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January - February 2008
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The Northwestern District's Steve Eck heads even farther north; a voice from Christmas past; heads up for the new year; and a passle of parties.

Southern District

Gregory P. Miller
Associate Editor
1140 South Avenue
North Mankato, MN 56003

A Christmas Story to Keep

I have found that dentists are very intense and passionate about their hobbies. Recently I had the opportunity to visit with one dentist with just such an intensity and commitment to his particular life-long hobby.

Dr. David Osdoba is a retired dentist whose hobby is building model train lay-outs. Recently I had the privilege to visit his home one evening, and Dave shared his private world of model trains.

In the lower level of Dave’s home, in a room about 42 feet by 27 feet, a huge plywood platform stood four feet off the floor. Here and there were model train tracks in different stages of development. At various locations throughout the room there were gigantic bridges and buildings made of intricate narrow pieces of wood and metal. Each elaborate structure obviously took countless hours to construct.

Around the perimeter of this large wooden platform was a narrow aisle just wide enough for a person to walk. At strategic places throughout the layout there were small holes where 78-year-old Dave could pop through from underneath and climb around on the platform to do his labors. A small wheeled stool close to the floor provided Dave with the means to scoot around a labyrinth of two-by-fours that supported his platform. Filling much of the subterranean space were boxes containing railroad cars and other unknown model train parts.

Dave began constructing this gigantic railroad playground around Christmas 2006, and he plans on completing it by Christmas of 2008, although I get the feeling that a project like this will never be totally done. There will always be some feature to add to it just to keep the fun going.

I forgot to mention these railroad cars are not the small ones that most of us remember from our childhoods. They are called “garden railroads” because they were designed to be set up outside and are somewhere between 1/20th and 1/32nd the size of the real thing. The best I could figure, each railroad car was about six inches tall and 18 to 24 inches long. (Dave will probably cringe at my inexactness when he reads this.)

Dave’s interest in model trains began when he was five years old. In fact, he still has that first “wind-up” train from some 73 years ago. However, the childhood train that he remembers the most is the one he got at around 10 years of age. He walked past a local hardware store almost every day and admired a beautiful Lionel train that was going round and round on its track in the window. Dave tried to convince his father to buy the set before it wore out from running in the store all day, every day. Finally, two weeks before Christmas, Dave’s father agreed to buy the train set, but he made young Dave agree to keep it wrapped and not even look at it until Christmas Day arrived. Today Dave appreciates the sacrifice his father made buying a train set for $22.50 when his income at the time was only $30 a week.

There were times in Dave’s life when he couldn’t spend as much time on his trains as he does now. He had a career to tend to and a wife and six children to support. Dave graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 1954. He married his wife, Donna, in 1955 during a two-year stint at the Great Lakes Naval Base before starting a private dental practice in Mankato. I am amazed at how understanding Donna must be of Dave’s model train passion. She let him consume a good share of their yard for his previous model train set-up. Now, after moving into a new house two years ago, she has agreed to sacrifice almost the entire basement to his hobby!

I am looking forward to seeing Dave’s gigantic creation when it’s completed about a year from now. I can only imagine all the intricate details and colorful scenery. Dr. Osdoba will be sitting at his master control booth flipping switches to control the path of his trains as whistles will be blowing and the wheels will be making a clackety-clack sound on the metal track. It’s going to be a wondrous sight!


Southeastern District

Travis A. Schmitt
Associate Editor
204 4th Street SW, Suite 144
Austin, MN 55912-4427

SEDDDS/ZVDS Spring Meeting To Tackle Major Issue

One of the big issues currently facing the profession of dentistry is the proposed advanced dental hygiene practitioner (ADHP). The ADHP would be able to perform restorative functions (prepare teeth for fillings) in addition to his or her regular hygiene duties. The ADHP represents a giant leap in responsibility for a hygienist, who is predominantly trained in soft tissue management and not predominantly trained in restorative care. The ADHP is being advocated by some groups as a way to help solve the continuing access to care problem. While it seems obvious from our standpoint that this is not a solution to the access problem, this argument may be an effective tool to “bend the ear” of legislators who may not be informed.

Quality of care is the primary concern. If the caries on tooth #30 extends into the pulp, is the ADHP qualified to begin endodontic therapy?

Will the ADHP be placing fillings when other treatments (such as a crown) would have a better prognosis for the patient?

Where will be the ADHP be performing these services? Mobile clinics? Community clinics? Their own offices?

Questions like these are important.

That is why it is extremely important for dentists to make sure their legislators know about these concerns. To easily reach your legislator, you may go to the Minnesota Dental Association website and sign in, then go to the legislative line, where you will find a list of Minnesota legislators. You can then e-mail, write, or call. And you are strongly encouraged to invite them to a personal, face-to-face meeting to follow up.

Don’t fall into the trap of, “Oh well, someone else will take care of it.” Just remember, if you want it done right, do it yourself!

This discussion, along with other “current issues in dentistry”, will take place at the March 7th meeting. Please come to learn about this and other important matters! Your future is dependent on what you do in the present.


SEDDS/ZVDS Spring Meeting
Friday, March 7, 2008

Ramada Hotel and Conference Center
Rochester, MN

For the Entire Staff!

8:15 a.m.:     Registration - coffee and rolls provided
9:00 a.m.:    
Kevin L. Rieck, D.D.S., M.D. on “The Complex
Implant Patient”
10:00 a.m.:   
Steve Shuman, D.D.S., M.D. on “Update on Medical-Dental Management Concerns in Older Adults”
11:00 a.m.:   
Peggy Simonson, R.D.H., B.S. on “New Tips for Managing Older Patients”
12:00 a.m.:   
SEDDS and MDA Officers and Staff on “Current Issues
in Dentistry”
12:45 p.m.:    Lunch – sandwich and soup buffet

4 CE Units
Cost: $60.00 per person
Limited Seating – Register Early!

For further information, please contact Dr. Duane Price at (507) 288-2539 or at 615 16th Street SW, Rochester, MN 55902.



Minneapolis District

James D. Nickman
Associate Editor
500 Osbourne Road, Suite 345
Fridley, MN 55432

In Memory: Dr. Erwin Schaffer

The Minneapolis District Dental Society recognizes the passing of long-time member Dr. Erwin Schaffer, legendary dean of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, with our deepest sympathies to his family, friends, and colleagues. Because Dr. Schaffer truly belonged to the wider world, Northwest Dentistry has devoted space for eulogizing “The Dean” in both its News Notes (page 4) and Feature departments (page 25). Please join us all in remembering a man who was truly one of a kind.William Gregory Lawton, Associate Editor

2007 Midwinter Standing Room Only

More than 450 member dentists, dental students, and staff joined in the 82nd Annual Minneapolis District Midwinter Dental Meeting Friday, December 7, 2007 at the Minneapolis Marriott Southwest Hotel in Minnetonka. The reviews we heard declared the meeting is certain to return to this venue next year. Co-sponsored by the Minnesota Student District Dental Society, the day began with a hot breakfast buffet and mingling time with colleagues and sponsors in the exhibit hall. Then attention turned to guest speaker Dr. John Molinari.

If you were not there, you missed out! Dr. Molinari provided an outstanding presentation on the updated CDC infection control guidelines; pandemics and what can be done to prepare for them; precautions to take traveling abroad; appropriate vaccinations for health care professionals; and a myriad of other topics. Dr. Molinari provided one of the best and most practical lectures participants have heard in years from what they told the organizers of the meeting.

Thanks go to Midwinter Program Committee Chair Melissa S. Zettler and committee members Joann Boraas, Sandra Houck, Stephen Nelson, James Nickman, Michael Perpich, Karen Reese, Herbert Schulte, Chester Schultz, Clayton Shepard, Tasha Strait, Jess Veil, and Mr. Paul Peterson for working so diligently to produce another fine meeting. Brava as well to Mary Huttenlocher and Candy Hazen, representing the assistants and hygienists, respectively.

Forty-one commercial companies supported the meeting with financial contributions as well as their attendance in the exhibit hall. We extend our sincere appreciation for their support. A special Thank You as well for making it possible for the dental, dental hygiene, and dental assisting students to attend.
3M-Espe Dental Products Division
4 Med Systems, Inc.
AFTCO Associates
Allied Professional Dental Staffing
American Dental Partners
BENCO Dental Supply Company, Inc.
Boos Dental Laboratory
Casey, Menden, Faust & Nelson, P.A.
Dentsply Caulk
Designs for Vision, Inc.

Dyste Williams Agency

Excel Dental Studios
Gateway Bank
Hayes Handpiece Repair
Hermanson Dental – a  DTI Company
Jackson Spah Dental Studio, Inc.
Junnila Company, Inc.
Karkela Construction, Inc.
Kerr – Orascoptic
LaMoure Group
Maguire & Strickland Refining, Inc.
Marcus Dental Supply Company
Meuwissen, Flygare, Kadrik & Assoc.
Orascoptic Research
Patterson Dental Supply, Inc.
PEB – Professional Economics Bureau of America, Inc.
Peoples Bank of Commerce
Philips Sonicare
Procter & Gamble – Crest/Oral B
Renstrom Dental Studio, Inc.
Saber Dental Studio
Sabo Dental Lab, Inc.
Shea Practice Transitions, P.A.
Sjoquist Architects, Inc.
Sullivan-Schein Dental, Inc.
TDIC Insurance Solutions, Inc.
Trachsel Dental Studio, Inc.
Union Gospel Mission
US Bank
Virchow, Krause & Company, LLP
Wells Fargo Insurance Services

Please mark Friday, December 1, 2008 for the 83rd Annual Minneapolis District Dental Society Midwinter Dental Meeting for the entire team. Five core continuing education credits will be given. The meeting will be at the Minneapolis Marriott Southwest Hotel in Minnetonka.

Next General Assembly March 13

We are pleased to have Dr. Michael Reiff join us to provide the latest information on treating autistic dental patients in the dental office. Dr. Reiff is a physician at the University of Minnesota and has treated autistic patients for many years. Bring your staff: every dental practice and staff member could benefit from this lecture.

The registration form is in the February Brush-Up. If you need a form, please contact the District office at (651) 631-9845, or www.mdds@mplsdds.org under calendar and events.

Installation of Officers and Guest of Honor Evening

MDDS’ 2008 Installation of Officers and Guest of Honor Evening will be Thursday, April 17, at the Golden Valley Country Club. Officers for the upcoming year are James D. Nickman, president; Alejandro Aguirre, president-elect; vice-president, yet to be named; and Gary A. Bolmgren, secretary/treasurer. The Guest of Honor Recognition Award will be presented to Bashar Bakdash for all his years of service to the dental profession. Please plan on attending to honor these members as they take office for the 2007-2008 year. We will also be honoring the District’s Past Presidents at this event. Please plan on attending this wonderful event, get reacquainted with colleagues you have not seen in awhile, enjoy the hors‘d oeuvres, wine, dinner, and program.

Summer Sporting Events

The MDDS Golf Tournament has been scheduled for Monday, August 11 at Golden Valley Golf Club in Eden Prairie, a new location this year. The tournament has never been held at this venue, and we are thrilled they have agreed to schedule our event. The event will kick off with a delicious lunch before a 1:00 p.m. shotgun start. This event is open to all MDA members statewide, so plan a trip to the cities and join us! As always, there will be lots of prizes and special events for all participants.

The annual Trapshoot Tournament is set for Wednesday, August 20. We will be returning to the Metro Gun Club in Blaine. The day will culminate with a gourmet wild game dinner and prizes. For those who have not participated in awhile (or never have), join us! This is an event not to be missed…even for the novice. Everyone is welcome to enjoy or famous wild game dinner even if you are not in the tournament.

The Greater Twin Cities Tennis Mixer will be Wednesday, September 3 at the Bearpath Golf and Country Club in Eden Prairie, and will include members from both MDDS and the Saint Paul District Dental Society. Play is on outdoor clay courts; all competition is doubles. Play will go from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m., with dinner following. Players from novice to advanced are encouraged to come.

Registration forms for all summer events will be in upcoming issues of the Brush-Up.

Welcome, New Members

Congratulations to the newest members of our District. Please give them a call, invite them to join you at an upcoming district meeting, or take a new member to lunch. Let’s welcome them to the Minneapolis District!

Christopher A. Lebo, D.D.S.
Rachel T. Meyer
, D.D.S.
Sonja Munozlatorr
e, D.D.S.
Laura Sellinger
, D.D.S.

Upcoming Programs and Events
Thursday, March 13, 2008
General Assembly Meeting

Speaker: Dr. Michael Reiff
Subject: “Treating the Autistic Dental Patient”

Golden Valley Golf and Country Club
Golden Valley, Minnesota

Thursday, April 17, 2008
Annual Installation of Officers and Guest of Honor Evening

2008 Guest of Honor: Bashar Bakdash, D.D.S.

Golden Valley Golf and Country Club
Golden Valley, Minnesota

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 – Tentative Date
MDDS Caucus Meeting

All Members Welcome

Golden Valley Golf and Country Club
Golden Valley, Minnesota

Monday, August 11, 2008
Minneapolis District Golf Tournament

Open to All MDA Members

Golden Valley Golf and Country Club
Golden Valley, Minnesota

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Trapshoot Event

Metro Gun Club

Blaine, Minnesota

Wednesday, September 3, 2007
Greater Twin Cities Tennis Event

NEW LOCATION: Bearpath Golf and Country Club

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Friday, September 19 and
Saturday, September 20, 2008
MDA House of Delegates

Minneapolis Airport Marriott Hotel

Bloomington, Minnesota

Friday, December 5, 2008
83rd Annual Midwinter Dental Meeting

Special Guest Speaker: TBA
Minneapolis Marriott Southwest Hotel

Minnetonka, Minnesota

Northwestern District

John E. Lueth
Associate Editor
P.O. Box 310
Bemidji, MN 56619

Dr. Steve Eck in Alaska

Alaska, land of three million lakes (unlike Minnesota, too many to advertise on their license plates!), one fifth the size of the lower 48 states, and with one eighth the population of Minnesota … often described as the Last Frontier. It is a part of the world very different in many ways from the Northwestern District, but home to many people with a similar spirit of adventure and self reliance. That is probably why it attracts many Minnesotans to its wildness and beauty. One of these Minnesotans is Steve Eck.

Dr. Eck grew up in our district, northwest of the small town of Gonvick. He attended Bemidji State College, completing pre-dental requirements in two years, then on to the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. Completing school in six years (class of ’69), Steve was practicing dentistry by age 23!

After a number of years practicing in Pine City, it was time for a change. Retirement!? Taking a year off, Dr. Eck built a post-and-beam log home on land outside Gonvick — a marvelous, grand structure, it truly reflects the magnificence of the North Woods. (It would also fit nicely into an Alaskan wilderness landscape!)

After taking the year to complete his North Woods retreat, Steve returned to practice. For approximately a year, he answered the call to provide much needed dental care at the Leech Lake Reservation Indian Health
Service Dental Clinic in Cass Lake.

After helping out there, Steve reduced his commute to practice with district member Kurt Albright in Fosston, also for about a year. It was there, and at retirement age, that a familiar call to the attractions of Alaska prompted Steve to take a bigger step and check in to actually living in one of his favorite areas. (Dr. Eck had been traveling to Alaska to hunt and fish since he began practice.)

Now living in Wasilla, about 35 miles north of Anchorage, with his wife Karie, Steve has done what many of us fantasize about but do not always do: Act on our dream!  Steve’s had been to spend more quality time in Alaska. Now he lives there year ‘round, commuting to the Southcentral Foundation’s Fireweed Dental Clinic, where he practices as a personal contract general dentist.

Wasilla is located in the Mat-Su Valley, named for the Russian “Matanuska” and Athabaskan “Susitna” rivers in the area. Matanuska Glacier is also visible from the highway. The valley, in south central Alaska, is about an hour’s drive north of Anchorage and south of Denali National Park and Reserve. According to Steve, it is a growing area in a huge, relatively flat valley with about 70,000 inhabitants, and has appealed to many people as a place to build a home. Average summer temperatures range in the mid to high 60s; winters in the mid 20s (practically tropical compared to Minnesota!), perhaps why many early settlers tried their hand at farming. Not as many remain, but it is obviously a good growing area, evidenced by the Mat-Su visitors’ website list of record-setting giant cabbages! Check out the 90-pounders!! They dwarf the children! You could survive an entire Arctic winter on one of those babies — if you like sauerkraut and pigs-in-a-blanket!

Other than monstrously large vegetables and other outdoor attractions, a fair portion of Steve’s time is spent at the Fireweed Dental Clinic in Anchorage. Under the authority of the Alaska Native Claims Act, which allows natives to operate their own health care delivery systems, the Southcentral Foundation was formed to provide medical care for its members. With funding through IHS in addition to its own foundation contributions, the corporation provides medical and dental services to members, covering a huge area for the state.

The Anchorage Service Unit (ASU) Dental Program literature describes the Alaska Area Native Health Service. With nine tribally operated service areas in Alaska, the ASU is the largest, with more than 130,000 eligible Alaska Natives and American Indians. The ASU Native birth rate is 30.1 per 1,000, while the national average is 14.5. Alaska Natives are moving to Anchorage from villages at the rate of 2,000 per year. And the caries rate among this population is approximately 2.5 times the national average. Most villages do not have fluoridated community water. Soda pop arrives in the village by the pallet…sometimes bumping the dental team off the flight! All reasons that the services are needed and the providers are kept busy.

ASU facilities include a campus with hospital, primary care facility, and two dental clinics, one at the Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC), the other the Fireweed Dental Clinic.

The Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage is the largest hospital in the Indian Health Service, with more than 1,500 employees. It is the tertiary care referral center for the Alaska Area Native Health Service as well as a teaching and research facility. There is a 24-month hospital-based ADA-accredited program which prepares career oriented dentists of the Indian Health Service for Senior Leadership Billets in the general practice career tract.

The ANMC Dental Service, a 23-chair dental clinic with two operating room suites, provides statewide services on a referral basis. Emergency dental care is provided 24 hours a day through the emergency room department. Oral surgery treats primarily trauma and wisdom tooth removal. Pedodontists handle small children with complex dental needs. There are one to three general dentists whose role is to handle all emergency dental care, working strictly to take people out of pain, and the ANMC primarily cares for school aged children with routine needs.

Dr. Eck practices in the Fireweed Clinic where the regularly scheduled dental care is provided. The clinic occupies two floors of a three-story building, with optometry on the other. Steve told the clinic folks he would probably stay two years or so, but they figured it was likely that he’d be there longer!

Among the notable features at Fireweed are 27 dental treatment chairs, electronic charting, digital X-rays, three oral surgery suites, three digital panoramic X-ray machines — and a heckuva nice view!

A staff of 140 includes 17 full-time general dentists, three oral surgeons, four pedodontists, an endodontist, a prosthodontist, and one orthodontist. There are nine hygienists, 53 dental assistants, and two registered nurse case managers. Dentists are hired as Public Health Commissioned Officers; Southcentral Foundation direct hires or on personal contract.

Dr. Eck’s overriding impression of the member patients is that they are truly appreciative of the care and are very nice to work with. Because patients rarely see the same dentist over time except for multiple appointment procedures, the clinic’s dental assistants introduce dentist to patient at each visit. The patients almost unfailingly tell the dentists how nice it is to meet them and shake their hands.

Most treatments are fully covered for members, with co-pays for some of the more expensive options such as full dentures and implants. Medicaid and private insurances may at times cover portions of the costs.

General dentists, either full- or part-time, have a fair degree of flexibility in their schedules. A part-timer like Steve will be involved with examinations, single appointment restorations, and extractions not requiring an oral surgeon. One benefit of part-time status Steve enjoys is being allowed to choose his “time in”. Under the right circumstances it would not be impossible to work the entire winter and then be off to enjoy the famous Alaskan summer! (There are sure to be dentists out there for whom the difference in pay from private practice is more than made up for by this flexibility and the allure of Alaskan adventures.) In general, the prosthodontists and endodontist take care of multiple appointment procedures, but full-time general dentists may also do some as well.

The patient treatment flow generally includes first an appointment with the hygienist and exam by the dentist and then appointments for any necessary restorative work by the appropriate Public Health Service practitioner or a contract dentist.

Outside of dentistry, there are so many things to enjoy about Alaska. Steve has been traveling there for more than 30 years to hunt. Non-residents are required to hire hunting guides for brown bear, goat, and sheep hunting, but having established residency after one year, Steve will pay less for licenses and is allowed to hunt on his own. Fishing includes salmon, trout, halibut, and many other species which can be pursued in streams, rivers, lakes, or the ocean, and it can be as good as it is challenging. The Talkeetna, for instance, is a glacially fed river, and therefore very silty. The water is not at all clear. Fish travel through these sections without spending time to feed, so the fisherman’s strategy is to find a clear tributary entering the river. The fish will stop in such areas to clean their gills, rest, feed, or even spawn, making this a most productive area for catching fish. When the fish are running, fishermen stand shoulder to shoulder jockeying for hard-fought advantage in location. Hence the term “Combat Fishing”.

The Kenai Peninsula is world renowned for its fishing. Most fishing in streams and rivers is for spawning salmon, and because there are several species of salmon, there is something running virtually from spring through to fall! Outdoor activities cover many possibilities also, and Steve said the berry picking ranks right up there! Of course, everyone has heard of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. And the Northern Lights are said to be truly spectacular.

So the next time you are musing about better days and finding a way, give a thought to how Dr. Steve Eck reinvented retirement and made his way — north.


Northeastern District

Gary Hedin
Associate Editor
927 Trettle Lane
Cloquet, MN 55720

As of This Writing …

Hello again! It’s time to check in on the Northeastern District and the events that have taken place over the last couple of months.

Winter is solidly upon us, and it has been a great one for winter sports enthusiasts. Everyone from skiers to snowmobilers has benefited from the thick layer of white stuff covering our yards, sidewalks, and trees. By the time you read this, hopefully you will have stopped writing 2007 on your checks and in your charts!

Home Again

All the way back in November an open house was held at the Kitchi Gammi Club to welcome our area’s newest orthodontist, Nathan Halstead, and his wife Corrina to the Northeastern District. Nathan is joining the orthodontic practice of  Jim Schweiger, located in the Medical Arts Building. There was a great turnout at the event, and we were treated to some amazing appetizers and tasty beverages. Nathan, Corrina, and their children Emma and Hans moved here from Portland, Oregon, where he previously practiced. Nathan received both his D.D.S. and M.S. from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. Please take the time to say hello to Nathan the next time you see him at a meeting or around town.

Oh, Deer

Another event that occurred in November was a New Dentist Mingler, held at Blackwoods Bar and Grille in Duluth. The turnout was a little less than expected, but that was likely due to the exodus of several newer dentists in the area to their respective deer hunting shacks for the hunting opener. Nonetheless, those who did attend enjoyed some good food and reportedly had a great time. Thank you to Chris Carlson for coordinating the event! I regret that I was not able to make it to this event, and thus there is no “evidence” of what transpired. As it turns out, I probably should have skipped deer hunting, since I harvested a total of zero pounds of venison this year.

All Kinds of Emergencies

In early December the Northeastern District welcomed Dr. Steve DeKoster to Northland Country Club, where he gave a day-long presentation on CEREC technology. Dr. DeKoster maintains a private practice in Hutchinson, Minnesota and has been utilizing the CEREC system since 1998. He is a certified CEREC trainer and has lectured and trained dentists throughout the country. I was unable to attend the presentation due to an emergency pheasant hunting trip to South Dakota, but heard through the grapevine that Steve gave a very good presentation.

A Worthy Choice

Congratulations to Mike Miskovich, the 2007/08 recipient of the Northeastern District’s Guest of Honor Award! Mike is a past-president of both the Northeastern District Dental Society and the Itasca Dental Society. He serves on the Give Kids a Smile committee of the MDA, and is a member of the Duluth Dental Forum. In addition, Mike is active in St. Joseph’s Church and serves on the Itasca County YMCA Board. Mike and his wife Elizabeth have raised five children and enjoy spending time with them in addition to doing all the great outdoor things that Grand Rapids is so well known for. He currently practices with his son Peter. The award was given out at a special lunch presentation during the December NEDDS meeting.

Don’t Ask Me

The Northeastern District Midwinter Dinner Dance returned to Northland Country Club this year. It took place in the evening after Dr. DeKoster’s presentation, and rumor has it that all had a good time. I didn’t hear of any wild stories from the evening, but it’s very possible my sources are keeping “mum”. As the party started, I was just arriving in Hoven, South Dakota and getting pumped up for a few days of pheasant hunting. Judging by all the smiles in the pictures that Greg Kaake so graciously took for Northwest Dentistry, you all had a great night with good food, drinks, and dancing!

A Two-fer and a Ty

Finally, congratulations to the following couples and their new additions to the Northeastern District: Jeff and Anna Johnson welcomed baby Grant; Eileen and Michael Patterson welcomed twins Zachariah and Cleo; and Brian and Lisa McDonald had a baby boy named Ty.


Saint Paul District

Loren J. Taple
Associate Editor
Northwood Dental
1227 Northwood Parkway
Eagan, MN 55121

Wishing You a Spicy Life

The Saint Paul District Dental Society held its 54th Annual Midwinter Meeting January 4 at the Crowne Plaza Riverfront Hotel. The Midwinter Committee presented topics and speakers that appealed to all members of the dental team, and attendees were able to choose from ten breakfast seminars and eight morning speakers. In addition to the programs, the meeting offered attendees a wide variety of commercial exhibitors. Past SPDDS presidents and invited guests enjoyed gathering for an early morning breakfast prior to the seminars.

Dr. Dick Wiberg received the District’s Outstanding Service Award and was honored at the luncheon.  

Also honored with awards were Arlene Retzer, CDA, RDA, for her outstanding work in the dental assisting field, and Tiffany Moore, for the numerous contributions she has made in the dental field and in particular for her role as Director of Dental Services at the Union Gospel Mission.

Welcome, New Members

Dr. Lisa K. Amundson graduated from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in June, 2007. She is a general dentist practicing in Cottage Grove. She and her husband, Erik, live in Woodbury.

Dr. Jason D. Johnson is a periodontist and practices at Jensen & Jensen in Maplewood. He is a graduate from the University of Minnesota and completed his M.S. degree in 2007.

Dr. Lawrence H. Kent graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in 1984 and received his Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery certificate in 1992. He practices at Gadient, Andreasen and Associates in Roseville and resides in Blaine with his wife, Janet.

Dr. Jonathan I. Siverson is a 2007 graduate from the University of Minnesota. He practices at Isaacson Gentle Dentistry in White Bear Lake.

Bon Voyage, or How Do You Say “Lucky Duck” in French?

The SPDDS congratulates Dr. Dwight G. Buller on his recent retirement.

Lead By Example

The District congratulates and thanks the following SPDDS members who have achieved 25-year membership.
Paul D. Anderson
, D.D.S.
Elizabeth J. Cooper
, D.D.S.
Richard W. Copeland
, D.D.S.
Kimberly A. Harms
, D.D.S.
James A. Hilton
, D.D.S.
Stephen G. Hunter
, D.D.S.
James L. Kernik
, D.D.S.
Michael A. Kurkowski
, D.D.S.
Andrew F. Peterson
, D.D.S.
Vacharee S. Peterson
, D.D.S.
Stephen K. Shuman
, D.D.S.

Monson Scholarship Awards Make Annual Appearance

The SPDDS has had the privilege of distributing funds from the George S. Monson Foundation for many years. Dr. Monson was a Saint Paul dentist and an SPDDS member until 1933. In 1981, his daughter, Ruth Monson, created the George S. Monson Foundation for the purpose of supporting education in the field of dentistry.

Grants are given from the Saint Paul District Dental Society Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation to dental students and assisting and hygiene dental students. The SPDDS Foundation Committee reviewed the applications submitted in November and awarded the following students with grant money.

From the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry: Benjamin Christopherson, Nhu (Nancy) Lam, Mark Phillips, Nicholas Saari, Amy Truong, and Duy Vu.

From the Century College Assisting and Hygiene Programs: Angela Redmond, Darlene Coffee, and Cindy Thor.

From the Dakota County Technical College Assisting Program: Katie Drebenstedt.

These students were invited as guests to the Midwinter Meeting January 4 and were recognized at the luncheon/program.

And I’ll See You There …

February 16, 2008
Children’s Dental Health Day

Minnesota Children’s Museum

April 19, 2008
Long Range Planning

Minnesota Humanities Center

May 19, 2008
Installation of Officers and Spring Social

Town and Country Club
Saint Paul, Minnesota

August 13, 2008
SPDDS Caucus

West Central District

No Report in this issue.

Student District

No report in this issue.

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