Northwest Dentistry
Journal of the Minnesota Dental Association

Jan - 2011

What's a Dentist to Do? Shame

Jack L. Churchill, D.D.S.*

Report from the Committee on Ethics, Bylaws and Constitution

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Why the Internet Matters

Joseph J. Garven

Social Media...Part Two

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Pitfalls in Full Mouth Implant Dentistry: Part One:

Walter Warpeha, Jr., D.D.S., M.S.D., FACP*

Pitfalls in Full Mouth Implant Dentistry

Part One: Perceptions versus Evidence in Prosthodontic Treatment Planning; A Limited Literature Review


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Understanding the Adolescent: The Gateway to Oral Health Promotion

Dennis N. Ranalli* and Deborah Studen-Pavlich**

The challenging patient population in the second decade of the 21st century

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Return to Haiti 2010: Pestilence, Politics, and Pedodontics

William E Stein, D.D.S.*

Taking caring to the next level

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Heading Home: We Are Stardust

Sue Miller, and William E. Stein

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News Notes- January-February 2011

The Editors

Minnesota Dentists Fill All Three Contract Positions at the Largest Army Base in Europe.

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District News - January-February 2011

Associate Editors

New clinical explorations for the Student District; Saint Paul and Southern Districts celebrate Midwinter; Northeastern goes back to school and break-dances in bow ties; Southeastern puts it in cruise control; Grand Rounds and Town Meetings up north; and winter sets its own rules in the West Central

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Resolved for 2011

Edward J Vigna, D.D.S.*

Report from the Trustee to the Tenth District of the American Dental Association

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Presidents Message: Change You Would Like to See

Timothy J. Flor, D.D.S.*

Mid-year report on Association activities

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