July-August 2012

July-August 2012

The Editors:

There is a report of a little girl who loved horses. Badly injured in an auto accident, she fell into a coma. Her humans stayed beside her, talked to her, read to her. Nothing worked.  How to reach her … 

Carefully secured in a gurney, she was transported down to the street, where there waited a horse. They guided his muzzle to her hand. He stayed beside her for  as long as it took. And yes, she stirred, and she regained consciousness. And the first thing she saw when she did was the reason she had come back. 

Love horses? Whether you do or not, here’s the thing: We are all connected in ways we can only begin to know. Caring for those connections is a civilized evolution of art, science, healing, and health. You are cordially invited to meet a next step in that journey: equine dentistry. 

Photo by Kelly Vallandingham, University of Minnesota Equine Center