Minnesota Dental PAC

MN Dental PAC

Our profession needs state lawmakers who understand dentistry and how policies and legislation may affect our profession and patients. The Minnesota Dental Political Action Committee (MINDENPAC) is a nonpartisan PAC that exists to advance the dental profession, enhance patient access and fight unwarranted regulations in Minnesota. Since its inception nearly three decades ago, the Minnesota Dental PAC has worked not only to ensure the profession speaks as a unified voice, but also to provide us with an influential political presence at the state Capitol.

How the PAC Works

The Minnesota Dental PAC aggressively pursues the election and re-election of candidates for state office who support organized dentistry on key issues. Through the financial contributions of MDA members, MINDENPAC has the resources necessary to deliver our message to those with political influence. Contributions made annually by MDA members are used to support the candidacies of people who are supportive of dental legislation.

What is a PAC?

How You Can Get Involved

Join hundreds of dentists statewide who agree that the Minnesota Dental PAC is the best investment you can make to influence our profession’s long term growth. You can sponsor, host or attend MINDENPAC special events. You can contribute financially to an individual political campaign. Or you can make an individual financial contribution.

A variety of giving levels allows every dentist to become involved in the political process.

Governor’s Club: $500
Senator’s Club: $250
Representative’s Club: $150
PAC Member: $75
Student Member: $5

Join the ranks of hundreds of your colleagues by making your MINDENPAC contribution today. Request an application form by calling the MDA office at 612-767-84700 or 800-950-3368. Or Contribute now by clicking below.


PAC Board of Directors

  • Michael Flynn, Chair
  • Alejandro Aguirre
  • Carmelo Cinqueonce, Ex-officio
  • Douglas Erickson
  • Kevin Goodno, Advisor
  • Adam Holder
  • Seth Huiras
  • James Nickman
  • Eric Strand
  • David Thorfinnson
  • Paul Zollinger