Hygienist will be responsible for the direct provision of oral hygiene, providing appropriate oral health information and appropriate preventive services to dental patient of the clinic in individual and groups setting. Perform clinical support services and assigned related work under the direct supervision of the Dental Director.
Perform initial and periodic charting of oral conditions; not limited to but including, chief complaint, patient blood pressure, patient oral hygiene status, degree of plaque and calculus, and full mouth periodontal probing and charting to obtain baseline and recall oral hygiene assessment data based on accepted principles of oral hygiene and periodontal care and develop periodontal treatment plan strategies.

Review and document patients medical history at each visit.
Provide clinical oral hygiene services including child and adult prophylaxis, full mouth debridement, scaling and root planning, sealant and fluoride applications consistent with patient assessment and accepted professional guidelines and clinical protocols. Also be able to integrate appropriate patient dental hygiene care with other healthcare professionals involved in the patients health care management.

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