Retired Dentist Program

Minnesota Dental Foundation. A Practice of Giving.

The Retired Dentist Program is a pilot program funded by the Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation to assist retired dentists with continuing to give back to the profession and their community, by providing dental care to persons who have difficulty accessing care.

To be eligible the dentist must no longer be earning income from any activity for which a license to practice dentistry is required and must be willing to treat the underserved for no monetary compensation. These donated services can include direct patient care in private dental offices through programs such as Donated Dental Services (DDS), in community and volunteer clinics, or in volunteer activities such as Give Kids A Smile (GKAS) or Minnesota Mission of Mercy (MnMOM).

Maximum reimbursement is $4,000 every other year for licenses, professional liability insurance and continuing education expenses, in return for providing at least 100 hours per year, or approximately one day per month, of care to the underserved.


To apply, download these documents.

Retired Dentist Program Requirements
Retired Dentist Program Application

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