Community Resources

Minnesota Department of Health

The Minnesota Department of Health Office of Rural Health and Primary Care provides a wealth of information about such topics as rural Minnesota Grant Programs; Technical Assistance for Clinics and Hospitals; Recruitment and Retention of Health Professionals, Research and Program Development.

University of Minnesota School of Dentistry

The University of Minnesota School of Dentistry is one of the top ten public universities in the United States, and the only dental school in the upper Midwest from Minnesota to the West Coast. The school’s faculty and administration are keenly aware of the needs of rural, diverse communities and offer programs such as Outreach Clinic Opportunities.

Community Demographic Data

Depending on the scope and focus of your recruitment effort, you may need the following data:

Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA)

Current dental health professional shortages areas in Minnesota.

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)

Some underserved areas have found it beneficial to establish a Federally Qualified Health Center.

Collaborative Practice Dental Hygienist

A collaborative agreement between a dentist and dental hygienist is a way to extend preventive dental care to patients with barriers to accessing care.

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Minnesota State Legislature

If the scope of your rural recruitment project is large, for example, establishing a new dental clinic to meet the needs of underserved populations, you may find it helpful to seek funding from the state legislature.

Safety Net Dental Clinic

If you’re thinking of establishing a new dental clinic to help meet the needs of underserved populations, then the Safety Net Dental Clinic Manual will be a truly valuable resource for everything from building community partnerships, finding a suitable clinic location, obtaining needed dental equipment and supplies, and recruiting a professional dental team.