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Summary of the Actions of the 2007 MDA House of Delegates

The Minnesota Dental Association’s 2007 House of Delegates meeting, held September 7-8 at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC) in Duluth, Minnesota, adopted the follow resolutions:

• Directed the MDA to develop a new “sour candy” public relations program, to be modeled after the “Sip All Day, Get Decay” soft drink program. The new program will develop an appropriate slogan, brochures, posters, and related materials for dental offices to provide to patients, and will inform the public through the media of the dangers of excessive sour candy consumption.

• Directed the MDA to encourage dentists who are members of the Association to consider disallowing their names to be included on “top dentist”-type lists. All member dentists will be sent a copy of the ADA’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct with a cover letter formulated by the Constitution, Bylaws and Ethics Committee asking them to not participate in such lists. The House further directed the MDA to include a “boiler-plate” letter on its Web site for dentists to use and send to the appropriate media requesting that the dentist’s name not be used in any “top dentists” publications.

• Directed the MDA to have a goal to increase the number of enrolled CADP clinics to at least 250, with the number of CADP dentists increased to at least 400 by the end of 2008.

• Directed the MDA to support the development of a new type of dental worker, called a “Community Dental Health Coordinator“ (CDHC), in Minnesota. The new coordinators would complete 18 months of training and would work under dentist supervision in health and community settings such as schools, churches, senior citizen centers, Head Start programs, and other public health settings, with people similar to their own ethnic/cultural background. They would promote oral health and provide basic preventive services, particularly in rural areas and low income communities. The House further directed the MDA to seek necessary legislative or rule changes to allow this new type of dental worker to perform various intraoral procedures, if one or more Minnesota sites first receives funding to test the “Community Dental Health Coordinator” concept. A resolution from 2001 and 2002 opposing the creation and licensure of a mid-level dental practitioner was amended to include performance of surgical procedures in the definition of mid-level dental practitioners opposed by the MDA.

• Directed the MDA to provide educational and other opportunities for members in order to expand collaborative partnerships between dentists and dental hygienists under which Head Start preschool children receive preventive oral health services at their school or community center from a dental hygienist and are then referred to a collaborating dentist for necessary treatment. The House further directed the MDA to include in its legislative agenda the seeking of legislation to increase the reimbursement rates for dental procedures to make them more in line with current marketplace rates so that dentists could in turn treat more public program patients; if funds are not so available, increased reimbursement rates for services provided to children should be sought.

• Directed the MDA Board or Trustees to develop a legislative strategy in conjunction with appropriate committees, districts, and groups, following policies adopted by the House of Delegates, as well as information and advice from the ADA, health care reform recommendations from legislative and gubernatorial work groups, and other legislative processes and political considerations. The Board of Trustees was also directed to provide information about MDA legislative activities and priorities to members via publications and meetings so that members will be better able to communicate with policymakers. The House further directed the MDA to hold another “Dental Day at the Capitol” in 2008 and to strongly encourage a large dentist attendance.

• Directed the MDA to continue its partnership with the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and the Board of Dentistry to revise the law that prohibits the Board from disqualifying internationally-educated dentists of non-accredited dental schools from taking a clinical board examination solely on that basis, and to help, support, and encourage internationally-educated dentists through outreach.

• Directed the MDA to hire and maintain an exclusive, full-time lobbyist/government relations person who would attend Board of Trustees meetings when deemed appropriate and be available for questions and discussion by the Board, with any fiscal impact associated with the hiring of the new lobbyist/government relations person being addressed by a dues increase of up to $50 per member.

• Directed the MDA Dental Marketplace Committee to study the potential illegal practice of dentistry by third parties and report back to the 2008 House of Delegates.

• Directed the MDA to develop and maintain an appropriate level of reserves relative to its current and future financial obligations while providing optimal membership value. The target balance in this fund shall be 40% of the MDA annual budgeted operating expenses, consistent with the ADA policy for its reserve fund. Funds in excess of this balance will be reported back to the House of Delegates.

• Amended MDA Bylaws Chapter VI, Section 7F, to delete the line stating that the Speaker be required to cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie.

• Amended MDA Articles of Incorporation, Article IV, Office, to include the new office address, as follows:

1335 Industrial Boulevard, Suite 200, MinneapolisMinnesota55413

• Amended MDA Bylaws, Chapter II, Section 2A, to set MDA membership dues at $795 for 2008.

• Directed the MDA to annually share income from royalty programs with component district dental societies. The first twenty percent of non-dues revenue will go to the MDA, and the remaining 80% will be divided evenly between the MDA and component district dental societies, with the amount allocated to each district to be determined by the number of members in that district. For a district to participate in the non-dues revenue sharing program, they must sign a participation agreement with the MDA whereby the district would agree to support the MDA non-dues revenue sharing programs and not endorse any competing programs. The districts can support the MDA by including information about the endorsed programs in their newsletters and on their Web sites, providing free booth space to the MDA for non-TDIC vendor information at district meetings, and providing endorsed vendors with the opportunity to make brief presentations at district meetings when appropriate to the agenda.

• Amended MDA Bylaws, Chapter V, Section 11, Action Without a Meeting, to allow meetings to be held either partially or solely via remote communication provided that all notice and quorum requirements are met.

• Directed the MDA Board of Trustees to provide at least semi-annual reports to the membership describing actions taken by the Association on adopted resolutions, and directed the MDA President to give an annual report to the House of Delegates describing actions taken on all adopted resolutions until they are fulfilled.

• Directed the MDA to develop a standard performance review system for employees and contractors and report back on its implementation to the 2008 House of Delegates.

• Directed the MDA to establish a Task Force to investigate future technological needs and the resources required, including but not limited to remote communication and new online member services.

• Adopted a budget for 2008.

The House of Delegates also:

• Recommended that the names of Dr. Dean Singsank and Dr. Clayton Shepard be sent to the Governor to be considered for appointment to a four-year term on the Minnesota Board of Dentistry.

• Elected Dr. Donna Stenberg (Stillwater) to fill the vacated second term as Saint Paul District Trustee.

• Elected Dr. Michael Flynn (Winona) to a second term as Southeastern District Trustee.

• Elected Dr. Roger Sjulson (Fosston) to a second term as Northwestern District Trustee.

• Elected Mr. Brad Anderson (Little Canada) as Student District Trustee, to begin April 1, 2008.

• Elected Dr. Lee Jess (Grand Rapids) as President-Elect, Dr. R. Bruce Templeton (Edina) as First Vice-President, and Dr. Timothy Flor (Waseca) as Second Vice-President.

• Installed 2007-2008 MDA officers and trustees, including incoming President Dr. Jamie Sledd (Maple Grove).

• Elected Dr. Jamie Sledd, Dr. Timothy Flor, and Dr. Michael Flynn to three-year terms as delegates to the ADA House of Delegates beginning in 2008.

• Elected Drs. Robert Gardetto (Big Lake), Patrick Lloyd (Minneapolis), John Nei (Alexandria), and the Second Vice-President to be elected by the 2008 House of Delegates to one-year terms as alternate delegates to the ADA House of Delegates in 2008.

The House of Delegates was pleased to recognize the outstanding contributions of its members and to confer special honors on the following individuals. The House officially:

• Presented Dr. George Winn with the President’s Award. Dr. Winn is a past president of the MDA and has served on various committees during his 41 years of membership, most recently sitting on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Dental Foundation. He and his wife Joan reside in New Prague.

• Announced that Dr. Ryan Ritchie (DetroitLakes) was presented a Certificate of Appreciation at the School of Dentistry Honor’s Day in May for his service as Trustee from the Student District.

• Announced that Dr. Donald Erickson will be sent a Certificate of Appreciation for his service as Trustee to the Saint Paul District.

• Honored outgoing MDA President Dr. Richard Wiberg (Mahtomedi) with the Past President’s Award from the ADA, a Certificate of Appreciation from the MDA, and the MDA Past President’s pin.

The next House of Delegates has been set for September 19-20, 2008, at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott Hotel, Bloomington.

Copyright 2007. Minnesota Dental Association

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