Reprint Policy

Reproduction Permission Policy for Northwest Dentistry, the Journal of the Minnesota Dental Association

All content in Northwest Dentistry is copyrighted by the Minnesota Dental Association. No content in this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the express written permission of the Minnesota Dental Association. This permission is granted for one-time use only.

All requests must be submitted in writing explaining what exactly is being borrowed, from which issue, the intended use of the material being borrowed, the name of the publication in which the material will appear, the print quantity or distribution, if relevant, audience, and whether or not the use is for financial gain. All borrowed material must contain a credit line including the following: “Copyright @ [volume, number, issue, year] Minnesota Dental Association. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.” No adaptations are permitted.

No permission will be granted for any material that has not yet been published or that is not owned by the Minnesota Dental Association (e.g., artwork, tables, illustrations, text). There is a one-month embargo on releasing permission post-publication (i.e., no material may be reprinted or distributed elsewhere until it has appeared in print for one month in Northwest Dentistry).

Permission fees are established for articles, published according to the intended use of the requester as noted below. Each request shall be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Print Reproduction

  1. Educational/Classroom Use. Permission is granted with the understanding that the article will not be used in any way to bring financial gain to the institution. The intended use should be for educational use only. Permission will be granted for photocopying under the general policy guidelines. Reprints are available at cost.
  2. Other. Reprints are available at cost.

Electronic Reproduction

  1. Permission will be granted on a case-by-case basis per policy guidelines for locked pdf’s only, at cost.
  2. Permission will be granted for reproductions or modifications of tables, figures, illustrations, or photographs owned by the Minnesota Dental Association.
  3. No permission is granted to post, republish, or otherwise reproduce the full text of articles on the Internet. A hyperlink to the Minnesota Dental Association website archives will be available.

Rev. 3-3-2005