July-August 2014
Volume 93 - Number 4

Find Your Way by the Star of the North

Development of a National TMJ Implant Registry and Repository - NICDR's TIRR

The Thought That Counts

Golden: Recognizing the MDA's 25-Year Members and Retirees

Heading Home

A place, a face, a day of grace. Another odyssey complete


How to Contribute to "Heading Home"


Northwest Dentistry's newest feature, "Heading Home", appears on the final page of each issue.  As described in its initial appearance, "Heading Home" encompasses "the unclassifiable, category-resistant thoughts and images that arrive to tell us about ourselves and stay until we can hear them. Northwest Dentistry believes there should be a place where these things can be discovered, shared, and appreciated..." It can be a picture, or a thousand words. Draw something, or send us an idea and we'll draw it. Poetry, favorite quotes, words to live by, reflections, inflections, even advice. So when you're thinking, think of us. Submissions may go to the MDA Central Office via fax at (651) 646-8246; e-mail at cembertson@mndental.org; or regular mail addressed to Northwest Dentistry, Minnesota Dental Association,

1335 Industrial Boulevard, Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN55413-4801



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