Membership in the Minnesota Dental Association includes automatic membership in the American Dental Association and your local dental society. This powerful partnership of people and programs helps protect your career investment so you can focus on your patients’ oral health.


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If you have questions or would like to learn more about a trial membership, please contact Director of Membership Dawn Jensen at or (800) 950-3368 or 612-767-4253.

Membership in the Minnesota Dental Association is available to dentists and dental students. Review the different types of membership to see which one best suits your situation.

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Already an MDA member and want to renew your membership? Help us maintain a strong membership base by renewing your membership for 2024. Members have different options to pay dues. For your convenience, the MDA is again offering an auto renewal payment plan and auto renewal installment plan. Both plans are being offered with no additional fees or charges. You have the option to pay your full dues amount at once or spread it out between three, six, nine, or 12 months.

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Membership Benefits

20 Wins in 2023

Together, we accomplished so much in 2023, from advancing legislation and scientific research to delivering new resources to help you thrive. Here’s a look back at some of our favorite moments.

Thriving On Together with ADA, State and Local Dental Societies

Together, we’re driving public health forward, improving practice environments around the country, and leading the global discourse on oral health. Drs. George Shepley, Tanya Sue Maestas, and James Lee share why they’re excited for the future being built through the partnership with dental societies across the country.

Member Testimonials

I am a member of the MDA because I see the value in an organized professional group that looks over the needs of its members. I often reach out to them; when I have questions about specific issues that may be confusing to me or complex. Typically, I get a response that will lead me in the right direction.
– Ivett Castro, D.D.S.

As a member dentist you are an owner. By taking care of what you own, it will take care of you. When a member of our dental team passed way, Sand Creek was responsive, supportive and invaluable for me and my entire staff. If you try to itemize the benefits you may receive, you have missed the point of ownership in a professional association.
– Robert Gardetto, D.D.S.

The MDA Supply Source has been a great dental supply resource for my practices.  Not only has it saved us money on the cost of purchasing and shipping of dental supplies, but it also helped to lower prices in the overall marketplace.
– Seth Huiras, D.D.S.

The Minnesota Dental Association is always receptive to any question we have.  As a member, I am grateful for the guidance and dedication that has been provided to me as well as the members of my practice.
– Peter Miskovich, D.D.S.

I am a member of the MDA to better help my patients and staff, and to be a positive part of the future of dentistry.  The MDA provides great opportunities for personal and professional growth.  By building relationships with other dentists and learning through their experiences, I have experienced increased enthusiasm and rewards in dentistry.
– Mark T. Phillips, D.D.S.

I am a member of the MDA because I wanted to grow myself professionally outside of my dental practice. I feel that it’s important to understand that a profession isn’t black and white. There are regulatory bodies constantly making decisions that affect the way we practice day to day, and I can better compartmentalize knowing I have knowledge supplied by my network with the MDA outside of patient care to help me be a better provider, business owner, and leader amongst my colleagues.
– Aruna Rao, D.D.S., MDA Membership Committee Chair

I’m a member for a few different reasons: Collaboration, leadership, and the need to secure the future of dentistry. Through events, I have established relationships with other dentists that have helped me become a better and more informed dentist.
– Jeff Remakel, D.D.S., MDA Membership Committee 

As a student I feel that being a part of organized dentistry has given me an opportunity to make connections with others in my profession as well as providing me with resources that will help me to become successful.
– Hallie Schley, D.D.S. 

My husband and I practice together and have been members of the MDA for over 25 years.  We can depend on the MDA for having valuable information that applies to our daily practice and we regularly turn to the MDA for information on a wide range of topics that affect our practice, including policies relating to COVID-19.  We are grateful to have such a strong state dental association and would encourage any dentist to become a member.
– Angela Schuck, D.D.S.

Membership in the MDA allows us to have a resource concerning any topic that arises, including dental insurances, COVID-19, PPE, and continuing education, to name just a few. Furthermore, a simple phone call to the MDA has saved us time and has given us the answers to our questions. Bottom line, with the help of the MDA, we can focus more time on patients.
– Lisa Spier, D.D.S.