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May - 2010

Heading Home - May-June 2010

The Editors

Wings over water, and a fitting close to the professional year.

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Minnesota District News - May-June 2010

Associate Editors

Saint Paul takes inventory and makes an offer; West Central goes hands-on; Southeastern plans (wait for it) a toga party; there's no place like the Northwestern District.

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Moving Minnesota Government Policies From a "C" to an "A": Helping Children Grow Up Caries Free

Patricia Glasrud, M.P.H.*

Guest Editorial: Response to the PEW Center on the States report.

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News Notes

The Editors

Recruiting patients for smoking cessation program at the University of Minnesota.

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Editorial: Life in the Bait Ball

William e. Stein, D.D.S.*

Sometimes no matter how fast you spin, the jig is up

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The Work at Hand

Edward J. Vigna, D.D.S.*

Report from the Trustee to the Tenth District of the American Dental Association

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What's a Dentist to Do? Joey Didn't Know

Jack L. Churchill, D.D.S.*

Report from the Committee on Ethics, Bylaws and Constitution

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Causes and Treatment of Root Resorption

Thomas D. Larson, D.D.S., M.S.D.*

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Disaster Preparedness Visits the Capitol, or Passing a Bill Where Everyone Gets to Wear a White Hat

Frederick W. Nolting, D.D.S*

In order to avoid controversy, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing, and for goodness sake DO NOT take part in the legislative process.
F.W. Nolting

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Right from the Start: A New Initiative for Children's Oral Health Part Two: 60,000 Babies

Christopher E. Carroll, D.M.D.,* Teresa L. Fong, D.D.S.,** and James D. Nickman, D.D.S.†

Part Two: 60,000 Babies

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The Editors

"Art of Dentistry" photo exhibition winners

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A Passion to Explore

Minnesota Dental Association Star of the North

The Minnesota Dental Association's 2010 Star of the North Meeting

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May-June 2010

Minnesota Dental Association

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