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Sep - 2009

Heading Home - September-October 2009

Susan Miller, Managing Editor

A visit from meteorologists past

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Minnesota District News: September-October 2009

Associate Editors

A major merger out of Saint Paul; Annual Meetings from points east, west, north, and south; House of Delegates reporting; and something Ghostley this way comes...

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Minnesota News: September-October 2009

The Editors

Summary of Actions of the 2009 MDA House of Delegates

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Guest Editorial: Dental Therapy: An Opportunity for Change

Karl Self, D.D.S., MBA*

Now dental professionals have a unique opportunity to work together

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Editorial: Oldies and Old Friends

Wililam E. Stein, D.D.S.*

Now the baby-boomers can say, "Just wait 'til it's your turn".

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The More Things Change

Edward J. Vigna, D.D.S.*

Report from the Trustee to the Tenth District of the American Dental Association

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President's Message: Horizon Lines

R. Bruce Templeton, D.D.S.*

Our new MDA president signs in

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Dentist Concerned for Dentists - September-October 2009

The Editors

Dentists Concerned for Dentists report

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Lessons Learned?

Frederick W. Nolting, D.D.S.*

H1N1 update

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What's a Dentist to Do? For Whom the Bell Tolls

Jack L. Churchill, D.D.S.*

Report from the Committee on Ethics, Bylaws and Constitution

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"Heading Home" Redux

Nelson L. Rhodus, D.M.D., M.P.H. and The Editors

Northwest Dentistry wants and needs your contributions to "Heading Home". Share what you've been up to; your adventure can be the seed of inspiration for the Next Guy. After all, the last page of this journal is where the next one begins.

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News Notes: September-October 2009

The Editors

MAGD 2009 Inductees

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Tooth Wear: When to Treat, How, and Why

Thomas D. Larson, D.D.S., M.S.D.*

Part One: Definition and direction

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The Effects of Collaboration in a Progressive Rural Dental Model

Michael Zakula, D.D.S.* and Jerome Pedersen, D.D.S.**

A 10-year journey from idea to institution.

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Growing Your Practice in Today's Slow (or No) Growth Economy

Thomas Junnila, CCIM*

Location, location, re-location - and how to do it

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