CE Track

MDA CE Track is no longer supported and has been replaced with the ADA Continuing Education Tracking System

You can Access the ADA Continuing Education Tracking System here:

ADA CE Tracking System

CE TRACK is an online system designed specifically for Minnesota dental professionals to assist them with maintaining an accurate record of their professional development activities. This service is FREE to MDA member dentists. MDA members have the option of entering their own CE information into their records or sending the information to the MDA office and a staff member will enter it for them.

CE TRACK was created after the Board of Dentistry announced their intention to stop collecting and recording CE credits for the dental profession. Additionally, the rules regarding the definitions of professional development and the CE requirements also changed. This simple system, while not mandatory, is a great way to keep on top of your activities during the shortened CE cycle.

CE Track Highlights

  1. FREE to MDA members.
  2. If audited, the Board of Dentistry has agreed to allow a printed CE TRACK report as a substitute for a hand-written form.
  3. The system stores information for multiple cycles.
  4. You have 24/7 access to information.
  5. All MDA sponsored events, including Star of the North, will be entered automatically into your record.
  6. The Board of Dentistry does not require additional paper documentation of any credits marked as “MDA Verified” on your CE TRACK report.

Using CE Track

All MDA members receive a free CE TRACK portfolio to help them organize their documentation.

Even though CE TRACK was specifically designed to help you monitor your credits according to the new professional development rules, your participation is necessary! Learn more about the Professional Development Rules or visit the Board of Dentistry’s website for more information. Additionally, you must maintain a professional development portfolio of the paperwork supporting the credits claimed on your CE TRACK report – with the exception of the “MDA Verified” credits.

We encourage you to take advantage of this unique member benefit.  If you have any questions regarding using CE TRACK, please contact the MDA office (612-767-8400) for assistance.