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License Information

Minnesota License

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Minnesota dental professionals will no longer need to buy a mini license from the Board of Dentistry. The Board of Dentistry will now allow dental professionals to use their biennial renewal certificate. The renewal certificate is the small license (3.5”x4.5”) you received at the time you renewed your license.

MnMOM will require all dental professionals treating patients to display their renewal certificate or guest license. Volunteer registration will provide a badge holder to display your license.

Non-Minnesota License
Volunteer Guest License Application

One of the goals of the Mission of Mercy is to introduce the event to as many states as possible.  To fully experience a MOM event, it is best to roll up your sleeves and get to work.  Minnesota welcomes out of state dental professionals with open arms – we want you to join us!  Please read the information on the Minnesota Board of Dentistry’s website regarding guest volunteer licensure process.

Please note that dental assistants do not need a license to work chairside.  A dental assistant will need a license if he/she wants to perform expanded functions (i.e., radiology).

Below are two documents which you will need to attach to your application for the temporary license.

Additionally, you will need to:

  1. Complete Volunteer Guest Application for licensure to practice as a volunteer guest
  2. Contact the Board of Dentistry in your state to obtain an Affidavit of Licensure
  3. Provide a passport-sized photo taken within the last six months
  4. Provide a notarized copy of your diploma from dental/hygiene/assisting school
  5. Have the application notarized

PLEASE NOTE:  IF THE APPLICATION HAS A FEE ATTACHED TO IT, YOU ARE COMPLETING THE WRONG FORM AND YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE REJECTED. Please make sure you are using the Application for Licensure to Practice as a Volunteer Guest. There is no fee for a volunteer guest license in Minnesota.

Thank you for taking the steps necessary to assist our patients in Minnesota.