Leadership Academy

What is a leadership academy?

The MDA Leadership Academy is a 12-month program designed to provide competencies in leadership skills for those interested in leadership opportunities within organized dentistry both at the district and state levels.
A cohort of students will attend monthly meetings designed to develop core competencies critical to successful leadership.

Over the course of 12 months, you will participate in:

A cohort of students will attend monthly lessons from a variety of instructors to develop an appreciation and understanding of organized dentistry at all levels (Tripartite). The cohort will engage in structured conversation in an effort to understand and learn critical aspects of successful leadership within an association.
Topics discussed at the meetings may include:

  • Understanding Organized Dentistry (the Tripartite)
  • Understanding Parliamentary procedure
  • Understanding of financial statements
  • Public Speaking
  • Dealing with the media
  • Legislative overview and training

View the Brochure for the timeline and additional information. 

Session Outline

Registration for this year is now closed.
Look for more information early next year!