills forceps, for dental emergencies. (I now own one, Dr. Bruce.) It was  emphasized that managing the patient’s anxiety is a primary precaution, as bringing down any patient’s stress level goes a long way in avoiding dental emergencies. 
Pat Lenton, R.D.H., from the University of Minnesota, spoke during the afternoon session. Her topic was “Oral Inflammation and Its Relationship to Systemic Health Conditions”. The effects of  oral inflammation on systemic health conditions such as diabetes, respiratory disease, and pregnancy were emphasized. (At my next physical I am going to have the C-reactive protein test  done to see my level of inflammation.) 
Ms. Lenton also talked about bad breath and the etiology, evaluation, and treatment of oral malodor. Eighty percent of the time, she told us, the posterior one third of the tongue is the  culprit. Also, taking medications can dry out the mouth, causing bad breath. During her presentation we reviewed the “wrist-lick” test, in which one simply licks his or her inner wrist and —  sniffs?!? Some tried to lick their neighbors’ wrists! (It was late in the afternoon … )
During the business meeting, MDA president Michael Zakula gave a report on upcoming legislative issues, including Delta Dental and the mid-level dental therapist issue.  
Secretary/Treasurer Ryan Leach gave us a financial report, and reported that he needs a new computer and software since the old one is freezing up. 
Election and installation of new officers for the Southern District also happened during the business meeting. SDDS officers for the coming year are: Jeff Taylor, president; Paul Roggow,  president-elect; Adam Beers, Chair of Essayists; Gary Plotz, Chair of Exhibitors; Ronald Leach, Executive Director/Secretary-Treasurer; and Maureen Sorenson, Trustee from Southern District  to the Minnesota Dental Association.
During the banquet Friday evening, Jim Walton, pediatric dentist from Mankato, was honored for his many years of providing great service to our patients in the Southern District. Dr. Walton  retired this past summer and is enjoying the relaxed pace of retirement.
Upcoming Events
January 11, 2013 is the date for the Southern District Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. It will be held at the Mankato City Center Hotel. The topic will be “Composites”, presented by  speaker Dr. Doug Lambert
The Tri-County Dental Study Club will meet the first Tuesday of the month in Fairmont at the Sirloin House.
The South Central Dental Study Club will meet every third Monday at the Mankato City Center Hotel. 
Free advice, and great at the price: Get involved and learn from each other!!!

West Central District

Jeanni R. Foss
Associate Editor
15167 Edgewood Drive, Suite 240
Baxter, MN 56425
House of Delegates Taken Seriously by our District
The West Central District has the brand of delegate that puts the word “present” in representation, with a tradition of encompassing divergent views in its participation every fall when the  MDA convenes for its House of Delegates. This year’s HOD was no exception, with our contingent doing an amazing job representing (there’s that word again) this season’s divergent views  from our district. This year Michael Collins, our current president, and David Collier, our vice-president, put in long hours hearing the testimony on a wide range of resolutions and heading up  our group as leaders. Our thanks to them and to the delegates who took a day off to help support a positive future for dentistry from our district: Kim Rauk, Jason Huse, Kevin Dens  (Trustee), Amber Cziok, John Powers, Scott Wagnild, Rich Moen, Rachel Grieger, Jeanni Foss, Mike Hamann, and Dan Rose (MDA first vice-president). I am so happy to spend a few days with  all of you!
Fall Wine and Cheese Event a Blast!
Another fabulous Fall Wine and Cheese celebration was had by our members, with a fun social night out at Grandview Resort and Lodge in Brainerd October 12. We had some grand door  prizes, and the dentists and their guests enjoyed a multimedia presentation by John Drilling, a photojournalist from Kare 11 News. He had us laughing and sighing as he shared stories from the  news and explained how they always contained a beginning, middle, and an end. Sound rudimentary? Not so: Dentists more and more often now need to document our stories in dentistry,  and it is important to learn what to look for when putting our dental stories together. 
We also learned that one of our dentists did the Tough Mudder Race, as John Drilling presented that story to the group. I have to say that I am still amazed, Brock Droll, by your endurance  through dark, shocking mud streams etc. 
And of course there was the wine and the cheese. We had a chance to sample and learn about the red wines from regions of Spain and compare them to a winery in the hills of Santa Barbara, California. The food displays were not only beautiful but tasty, and for those who plan on attending next year, make sure not to eat prior to  the event!
We were sad to learn that one of our members had been in a bicycle accident, breaking his collarbone into pieces the day before the event, and could not attend. We wish a speedy recovery  to Andy Droel, and look forward to seeing him and his wife at next year’s get-together. This event is open to all dentists in the state who are MDA members. If you are a non-member, please  consider joining the MDA for this social benefit alone! 
I personally have found many benefits in getting to know dentists from across the state who are not just classmates. It has come in handy more than once to be able to call up a colleague  for advice or help.
The Days to Come Include …
January 19, 2013: The WCDDS Midwinter Annual CE Meeting and Family Fun Weekend at Arrow Wood Resort and Water Park in Alexandria, with a guaranteed exciting speaker from Bruce  Chistopher Seminars 
Saturday, January 20. President Collier is organizing a spectacular extravaganza!! (Worthy of at least two exclamation points!!) We will be recognizing Dave Collier as our incoming president  and Jason Huse as new V.P. of our district. This event has the word FREE in it for our members somewhere, so stay tuned and look for the brochure with our new logo. I believe we are the  only district with our own LOGO!!! Another reason to join the fun district! 
Welcome, New West Central District Members!
Drs. Jenna and David Ude, Brainerd.
Dr. Shari Thom, Sartell.
This could be you! Right here! Please call your friends to join.

Northwestern District

John E. Lueth
Associate Editor
P.O.Box 310
Bemidji, MN 56619
The NWDDS 2013 Winter Meeting
The Northwestern district will host its 2013 Winter Meeting Friday, January 25, in Walker, Minnesota at Chase on the Lake Resort. 
Our Friday continuing dental education program about the  National Dental Practice-Based Research Network will engage the entire dental team. Evidence-Based Dentistry and details about how the entire dental offi ce staff can be engaged in and energized by participating in research projects conducted in your own office will highlight a day with other topics of interest included.
For those from far away who can and wish to stay, or those from not so far who can easily return by car, Saturday will offer ice fishing for perch on famous Leech Lake, snowmobiling the  beautiful North Country snowmobile trails, and crosscountry skiing or snowshoeing some of the best trails in the state. 
Come for the continuing education. Stay for the amenities of a historic, first-class lakeside resort venue and some winter outdoor fun! 
Registration for the dental seminar will open soon. Please contact Roger Sjulson at rwsdds@gvtel.com for more information or to register. You may contact Chase on the Lake for accommodations at 1-888-Chase06 or http://chaseonthelake.com/
I Hugged a Patient Today
There are many special people in this world. By far, most of them are known only locally, and possibly by only a few. My patient Laurie is, to me, one of those special persons. Who else  always greets me with genuine warmth and a smile? Who else quietly shows care and concern for all those around her? Who else has had more than her share of trials and tribulations in life  but still carries the burdens calmly and with a faithful, smiling heart? Who cares enough to give her own kidney to a distantly located relative, losing months of time away from her own  husband, home, and small business in doing so because fi nances were tight? The one particular special person and patient I know named Laurie does. 
Laurie is my age. She is a longtime patient, a fi ne Christian woman. Her daughters are similar in ages to my daughters, and we cheered for one or more together when they were high school  swimming teammates. I patronize her small specialty shop not infrequently, Laurie always listening to my goofy requests and somehow finding a way to apply her talents to complete the jobs  - which are out-of-the-ordinary for her line of work, to say the least.
You know the kind. The patient with whom you always enjoy visiting because he or she is such a nice person. Your day is brighter and a little less hectic after you’ve met. Completing the  exam but also relishing a fi ne conversation: “What’s new?” “How are things going?” “What is your family up to?” Time doesn’t really matter, because whether it is passing quickly or it is  moving slowly, you are unaware. The person in front of you, with whom you are sharing an everyday life conversation, is more important than a clock. 
It was that day I breezed in and said my hello, then progressed through the exam, waiting to tip the chair upright and have our chat, that I noticed Laurie’s sandal had slipped off. Then I  noticed her foot was tapping. Or was that a tremor? Oh oh! Soon the chair was going up, and I moved around to face her. 
The Parkinson’s diagnosis had been made only three weeks prior. What had begun only a month or two before as some minor difficulty in performing her handwork skills - something her employees had noticed and encouraged her to get checked out – was  now the chilling unknown future. Before those “three weeks ago”, Parkinson’s was not anything you might give much thought to. Now that had become learning too much about a condition,  but at the same time not enough, so that everything was scary and uncertain. 
Laurie said her husband was terrified after searching the internet for information about the diagnosis. But through her describing this, Laurie’s actions showed how special a person she is by  demonstrating patience in dealing with her lifechanging diagnosis while at the same time reassuring her husband. By this time we were standing. Time could have stood still. Her lip quivered  and our hands were clasped as she told me her story and I shared my mother’s experience dealing with Parkinson’s. Tears were in her eyes, and three persons in the room felt their hearts in their throats. 
Time started to move once more.  I hugged a patient today. It was the right thing to do.