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January - February 2008
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Cameron J. Jayson, D.D.S.*

A few months ago, I reported that the MDA Marketplace Committee was working on a payer profiling instrument. A subcommittee of the Marketplace Committee was appointed to develop the process for the creation of the instrument. The subcommittee is chaired by Dr. Mike Kurkowski. They have made considerable progress that I want to report to the membership.

As you recall, “The Payer Report Card” potentially would have surveyed dentists and staff, patients and subscribers, and purchasers and human resource directors. Since this combined group is so large, the committee decided to start by surveying dentists and staff. The survey is funded through the committee MDA budget allocation, and that funding is adequate to do a good job. The Board of Trustees has reviewed the process for the report card’s development and has given the committee the “go ahead”.

A list of subject areas has been developed by Dr. Kurkowski’s subcommittee. Those subject areas will be used by the survey instrument developers to formulate questions. The MDA will hire an outside firm to develop and administer the final report card instrument that will be sent to our members. They will also compile and analyze the data for a report back to the Association. An outside firm was used for two reasons. First, the committee wanted to insure the work would be done in a statistically accurate manner, and second, we wanted to make certain no bias would be entered.

We intend to evaluate payers with emphasis on the positive, or in other words, those who have the best scores. We intend this report card to be a positive effort to help our members make business decisions about payers and to help payers improve. As you can probably see, we intend to share this information with any stakeholder who may find it useful. Among that list of interested stakeholders are purchasers of dental care plans. Presently, we are choosing potential firms that will do the survey work. We will narrow it down to three or so, and the final choice will be made at our February Marketplace Committee Meeting. Our goal is that the final report card survey be ready to send to the membership in June of 2008. We hope the membership will take the time to complete the report card so that we can have many opinions represented, providing a more robust and valid result. If you have any questions about this issue, please feel free to contact me. Stay tuned for the survey results.


*Dr. Jayson is chair of the Minnesota Dental Association’s Dental Marketplace Committee. He is a general dentist in private practice in Virginia, Minnesota. E-mail is camjayson@msn.com

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