Oral Health

Dentist and Hygienist with Patient

Dentistry focuses on regular preventive care to offset more serious and expensive care later. Most dental problems start out small and may be hard to detect in the early stages. If your teeth and gums feel fine, it could be tempting to put off regular visits to your dentist. However, delaying checkups and treatment can lead to serious problems later on. The plaque you didn’t notice can lead to gum disease. The sensitivity to hot and cold you ignored can be a sign of an abscess, cavity, inflamed tooth pulp (nerve), cracked tooth or receding gums.

oral health affects overall health

The MDA’s campaign, Healthy Gums, Health You, discusses how oral health is vital to a person’s overall health and well-being and how gum disease can be associated with other medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes and pregnancy issues.

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Mouth Healthya-z oral health topics from the ada

The American Dental Association’s website, MouthHealthy, has a wealth of information on a wide variety of oral health topics and the concerns you might have throughout your lifetime.  Also included is a Symptom Checker to assist you with understanding what various dental symptoms might mean and the recommended action you should take.

sipalldayfacts on soda pop and tooth damage

Soda pop can have damaging effects on teeth. The MDA’s award-winning campaign, Sip All Day, Get Decay, discusses how regular sipping of pop, both regular and diet, can lead to dental erosion and tooth decay.

gummy snacksThe Power of Sour on Your Teeth®

Sour candies have become an increasingly popular treat, especially among children, teens and young adults. However, what might appear to be a harmless treat can have a devastating effect on teeth.

The high acidity of these fruity/sour candies can weaken and wear away tooth enamel, which is essential to healthy teeth. In some cases, the damage can be very severe and lead to permanent tooth loss.

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