Doctor passed away in September. Office has been closed down and patients want to come back!

As administrator of the estate, and paying off the mortgage note with my funds, I currently won all the contents in the rental office. You would just have to move in under your own business name and start!

Office is 2940 sq. ft. 4 Operatories, 2 offices, kitchen, laundry, Steril, lab, 2 bathrooms, large lobby and custom made cabinets. Started in 2006, updated computers, Eaglesoft and 2 x-ray units last year. Office is paperless. Items are all in very good condition. The doctor had an est. 2000 patients, and in 2015 collections were over $600k. This is a high traffic area on Highway 21, downtown.

I am offering contents (to stay in the office) to the highest bidder and will close all bids on May 15, 2017.

Please call the landlord/his staff for rental pricing, pictures and viewing of available space, Jim Terwedo at 952-492-2800 or 115 S Broadway St. #600, Jordan, MN