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January-February 2010

Minnesota Dental Association

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Heading Home Jan-Feb 2010

The Editors

To Serve and protect.

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Minnesota District News: January-February 2010

Associate Editors

Midwinter on both sides of the river; Saint Paul office moves; missives from the frozen-er north; true, false, or a little of both from the Southeastern District

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What's a Dentist to Do? Failure

Jack L. Churchill, D.D.S.*

Report from the Committee on Ethics, Bylaws and Constitution.

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Saints I Have Known

William E Stein, D.D.S.*

Haiti 2010 and the power of one, plus one, plus one...

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Entering a New Decade

Edward J. Vigna, D.D.S.*

Report from the Trustee to the Tenth District of the American Dental Association.

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President's Message: Got Leadership Skills?

R. Bruce Templeton, D.D.S.*

A torch to pass...

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RM Matters: Drug Seekers

Taiba Solaiman, RDA*

Practice Management


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Examining Your Investment Beliefs in a Volatile Market

Steven C. Finkelstein, CFP and Joel Greenwald, M.D., CFP*

Practice Management

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Will Your Clinic Be in Compliance With the Safe Patient Handling Law by July 1, 2010?

Jill Kelby, PT, CEA*

How to prepare for compliance with the Safe Patient Handling Law

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Management of Oral Complications from Radiation and Chemotherapy

Nelson L. Rhodus, D.M.D., M.P.H.*

Clinical Case Report

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"Doctor, Why Does My Tooth Still Hurt"

Alan S. Law, D.D.S., Ph.D.*, Emily Utoft Durand, RDH, RF**, D. Brad Rindal, D.D.S.†, and Donald R. Nixdorf, D.D.S., M.S.‡ for the DPBRN Group

Clinical Feature

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The Silo Story

Alan Russell, D.D.S.*

This will be as brief a history as possible about the Missouri Harvestor Silo project being pursued by MDA members Alan Russell and Tom Bruss.  AR

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After Hours at the House of Delegates

Howard W. Taylor, D.D.S.*


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Promise to Presence

The Editors

Updating the dental service at the U of M Veterinary Medical Center

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Internet Defamation and Other e-Attacks on a Dentist’s Professional Reputation

Angela M. Lutz Amann, Esq.,* and David B. Gates, Esq.**

Cover Feature

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