Mission of Mercy

Save the date – the next MnMOM will take place July 17-18, 2015, in Duluth, Minnesota!

Volunteer registration opens on Monday, April 20, 2015!

MN Mission of MercyThe very first Mission of Mercy (MOM) was launched in Virginia in 2000, and today MOM events can be found nationwide. The events are focused on helping underserved populations of children and adults receive dental treatment that they, for whatever reason, cannot obtain.

A MOM event is successful with the help of hundreds of volunteers – dental and non-dental – coming together with a common vision in mind. Since their inception, MOM events have helped over 150,000 patients and provided over $88 million in free dental services. The MDA and Minnesota Dental Foundation Mission of Mercy dental program has provided 24,684 dental procedures worth $3,137,603 in donated services and treatment through more than 3,800 patient visits since 2012.

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 Program Goals

  • Provide free dental care, especially to patients with dental infections and/or pain.
  • Raise awareness of the barriers to dental care faced by low-income adults and children.
  • Bring state policymakers and dental professionals together to improve the oral health of all residents, particularly those low-income patients who have been promised care by the state

Patient Testimonials

This was an amazing experience. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. You could see that everything was so organized, with state-of-the-art equipment.
- Carolyn, Raymond, MN

I am so grateful for this. It’s a once in a lifetime experience! I can SMILE!
- Ranel, Mankato, MN

Thank you so much for doing this. We both have had dental issues and no way to fix them. We were worried we would become sick from infection. This event made it possible to fix most of our problems and gave us ideas on how to fix other teeth problems.
- Ben and Elizabeth, Winnebago, MN

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