The Editors:

Northwest Dentistry congratulates all the participants in the Ninth Annual "Art of Dentistry" Photo Exhibition at this year's Star of the North Meeting, April 11-12.  Our "Gallery" applauds the continuing growth of the exhibition and the depth of talent among our members.

Editors' note:  Dr. Larry Squillace received an Honorable Mention ribbon for his photo "Foggy Morning", which is our "Heading Home" image in this issue.

"Not on My Rock!"  Second Place

David A. Linde, DDS

Prior Lake, Minnesota

"I was on a live-aboard dive trip to Galapagos, Ecuador last August. We had stopped at a small island to see the sea lions, iguanas, seals, and birds. Looking down about 50 feet from the top of a cliff, my friend suggested I take some photos of the gulls. The bird on the left landed maybe 15 feet below us and immediately picked a fight with the one already there - lots of pecking and flapping! I liked the translucent lighting on their feathers and the contrast of orange feet against the black and white of everything else."

"End of Season"  Third Place

David A. Linda, DDS

Prior Lake, Minnesota

"I took this shot at my home on Prior Lake last October. Afternoon rain, then clouds breaking low to create the glow on the fall foliage. On seeing the sailboat, I grabbed my camera, then was amazed to see a bald eagle had landed on an island nearby. Even better, the boat was heading slowly toward the island over the calm water. It couldn't have presented better."

"Hallstat, Austria"  Honorable Mention

David A. Linde, DDS

Prior Lake, Minnesota

In June of 2004, Dr. Linde was meeting his daughter Sarah at the end of her college choir trip. Crossing the lake by ferry to reach Hallstat, rain kept everyone inside, so the camera went up against the window. Even so, "most of hallstat is seen in the photo since the town is snuggled along the edge of the lake next to steep mountains. The one road into the town comes through a tunnel."

"Jellyfish"  Honorable Mention

Roger A. Mondale, DDS

Minnetonka, Minnesota

Dr. Mondale is a perennial presence in our Gallery, and is this year's first place winner with the remarkable image on our cover. And the jellyfish? "Actually, this was kind of easy," he confessed. "I was at an aquariam in Los Angeles, and put my camera up against the glass. The challenge was their constant motion, and shooting with available light."

"Antelope Canyon"  Honorable Mention

John M. Gorton, DDS

Staples, Minnesota

Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon near Page, Arizona, its interesting stone formations caused by ages of flash flooding. The canyon can be dangerous because of this, and every so often someone does get trapped by the water. The canyon is about 130 feet deep and extends about 150 yards. The sunlight only shines down to the floor fromabout 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. "The photo was especially challenging because the canyon was quite dark and the sunlight so very bright." But how beautiful.

"Fourth of July"  Honorable Mention

Lynn Lanphear

Ogilvy, Minnesota

Houston, we have another confession. "Okay," said winner Lynn Lanphear, "it wasn't the Fourth of July. My husband is a pyrotechnician, and we were at the Pyrotechnic Convention in Fargo. I got to sit at the announcer's table, and had the best view ever." Works for us.

"Mao's Rowboat"  Honorable Mention

Jay White

Apple Valley, Minnesota

China's Forbidden City was built in the 1400's, its huge marble and other stone pieces moved manually over roads flooded in winter to coat them with ice. This shot was taken on the Golden Stream, which is shaped symbolically in the form of a Tartar's bow. "The boat," said Jay, "made a perfect contrast to the magnificence of the setting."