Give the Gift of Membership

Help bring freshman dental students into organized dentistry!

Are you looking to make a difference in the life of a future dentist? Consider becoming a sponsor for a freshman dental student through our Gift of Membership campaign. For just $122.00, you can sponsor the student’s 2025 membership dues in organized dentistry which includes membership in the American Dental Association, American Student Dental Association, Minnesota Dental Association, and their local MN Student District Chapter. You may sponsor more than one student if you wish!

The Minnesota Dental Association is looking for 105 members to sponsor a freshman dental student. We know from previous data if students join organized dentistry during their first year of dental school they are more likely to continue their membership in the following years.

By sponsoring a student, you not only support their professional development, but you also have the opportunity to form a meaningful connection. You can share your contact information and possibly meet the student in person, invite them to your office, or simply offer guidance and support as they navigate through their dental school journey.

At the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry’s student orientation on August 7, the MDA will present each freshman with a letter of encouragement and display a list of student sponsors at the American Student Dental Association information table. Students interested in connecting with a sponsor will be assigned one by the MDA. Sponsors will also receive the contact information of their assigned student.

Join us in supporting the future of dentistry by sponsoring a freshman dental student today. Your contribution can make a lasting impact on their professional growth and success.

If you wish to sponsor a first-year dental student, please complete the following registration form by Thursday, July 25.


Student Testimonials

Here’s what current student members have to say about being involved in the dental community from the start of their dental school career:










Thank you, Sponsors!

(As of 6-14-24)

Jason Bjerketvedt
Paul Boettner
Mary Ann Bunczak
Carmelo Cinqueonce
Amber Cziok
Dawn Jensen
George Kinney, Jr.
Woojin Kwon
Eva Lau
Kimberly Lindquist
Jill Merrill
John Noack
Aruna Rao
Robert Springer
Tasha Strait