Letters to the Editor Policy

The Minnesota Dental Association (MDA) is a membership association for dentists. Northwest Dentistry is created by the MDA and is an extension of the MDA to its members, with the responsibility to enhance the mission and objectives of the MDA.

Submission of Letters

1. Readers of NW Dentistry are invited to submit Letters to the Editor on topics related to the practice of dentistry, with priority given to letters regarding articles or columns previously published in the Journal. The views expressed are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or official policies of the MDA or its subsidiaries. Letters may be submitted to info@mndental.org.

2. All letters must be signed in order to be published and brevity is appreciated and encouraged.

Publication Process

3. The Executive Editor reserves the right to edit, publish excerpts only, or determine whether a letter will be published.

4. The Executive Editor may consult with other members of the Editorial Advisory Board and/or other resources of the Minnesota Dental Association in making a decision about the publication of letters submitted.

5. Areas of consideration for publication include: letter length, timeliness, letter applicability to a previously published article or column, letters related to current issues in dentistry and general interest to members. Repeated or excessive submissions by a single author, topic redundancy, derogatory or potentially litigious comments about individuals or other entities, or profane/offensive language will not be considered for publication.

6. Members do not have a “right” to be published in NW Dentistry, but rather have the opportunity to do so, provided the letter meets all other criteria as defined above.

7. If letters are to be edited, the Editor will send the edited version to the author before publication. An author may choose at that time to accept the edited version or withdraw his or her letter for publication.

8. When letters are used as a vehicle to express comments about current policies or actions of the MDA or other agencies, the Editor may choose to refer the letter to an appropriate individual, department, or committee to either directly respond to the author (within 30 days) or request that the letter be published in the Journal, with or without a rebuttal letter.

9. All letters will be acknowledged with a written or email response to authors, indicating whether or not the letter will be published.

10. The Editor may also choose to use a letter as an opportunity to educate readers, by adding an Editor’s Note with an explanation of the MDA’s position on an issue.

11. Questions from authors about letters submitted should be directed first to the Communications Director who will respond directly or refer them, as needed, to the Executive Editor or others.

Rev. 9-22-08