College StudentWhen you join the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) you’re also joining the American Dental Association (ADA), the Minnesota Dental Association (MDA), and the Minnesota Student District ASDA Chapter.





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Why Join?

Exclusive ASDA and MDA Benefits

  • Eligibility to participate in group insurance programs
  • Subscriptions to Northwest Dentistry Journal, member e-newsletters
  • Free attendance at the nationally-known Star of the North Meeting, with a wealth of continuing education programs
  • Access to restricted areas of the MDA website, exclusively for members
  • Dental Decks: 2700+ Comprehensive Q&A cards to help you study for the INBDE, available for loan up to three months or receive a $95.00 reimbursement for any online study program

Beyond the Classroom Education

Your career starts in the classroom, but dentistry is a profession that extends well beyond the dental school. It is a profession of on-going education and economics, of government and politics, of colleagues and mentors, and of new ideas and strategies for working effectively with patients. It is a profession of new trends in management and third-party payments, as well as real-life needs like insurance and finding jobs. For all of this, resources are available to you as a student member.

Have a Voice

Dentistry is a profession in the process of constant change. As a student member, you can have a voice in directing that change. Student members participate on committees of the Minnesota Dental Association, the American Dental Association, and the ASDA Chapter, representing student interests and concerns.