Curriculum Ideas

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The following resources offer exciting, current and highly usable dental health curriculum ideas:

From the Ada

smilesmartsSmile Smarts!

Smile Smarts! is an oral health curriculum for preschool through grade eight students that offers flexible, modular lesson plans, support materials, hands-on classroom demonstrations, student activity sheets, and suggestions for further oral health activities. This online curriculum is available from the American Dental Association.

Presentations & Resources

Presentations & Resources from the American Dental Association provides sample presentations for grades preschool through 12, with discussion ideas and activities.

toothfairy island

Toothfairy Island offers games, puzzles, videos, worksheets, and more.  Each lesson builds on a future lesson.

education world

Education World has compiled free dental lesson plans, as well as links to a variety of dental education ideas.

open wide and trek inside

Open Wide and Trek Inside is a curriculum supplement developed by NIDCR and NIH office of Science Education. The site focuses on grades 1-2 and goes beyond the normal “brushing and flossing.”

the power of sour on your teeth

The Power of Sour on Your Teeth offers a colorful, 39-page presentation that is perfect for dentists, teachers, parents and others that work with children and teens in promoting positive health choices. Pucker Up: The Effects of Sour Candy on Oral Health includes a quiz to test student understanding at the end.