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Young students in classroomWhen children learn healthy dental habits at a young age, the likelihood of decay and disease decreases greatly as years pass. That’s why the Minnesota Dental Association works hard to help schools take an active role in educating young people about dental health. Armed with knowledge, as well as regular check-ups, fluoridated water, dental sealants and good at-home oral habits, children can expect to reach adulthood cavity free. And, they can expect to keep their teeth for a lifetime.

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Curriculum Ideas

Teaching your students about dental health offers so many benefits. It’s fun for teachers because it integrates several disciplines, including health, science and nutrition. And it’s great for students because, not only do they learn so much, they also improve their chances of having a bright, healthy smile to last a lifetime. Get started today with our list of Curriculum Ideas.

Lab Experiments

Simple hands-on learning can make a lifelong impression on young people. Have you ever measured out the number of cups of sugar in your favorite soda? If so, you can probably still picture in your mind that mountain of white sugar. Create those lasting health education memories for your students by helping them participate in some Lab Experiments.

Classroom Visits

The friendly professionals at your neighborhood dental office would likely be happy to visit your classroom to talk with students about dental health. Go to Find a Member Dentist to find a local dental office.

additional resources

Contact the agencies below for additional resources to help young people learn about dental health.

American Dental Association – Brochures, posters, coloring books, teaching aids, and audiovisual materials available for purchase.

Children’s Dental Health Month – Sponsored by the American Dental Association each February, a number of online activity sheets and posters are available, in addition to booklets, videos, and other materials for purchase.

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research – Materials available on a variety of dental health issues including fever blisters, dental sealants, periodontal disease, plaque and brushing and flossing.