*There are 20 spots still available!  They will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis at the event.

The Minnesota Dental Association, Minneapolis District Dental Society and the Saint Paul District Dental Society are excited to announce the 2017 Student Networking Event.

Your career “starts” in the classroom. But dentistry is a profession that extends well beyond dental school and beyond the walls of any individual dental office. It is a profession of on-going education and economics, of government and politics, of colleagues and mentors, and of new ideas and strategies for working effectively with patients. It is a profession of new trends in management and third party payments, and “nitty gritties” like insurance, finding jobs, and keeping up with the latest in clinical techniques. It is all this… and it is more.

We hope you will participate in the speed networking which is an efficient, face-to-face professional networking model similar to “speed dating”, that enables participants to make new contacts through focused conversations lasting between 5-10 minutes.  The speed networking will help you forge new connections with dental professionals and future dentists.

The evening will begin with a social reception followed by a panel of graduates from 2003-2015:  “What They Wish They Would Have Known or Paid Attention to While in Dental School.”  This panel discussion was well received at a lunch-and-learn so we decided to have them back.  Drs. Kirby Johnson, Megan Pint, Aruna Rao, Kim Rauk, Jeff Remakel and Katherine Sivert will be open about the choices they made in dental school and after graduation. They will discuss dental practice choices and contracts, practice options, managing a dental team, and finding balance in life while practicing dentistry, as well as how they have managed their dental school debt.

The rest of the evening will be spent networking with each other.


5 p.m. Reception
6 p.m. Panel Discussion
7:15 p.m.  Speed Networking